Merge "Include other SDK variants for * generation rule"
[android/device/google/atv.git] / products /
2014-06-17 Ji-Hwan Lee Add TelephonyProvider and rild to ATV emulator targets
2014-06-06 Lajos Molnar add hevc software decoder
2014-06-04 Vignesh Venkatasub... Add opus softcodec library to android TVs
2014-05-29 Jae Seo Use DEVICE_PACKAGE_OVERLAYS instead of PRODUCT_PACKAGE_...
2014-05-29 Jae Seo Remove TV input samples
2014-05-17 Ji-Hwan Lee Merge "Add x86 ATV SDK target"
2014-05-17 Ji-Hwan Lee Merge "Remove AndroidTV skin and use dynamic skin"
2014-05-17 Ji-Hwan Lee Merge "Make proper ATV SDK build"
2014-05-16 Adam Hampson Merge "add TeleService"
2014-05-16 Tim Kilbourn Remove LatinIME from TV builds.
2014-05-16 Tim Kilbourn Remove LatinIME from TV builds.
2014-05-15 Adam Hampson add TeleService
2014-05-15 Ji-Hwan Lee Add x86 ATV SDK target
2014-05-15 Ji-Hwan Lee Remove AndroidTV skin and use dynamic skin
2014-05-15 Ji-Hwan Lee Make proper ATV SDK build
2014-05-13 Victoria Lease deprecate external/sil-fonts
2014-05-08 Ji-Hwan Lee Add TV related packages to userdebug and eng build
2014-04-24 Ji-Hwan Lee Set PRODUCT_AAPT_PREF_CONFIG to xhdpi
2014-04-18 Ji-Hwan Lee Add ATV build including ATV emulator