2015-09-04 Viswanath L tegra-alt: Jetson-E/CV: Update DMIC DAI params
2015-09-04 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra210: hawkeye: add top level DTS file for...
2015-09-04 Laxman Dewangan ARM64: t210: Hawkeye: remove GPU rail disable time...
2015-09-04 Santosh Reddy... video: tegra: hdmi: make clock_refcount atomic
2015-09-04 Sumit Singh power: tegra21: Add trace prints for powergate
2015-09-02 Shu Zhong video: tegra: dp: port to android
2015-09-02 Shu Zhong video: tegra: dp: fix dpaux read/write while cond
2015-09-02 Martin Gao driver: thermal: pwm fan driver add tach feedback
2015-09-02 Martin Gao arch: arm64: boot: dts: pwm fan driver dtsi change
2015-09-02 Leonid Moiseichuk gpu: nvgpu: cyclestats snapshot permissions rework
2015-09-02 Sudhir Vyas video: tegra: camera: ISOMGR support
2015-09-02 Sudhir Vyas isomgr: Add tegra_camera_ctrl iso client
2015-09-02 Shu Zhong arm64: jetson-cv: enable backlight for e3320
2015-09-02 Animesh Kishore video: tegra: dp: WAR for CTS 400.3.2.*
2015-09-02 Harry Hong arm64: dts: ABCA: update sound node.
2015-09-02 Jordan Nien input: touch: sharp: update to version 12.
2015-09-02 Spencer Sutterlin misc: tegra_cec: fix cec_logical_addr_store print
2015-09-02 David Yu arm64: dt: odin: enable spidev
2015-09-02 Sharath Sarangpur video: tegra: dc: continue HDCP if Ainfo fails
2015-09-01 David Yu iio: sensors: bh1730fvc: fix debugfs stuck
2015-09-01 Youngjin Kim video: tegra: dc: set channel status register
2015-09-01 Sameer Pujar arm64: dts: add dmic controls
2015-09-01 Harry Hong power: max17042: don't override 0x3B register
2015-09-01 Sameer Pujar ASoC: Codec: Fix dmic capture in rt5659 driver
2015-09-01 Shawn Joo ARM64: DT: move sdmmc pinmux setting to right dt
2015-09-01 Theodore Ts'o ext4: make sure ex.fe_logical is initialized
2015-09-01 Stephen Boyd ARM:Fix deadlock scenario with smp_send_stop()
2015-09-01 Diwakar Paliwal Asoc:tegra:rt5639: Fix repeated HS notifications
2015-09-01 Ajay Nandakumar platform: nvadsp: Add spinlock in empty Handler
2015-09-01 Ajay Nandakumar platform: nvadsp: Fix exit error path on start
2015-09-01 Amith gboot/dts: Cfg Hawkeye INA forced continuous scan
2015-09-01 Ian Chang arm: tegra: t124: Enable CONFIG_DM_VERITY
2015-09-01 Erik Lilliebjerg iio: proximity: IQS2x3 v14 IRQ edge
2015-09-01 Robert Collins dts: e2614: Add sensor support
2015-09-01 Zheng Liu config: l4t: tegra21: disable wake_locks
2015-08-31 Ishwarya Balaji... arm64: t210: update p2143-1170 emc tables to v07
2015-08-31 Sam Payne gpu: nvgpu: dump PGRAPH_PRI on error
2015-08-31 Krishna Reddy video: tegra: nvmap: fix incorrect tag warning generation
2015-08-31 Shridhar Rasal video: tegra: host: remove nvhost_module_set_devfreq_rate()
2015-08-31 Shridhar Rasal video: tegra: host: add emc scaling as ACM client
2015-08-31 Shridhar Rasal video: tegra: host: add devfreq as acm client
2015-08-31 Rakesh Babu... arch: arm64: dts: enable fast maxim charger
2015-08-31 Kerwin Wan arm64: tegra: jetson_cv: enable seamless display
2015-08-31 Ivan Raul Guadarrama video: tegra: use simple ref_to_sync for yuv420
2015-08-31 Ivan Raul Guadarrama Revert "video: tegra: avoid zero for h_ref_to_sync...
2015-08-31 Sai Gurrappadi qos: Priority based request disable knob
2015-08-31 Gary Fitzer drivers: media: platform: ov10823 60fps modes
2015-08-31 Sri Krishna... of: reserved_mem: fix cell count for memory-region...
2015-08-31 Sri Krishna... ARM: configs: tegra13: remove CONFIG_ANDROID
2015-08-31 Viraj Karandikar tegra: adma: fix reg offset in channel_set_field
2015-08-31 Amit Sharma... security: tlk_driver: pass device info to DMA API
2015-08-31 Amit Sharma... mm: disable kswapd for ZONE_HIGHMEM in android only
2015-08-31 Amit Sharma... mm: avoid kswapd for normal zone when dma32 zone exist...
2015-08-31 Dara Ramesh asoc: tegra-alt: fix admaif channel status check
2015-08-31 Ajay Nandakumar platform: nvadsp: Support for static app instances
2015-08-30 Laxman Dewangan power: max77620: power off the device with SFT_RST
2015-08-30 Laxman Dewangan mfd: max77620: disable WK_EN0 on suspend only
2015-08-30 Laxman Dewangan ARM64: t210: always include non-shim DTB on shim DTB
2015-08-30 Laxman Dewangan ARM64: t210: consider cable state VBUS+RID-B as RID...
2015-08-30 Mallikarjun... arm: dt: p1761: Add rid-b support for xlate
2015-08-30 Mallikarjun... extcon: cable-xlate: Increase cable detection delay
2015-08-25 Om Prakash... net: wireless: bcmdhd: update disconnect event to upper...
2015-08-25 Preetham Chandru R ata: ahci: Place SATA in reset before uphy init
2015-08-25 Sri Krishna... ARM: mm: init reserved-memory regions before mdesc...
2015-08-24 David Wang ARM64: dts: adding E3326 support on jetson cv
2015-08-24 Aly Hirani video: tegra: hdmi: Add hdmi2.0 resume support
2015-08-24 Yogish Kulkarni gpu: nvgpu: use gk20a_free_sgtable to free sgtable
2015-08-24 Stephen Smalley selinux: enable genfscon labeling for sysfs and pstore...
2015-08-24 Stephen Smalley selinux: enable per-file labeling for debugfs files.
2015-08-24 Viswanath L tegra-alt:rt565x/rt5639: add compr_ops for machine
2015-08-24 Viswanath L tegra-alt: rt565x: Add control to set codec rate
2015-08-24 Viswanath L arm64: dts: jetsonCV: add adsp_audio node
2015-08-24 Shridhar Rasal video: tegra: host: correct VI_IOCTL names
2015-08-24 Laxman Dewangan ARM64: tegra210: hawkeye: set FPS timing to 5120us
2015-08-24 Laxman Dewangan gpio: tegra: bypass pinctrl on gpio request, free on...
2015-08-24 Laxman Dewangan gpio: lib: Add support to change pin in GPIO mode on...
2015-08-24 Kenneth Kwak arm: dts: panel-o-720p-6-0-01
2015-08-24 Min-wuk Lee arm: dts64: abca2 panel orientation chnage
2015-08-24 Min-wuk Lee arm64: dts: add panel-o-720p-6-0-01
2015-08-24 Min-wuk Lee arm: tegra: panel-o-720p-6-0-01
2015-08-24 Min-wuk Lee arm: dts: panel-o-720p-6-0-01.
2015-08-24 Sri Krishna... video: tegra: nvmap: cache sync even when CacheSyncAtRe...
2015-08-22 Bibek Basu video: tegra: dc: handle tegra_dc_sync_windows error
2015-08-21 Erik Lilliebjerg iio: nvi: Add ICM20630 support
2015-08-21 Robert Collins dts: sensors: Move compass to bottom of board.
2015-08-21 Will Deacon arm64: context-switch user tls register tpidr_el0 for...
2015-08-21 Gaurav Tendolkar ASoC: tegra-alt: Add one more ADSP PCM device
2015-08-21 Animesh Kishore video: tegra: dp: Fix CTS
2015-08-21 Santosh Reddy... video: tegra: dp: add debugfs support to change bpp
2015-08-21 Anand Prasad sysedp: Jetson-CV: Scale back reactive capping
2015-08-21 Anand Prasad sysedp: Add support for trip event Warnings
2015-08-21 Ankita Garg drivers:misc: Setup gamepad_reset gpio only on loki
2015-08-21 Ankita Garg usb: xhci: reset gamepad when xhci controller dies
2015-08-21 Ankita Garg usb: xhci: reset gamepad after xhci reinit
2015-08-20 Sudhir Vyas video: tegra: host: vi/isp: CLK-BW ioctls support
2015-08-20 Gagan Grover gpu: nvgpu: Handling null pointer
2015-08-20 Om Prakash... bcmdhd: fix set_channel api
2015-08-20 Animesh Kishore video: tegra: dp: Fix CTS 700.1.1.2
2015-08-20 Animesh Kishore video: tegra: dp: Fix CTS
2015-08-20 Sam Payne video: tegra: host: push adjacent words