2012-11-01 Frank Li ARM: imx6q: Set enet tx reference clk from anatop to...
2012-11-01 Frank Li ARM: dts: imx6q: Add ENET PTP clock pin and clock source
2012-11-01 Frank Li net: fec: move fec_enet_private to header file
2012-11-01 Hannes Frederic... veth: allow changing the mac address while interface...
2012-11-01 Richard Cochran cpsw: support the HWTSTAMP ioctl and the CPTS
2012-11-01 Richard Cochran cpts: specify the input clock frequency via DT
2012-11-01 Richard Cochran cpsw: add a DT field for the active time stamping port
2012-11-01 Richard Cochran cpsw: add a DT field for the cpts offset
2012-11-01 Richard Cochran cpts: introduce time stamping code and a PTP hardware...
2012-11-01 Richard Cochran cpsw: support both silicon versions
2012-11-01 Richard Cochran cpsw: remember the silicon version
2012-11-01 Richard Cochran cpsw: add missing fields to the CPSW_SS register bank.
2012-11-01 Richard Cochran cpsw: rename register banks to match the reference...
2012-11-01 Mugunthan V N drivers: net: ethernet: cpsw: add multicast address...
2012-11-01 Jean-Christophe... net/macb: add pinctrl consumer support
2012-11-01 Havard Skinnemoen net/macb: Offset first RX buffer by two bytes
2012-11-01 Nicolas Ferre net/macb: better manage tx errors
2012-11-01 Nicolas Ferre net/macb: ethtool interface: add register dump feature
2012-11-01 Havard Skinnemoen net/macb: clean up ring buffer logic
2012-11-01 Nicolas Ferre net/macb: tx status is more than 8 bits now
2012-11-01 Nicolas Ferre net/macb: remove macb_get_drvinfo()
2012-11-01 Havard Skinnemoen net/macb: change debugging messages
2012-11-01 Havard Skinnemoen net/macb: memory barriers cleanup
2012-11-01 Patrice Vilchez net/macb: Add support for Gigabit Ethernet mode
2012-11-01 Richard Cochran time: remove the timecompare code.
2012-11-01 Richard Cochran bfin_mac: offer a PTP Hardware Clock.
2012-11-01 Richard Cochran bfin_mac: replace sys time stamps with raw ones instead.
2012-11-01 Richard Cochran bfin_mac: only advertise hardware time stamped when...
2012-11-01 Richard Cochran ptp: add an ioctl to compare PHC time with system time
2012-11-01 Ben Hutchings ptp: Enable clock drivers along with associated net...
2012-11-01 Ben Hutchings ptp: Make PTP_1588_CLOCK select rather than depend...
2012-11-01 Ben Hutchings pps, ptp: Remove dependencies on EXPERIMENTAL
2012-11-01 Pavel Emelyanov sk-filter: Add ability to get socket filter program...
2012-11-01 Jason Wang tuntap: choose the txq based on rxq
2012-11-01 Jason Wang tuntap: add ioctl to attach or detach a file form tunta...
2012-11-01 Jason Wang tuntap: multiqueue support
2012-11-01 Jason Wang tuntap: introduce multiqueue flags
2012-11-01 Jason Wang tuntap: RCUify dereferencing between tun_struct and...
2012-11-01 Jason Wang tuntap: move socket to tun_file
2012-11-01 Jason Wang tuntap: log the unsigned informaiton with %u
2012-10-31 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2012-10-31 Joe Perches ethernet: Convert dev_printk(KERN_<LEVEL> to dev_<level>(
2012-10-31 Eric Dumazet x86: bpf_jit_comp: add vlan tag support
2012-10-31 Eric Dumazet net: filter: add vlan tag access
2012-10-31 Joachim Eastwood net/cadence: depend on HAS_IOMEM
2012-10-31 Flavio Leitner netxen: explicity handle pause autoneg parameter
2012-10-31 stephen hemminger tcp: make tcp_clear_md5_list static
2012-10-31 Willem de Bruijn net: compute skb->rxhash if nic hash may be 3-tuple
2012-10-31 Devendra Naga dlink: dl2k: use the module_pci_driver macro
2012-10-31 Devendra Naga realtek: r8169: use module_pci_driver macro
2012-10-31 David S. Miller Merge tag 'batman-adv-for-davem' of git://
2012-10-31 Wei Yongjun qla3xxx: remove unused variable in ql_process_mac_tx_intr()
2012-10-31 Wei Yongjun qla3xxx: use module_pci_driver to simplify the code
2012-10-31 Steve Glendinning smsc95xx: add wol support for more frame types
2012-10-31 Claudio Fontana net/ipv4/ipconfig: add device address to a KERN_INFO...
2012-10-31 John Fastabend ixgbe: add setlink, getlink support to ixgbe and ixgbevf
2012-10-31 John Fastabend net: set and query VEB/VEPA bridge mode via PF_BRIDGE
2012-10-31 John Fastabend net: create generic bridge ops
2012-10-30 Alexander Duyck igb: Fix sparse warning in igb_ptp_rx_pktstamp
2012-10-30 Carolyn Wyborny igb: Update firmware version info for ethtool output.
2012-10-30 Matthew Vick igb: Enable auto-crossover during forced operation...
2012-10-30 Greg Rose igbvf: Check for error on dma_map_single call
2012-10-30 Greg Rose ixgbevf: Do not forward LLDP type frames
2012-10-30 Jiri Benc ixgbe: reduce PTP rx path overhead
2012-10-30 Josh Hay ixgbe: add/update descriptor maps in comments
2012-10-30 Alexander Duyck ixgbe: Do not decrement budget in ixgbe_clean_rx_irq
2012-10-30 Greg Rose ixgbe: Return success or failure on VF MAC filter set
2012-10-30 Emil Tantilov ixgbe: clean up the condition for turning on/off the...
2012-10-30 John Fastabend net, ixgbe: handle link local multicast addresses in...
2012-10-30 Greg Rose ixgbe: Fix return value from macvlan filter function
2012-10-30 Don Skidmore ixgbe: Add support for pipeline reset
2012-10-29 Antonio Quartulli batman-adv: add kernel-doc for enum batadv_dbg_level
2012-10-29 Antonio Quartulli batman-adv: pass the WIFI flag from the local to global...
2012-10-29 Antonio Quartulli batman-adv: properly convert flag into a boolean value
2012-10-29 Antonio Quartulli batman-adv: check for more space before accessing the skb
2012-10-29 Antonio Quartulli batman-adv: print packets re-routing on DBG_TT and...
2012-10-29 Antonio Quartulli batman-adv: properly store the roaming time
2012-10-29 Simon Wunderlich batman-adv: don't allow ECTP traffic on batman-adv
2012-10-29 Sven Eckelmann batman-adv: Only increase refcounter once for alternate...
2012-10-29 Sven Eckelmann batman-adv: Check return value of try_module_get
2012-10-29 Sven Eckelmann batman-adv: Remove extra check in batadv_bit_get_packet
2012-10-29 Sven Eckelmann batman-adv: Set special lockdep classes to avoid lockde...
2012-10-29 Antonio Quartulli batman-adv: return proper value in case of hash_add...
2012-10-29 Marek Lindner batman-adv: consolidate duplicated primary_if checking...
2012-10-29 Sven Eckelmann batman-adv: Remove unused define BAT_ATTR_HIF_UINT
2012-10-29 Marek Lindner batman-adv: split hard_iface struct for each routing...
2012-10-29 Antonio Quartulli batman-adv: use check_unicast_packet() in recv_roam_adv()
2012-10-28 Bjørn Mork net: sierra: shut up sparse restricted type warnings
2012-10-28 Bjørn Mork net: cdc_ncm: error path lock fix
2012-10-28 Bjørn Mork net: cdc_ncm: big endian fix
2012-10-28 Nicolas Dichtel rtnl/ipv4: add support of RTM_GETNETCONF
2012-10-28 Nicolas Dichtel rtnl/ipv4: use netconf msg to advertise forwarding...
2012-10-28 Nicolas Dichtel rtnl/ipv6: add support of RTM_GETNETCONF
2012-10-28 Nicolas Dichtel rtnl/ipv6: use netconf msg to advertise forwarding...
2012-10-28 Nicolas Dichtel rtnl: add a new type of msg to advertise protocol confi...
2012-10-26 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of git://
2012-10-26 David S. Miller net: Update args to dummy sock_update_classid().
2012-10-26 Alan Cox l2tp: session is an array not a pointer
2012-10-26 Alan Cox isdn: remove dead code
2012-10-26 Daniel Wagner cgroup: net_cls: Rework update socket logic