2014-01-16 Robert Shih arm: tegra: tn8-ffd: update TSkin coefficients
2014-01-16 Bryan Wu video: host: remove pm_runtime_put in deinit
2014-01-16 Diwakar Tundlam arm: tegra: t124: tn8 increase GPU EDP 11.2A
2014-01-15 Peng Du ARM: dts: tegra: move mipical into tegra124-soc
2014-01-15 Peng Du ARM: dts: tegra: move xusb node into tegra124-soc
2014-01-15 Alex Van Brunt arm: tegra: dts: Move host nodes to tegra124-soc
2014-01-15 Terje Bergstrom video: tegra: host: Do not dump channel if error
2014-01-15 Aly Hirani arm: tegra: loki: put DSIC/D to DPD for all panels
2014-01-15 Songhee Baek ASoC: tegra-alt: support mono and audio bits.
2014-01-15 Songhee Baek ASoC: Add Asahi Kasei AK4618 codec driver
2014-01-15 Jinyoung Park ARM: configs: tegra: Enable CONFIG_PALMAS_THERMAL
2014-01-15 Krishna Reddy video: tegra: nvmap: remove deprecated API
2014-01-15 Krishna Reddy video: tegra: nvmap: remove nvmap_heap_device_to_arg
2014-01-15 Krishna Reddy video: tegra: host: remove ref to deprecated NvMap...
2014-01-15 Ashwin Joshi regulator: max15569: Fix bug in driver init
2014-01-15 Ashwin Joshi ARM: tegra: vcm30t124: Update clock table
2014-01-15 Ashwin Joshi ARM: tegra12: clocks: Add new virutal clock.
2014-01-15 Ajay Nandakumar Revert "mmc: tegra: Turn off -Werror"
2014-01-15 Ajay Nandakumar usb: gadget: otg: fix warnings to enable -Werror
2014-01-15 Ajay Nandakumar Revert "usb: phy: Turn off -Werror for tegra-otg"
2014-01-15 Deepak Nibade video: tegra: host: use dma APIs for mmu buffers
2014-01-15 Deepak Nibade video: tegra: host: use dma APIs for gr ctx
2014-01-15 Min-wuk Lee Documentation: update doc for dc/dsi dt
2014-01-15 Timo Alho edp: change DT compatible field of sysedp_batmon_calc
2014-01-15 Narayan Reddy bcmdhd: Define miracast modes 3 & 4
2014-01-15 Shridhar Rasal video: tegra: host: Add missing busy/idle calls
2014-01-15 Darbha Sriharsha power: bq2419x: Configure lp0 charging through platform...
2014-01-15 eddichang ARM: tegra: register gpadc battery temp driver fro...
2014-01-15 vinod subbarayalu ASoC: Tegra:Fix voicecall+music concurrency issues
2014-01-15 Aaron Huang ARM: tegra: tn8: populate pwrdet regulator entry
2014-01-15 Joy Wang xhci: tegra: Support HSIC device power on/off
2014-01-15 Min-wuk Lee video: tegra: dc: change pr macros
2014-01-15 Pritesh Raithatha hid: hid-input: add trace event
2014-01-15 Yunfan Zhang ARM: tegra: DT: add dts file for thor1.95
2014-01-15 Adeel Raza video: tegra: dc: fix thresh lwm calc
2014-01-15 Timo Alho arm: tegra: p1761: enable OC1 throttling
2014-01-14 Krishna Reddy video: tegra: nvmap: remove deprecated ioctl cmd
2014-01-14 Krishna Reddy video: tegra: nvmap: remove ref to inner_wb prot
2014-01-14 Sai Gurrappadi cpuquiet: Clean up sysfs memory properly
2014-01-14 Sai Gurrappadi power: Fix coverity error
2014-01-14 Vinayak Pane ARM: tegra: loki: remove fb flip flag
2014-01-14 Steve Rogers arm: tegra: EDP: Allow T575D sku on TN8
2014-01-14 Prashant Malani video: tegra: host: gk20a: defer gk20a pg init
2014-01-14 Phil Breczinski arch: arm: mach-tegra: update ar0261 power funcs
2014-01-14 Phil Breczinski media: ad5823: ensure power on for pos wr
2014-01-14 Raymond Poudrier Revert "arm: tegra: loki:remove extra hdmi reg definitions"
2014-01-14 Scott Peterson usbaudio: Update switch driver to report digital dock
2014-01-14 Krishna Reddy video: tegra: dc: remove references to nvmap
2014-01-14 steven arm: tegra124: tn8 ffd: Support 180 degress rotate...
2014-01-14 Amey Asgaonkar media:platform:tegra:check regs before setmode
2014-01-14 Jon Mayo video: tegra: dc: T114 SHIFT_CLK_UPDATE WAR
2014-01-13 Mitch Luban arm: tegra: emc: add burst reg
2014-01-13 Jun Yan arm: tegra: loki: More support for board revision
2014-01-13 Rakesh Iyer video: tegra: dc: move syncpts fwd for all flips
2014-01-13 Raghavendra VK vcm30t124: Disable HDMI modeset on bootup
2014-01-13 Alex Frid ARM: tegra: Fix TEGRA_CORE_CAP config variable name
2014-01-13 Chao Xu ARM: tegra: panel: Remove size definition in panel...
2014-01-13 Chao Xu video: tegra: dp: Use EDID screen size
2014-01-13 Vandana Salve media: platform: nvavp: correct ref count on dmabuf
2014-01-13 Peter Daifuku arm: mm: cpa: only if CONFIG_CPA defined
2014-01-13 Bryan Wu video: host: tegra_vi: add check tegra_vi for NULL
2014-01-13 Kirill Artamonov video: tegra: host: implement gk20a timeout control...
2014-01-13 Ajay Nandakumar arm: tegra: fix warning to enable -Werror
2014-01-13 Suresh Mangipudi usb: tegra: wake enable at suspend
2014-01-13 Sri Krishna... staging: iio: light: treat build warnings as error
2014-01-13 Chaitanya Bandi ARM: tegra: Use GEN1_I2C at 400 Khz
2014-01-13 Chaitanya Bandi power: bq27441: Do not initialize if already done
2014-01-13 Krishna Sitaraman Tegra12: ARM: Ardbeg: reduce PMC_WAKE_DELAY
2014-01-13 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: make pinmux node to be always enable for...
2014-01-13 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: make pinmux node to be always enable for...
2014-01-13 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: remove API which requires to register pinct...
2014-01-13 Laxman Dewangan i2c: mux: pca954x: pass deselect mux when it is registe...
2014-01-13 Laxman Dewangan i2c: mux-core: add deselect property on child node
2014-01-13 Laxman Dewangan i2c: tegra: remove bus number aliasing with node
2014-01-13 Ajay Nandakumar Merge timers from upstream in to 3.10
2014-01-13 Stephen Boyd sched_clock: document 4Mhz vs 1Mhz decision
2014-01-13 Stephen Boyd sched_clock: Remove sched_clock_func() hook
2014-01-13 Stephen Boyd clocksource: Extract max nsec calculation into separate...
2014-01-13 Stephen Boyd sched_clock: Add support for >32 bit sched_clock
2014-01-13 Stephen Boyd sched_clock: Use an hrtimer instead of timer
2014-01-13 Stephen Boyd sched_clock: Use seqcount instead of rolling our own
2014-01-13 Baruch Siach sched_clock: Fix integer overflow
2014-01-13 Stephen Boyd ARM: sched_clock: Load cycle count after epoch stabilizes
2014-01-13 Stephen Boyd arch_timer: Move to generic sched_clock framework
2014-01-13 Stephen Boyd sched_clock: Make ARM's sched_clock generic for all...
2014-01-13 Stephen Boyd ARM: sched_clock: Return suspended count earlier
2014-01-13 Stephen Boyd ARM: sched_clock: Remove unused needs_suspend member
2014-01-13 Ajay Nandakumar Revert "Revert "ARM: arch_timer: use full 64-bit counte...
2014-01-13 Rohith Seelaboyina usb: gadget: tegra: Update extcon state properly
2014-01-13 Manoj Gangwal Asoc: ALC5639: Do not put codec in OFF state when idle
2014-01-11 siddardha naraharisetti arm: tegra: loki:remove extra hdmi reg definitions
2014-01-11 Ray Poudrier ARM: tegra: loki: fix power tree for a03
2014-01-11 Alex Frid ARM: tegra12: clock: Update EMC init priorities
2014-01-11 Xiaohui Tao Revert "input: touch: raydium: V61.7 code drop"
2014-01-10 Anshul Jain arm: tegra: loki: Enable FAST init mode for smps9
2014-01-10 Graziano Misuraca ARM: DT: tn8: Move battery to separate dtsi
2014-01-10 Alex Frid video: tegra: host: Lower initial GPU rate
2014-01-10 Alex Frid ARM: tegra: dvfs: Update DFLL bypass detection
2014-01-10 Ryane Luo arm: tegra: dt: add back 924mhz to E1780 emc dvfs
2014-01-10 Krishna Reddy video: tegra: nvmap: don't set VM_IO flag