Remove mention of EXTENDED font profile and naver-fonts.
[android/device/google/atv.git] / sdk /
2015-02-13 bohu Set revision 1 to ATV system images
2014-10-30 Vince Harron Bump revision number on atv images
2014-07-19 Ying Wang Normalize atv sdk product names to sdk_atv_<arch>
2014-06-21 Ji-Hwan Lee Enable GPS to work around blocked system background...
2014-06-20 Xavier Ducrohet am 188e759c: Merge "Package custom hardware.ini with...
2014-06-20 Xavier Ducrohet Merge "Package custom hardware.ini with armeabi-v7a...
2014-06-20 Xavier Ducrohet Package custom hardware.ini with armeabi-v7a images.
2014-06-18 Ji-Hwan Lee am 773c0a0d: Merge "Increase minimum API level for...
2014-06-18 Ji-Hwan Lee Increase minimum API level for SDK devices.xml to 20
2014-06-09 Ji-Hwan Lee Include other SDK variants for *
2014-06-02 Ji-Hwan Lee DO NOT MERGE: Add missing images_x86_source.prop_template
2014-05-24 Ji-Hwan Lee Fix build for atv_google_sdk_x86
2014-05-23 Ji-Hwan Lee Add missing images_x86_source.prop_template
2014-05-15 Ji-Hwan Lee Remove AndroidTV skin and use dynamic skin
2014-05-15 Ji-Hwan Lee Make proper ATV SDK build