2007-10-10 Matt Carlson [TG3]: Walk PCI capability lists.
2007-10-10 Auke Kok e1000e: Fix ethtool register test code
2007-10-10 Auke Kok e1000e: fix debugging printout code
2007-10-10 Ursula Braun qeth: discard inbound packets with unknown header id
2007-10-10 Klaus D. Wacker lcs: Channel errors drive lcs_recovery which leads...
2007-10-10 Ursula Braun qeth: avoid duplicate deletion of multicast addresses
2007-10-10 Frank Blaschka qeth: EDDP does not work on large MTUs
2007-10-10 Klaus D. Wacker qeth: HiperSockets layer-3 interface drop non IPv4...
2007-10-10 David S. Miller [NIU]: Add Sun Neptune ethernet driver.
2007-10-10 Gerrit Renker [DCCP]: Twice the wrong reset code in receiving connect...
2007-10-10 Gerrit Renker [DCCP]: Correct documentation
2007-10-10 Gerrit Renker [DCCP]: Wrong format in printk
2007-10-10 Gerrit Renker [DCCP]: Tidy-up -- minisock initialisation
2007-10-10 Gerrit Renker [CCID2]: Sequence number wraparound issues
2007-10-10 Gerrit Renker [CCID2]: Remove redundant case block
2007-10-10 Gerrit Renker [CCID2]: Remove redundant BUG_ON
2007-10-10 Gerrit Renker [CCID2]: Remove ugly BUG_ON
2007-10-10 Gerrit Renker [CCID2]: Simplify interface
2007-10-10 Gerrit Renker [DCCP]: Update API documentation
2007-10-10 Gerrit Renker [DCCP]: Make all `debug' parameters bool
2007-10-10 Gerrit Renker [DCCP]: Add socket option to query the current MPS
2007-10-10 Gerrit Renker [DCCP]: Wait for CCID
2007-10-10 Olof Johansson pasemi_mac: enable iommu support
2007-10-10 Jeff Garzik drivers/net/qla3xxx: trim trailing whitespace
2007-10-10 vbarshak@ru... Fix typo in new EMAC driver.
2007-10-10 trem ipg.c doesn't compile with with CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G
2007-10-10 Olof Johansson pasemi_mac: use buffer index pointer in clean_rx()
2007-10-10 Olof Johansson pasemi_mac: clear out old errors on interface open
2007-10-10 Olof Johansson pasemi_mac: update todo list
2007-10-10 Olof Johansson pasemi_mac: further performance tweaks
2007-10-10 Olof Johansson pasemi_mac: add local skb alignment
2007-10-10 Olof Johansson pasemi_mac: workaround for erratum 5971
2007-10-10 Olof Johansson pasemi_mac: implement sg support
2007-10-10 Olof Johansson pasemi_mac: rework ring management
2007-10-10 Olof Johansson pasemi_mac: fix bug in receive buffer dma mapping
2007-10-10 Olof Johansson pasemi_mac: basic error checking
2007-10-10 Michael Buesch [MAC80211]: Update beacon_update callback documentation
2007-10-10 Tomas Winkler [MAC80211]: add sta_notify callback
2007-10-10 Johannes Berg [MAC80211]: implement cfg80211's change_interface hook
2007-10-10 Michael Buesch [MAC80211]: Add association LED trigger
2007-10-10 Johannes Berg [MAC80211]: make userspace-mlme a per-interface setting
2007-10-10 Johannes Berg [MAC80211]: improve radiotap injection
2007-10-10 Johannes Berg [MAC80211]: remove ALG_NONE
2007-10-10 Johannes Berg [MAC80211]: use RX_FLAG_DECRYPTED for sw decrypted...
2007-10-10 Johannes Berg [MAC80211]: consolidate decryption more
2007-10-10 Johannes Berg [MAC80211]: move sta_process rx handler later
2007-10-10 Johannes Berg [MAC80211]: remove management interface
2007-10-10 Johannes Berg [MAC80211]: add "invalid" interface type
2007-10-10 Michael Buesch [MAC80211]: Check open_count before calling config...
2007-10-10 Michael Buesch [B43]: Rewrite pwork locking policy.
2007-10-10 Michael Buesch [B43]: Use input-polldev for the rfkill switch
2007-10-10 Michael Buesch [B43]: RF-kill support
2007-10-10 Michael Buesch [B43]: LED triggers support
2007-10-10 Michael Buesch [RFKILL]: Add support for hardware-only rfkill buttons
2007-10-10 Michael Buesch [RFKILL]: Add support for an rfkill LED.
2007-10-10 Ulrich Kunitz [ZD1211RW]: Removed zd_util.c and zd_util.h
2007-10-10 Daniel Drake [HOSTAP]: set netdev type before registering AP interface
2007-10-10 Michael Chan [BNX2]: Update version to 1.6.6.
2007-10-10 Michael Chan [BNX2]: Optimize firmware loading.
2007-10-10 Komuro PCMCIA-NETDEV : add new id (axnet_cs, pcnet_cs)
2007-10-10 Nobuhiro Iwamatsu smc91x Hitachi Solution Engine (SuperH) Support
2007-10-10 Markus Brunner smc911x irq sense request and MPR2 board support
2007-10-10 Jan-Bernd Themann ehea: DLPAR memory add fix
2007-10-10 Scott Wood fs_enet: sparse fixes
2007-10-10 Scott Wood fs_enet: Convert mii-bitbang to use the generic bitbang...
2007-10-10 Scott Wood Generic bitbanged MDIO library
2007-10-10 Scott Wood fs_enet: Be an of_platform device when CONFIG_PPC_CPM_N...
2007-10-10 Scott Wood fs_enet: Align receive buffers.
2007-10-10 Scott Wood fs_enet: mac-fcc: Eliminate __fcc-* macros.
2007-10-10 Scott Wood fs_enet: Include linux/string.h from linux/fs_enet_pd.h
2007-10-10 Scott Wood fs_enet: Whitespace cleanup.
2007-10-10 Ilpo Järvinen [TCP]: Wrap-safed reordering detection FRTO check
2007-10-10 Ilpo Järvinen [TCP]: Update comment of SACK block validator
2007-10-10 Ilpo Järvinen [TCP]: fix comments that got messed up during code...
2007-10-10 Ilpo Järvinen [TCP]: No fackets_out/highest_sack tuning when SACK...
2007-10-10 Denys Vlasenko [ZLIB]: Move bnx2 driver gzip unpacker into zlib.
2007-10-10 Denys Vlasenko [BNX2]: factor out gzip unpacker
2007-10-10 Magnus Damm ax88796: add 93cx6 eeprom support
2007-10-10 Maciej W. Rozycki PHYLIB: fix an interrupt loop potential when halting
2007-10-10 Maciej W. Rozycki PHYLIB: IRQ event workqueue handling fixes
2007-10-10 Ed Swierk forcedeth: "no link" is informational
2007-10-10 Maciej W. Rozycki PHYLIB: Spinlock fixes for softirqs
2007-10-10 Micah Gruber Fix a potential NULL pointer dereference in uli526x_int...
2007-10-10 Mariusz Kozlowski skge: remove broken and unused PHY_M_PC_MDI_XMODE macro
2007-10-10 Jesper Juhl Avoid possible NULL pointer deref in 3c359 driver
2007-10-10 Adrian Bunk drivers/net/cxgb3/xgmac.c: remove dead code
2007-10-10 Peter Oruba PCI-X/PCI-Express read control interfaces: use them...
2007-10-10 Vitaly Bordug PHY fixed driver: rework release path and update phy_id...
2007-10-10 Chris Snook atl1: explain 32-bit DMA restriction
2007-10-10 Stephen Hemminger via-velocity: more cleanup
2007-10-10 Stephen Hemminger via-velocity: use standard VLAN interface (resend)
2007-10-10 Maciej W. Rozycki sb1250-mac: Driver model & phylib update
2007-10-10 Maciej W. Rozycki sb1250-mac.c: De-typedef, de-volatile, de-etc...
2007-10-10 Jeff Garzik [netdrvr] sundance: fix phy scanning on IP100A
2007-10-10 Krishna Kumar e1000e: Do not allow requeue of freed skb
2007-10-10 Roy Zang Clean up redundant PHY write line for ULi526x Ethernet...
2007-10-10 Nathanael Nerode dgrs: remove from build, config, and maintainer list
2007-10-10 Olof Johansson pasemi_mac: pass in count of buffers to replenish rx...
2007-10-10 Olof Johansson pasemi_mac: don't enable rx before there are buffers...
2007-10-10 Olof Johansson pasemi_mac: flags as passed to spin_*_irqsave() should...