2016-09-20 Viraj Karandikar tegra-alt: adsp: avoid sleep in send msg
2016-09-20 Viraj Karandikar tegra-alt: adsp: schedule work for freq override
2016-09-20 dcashman BACKPORT: FROMLIST: arm64: mm: support ARCH_MMAP_RND_BITS.
2016-09-20 dcashman FROMLIST: mm: mmap: Add new /proc tunable for mmap_base...
2016-09-20 dcashman FROMLIST: arm: mm: support ARCH_MMAP_RND_BITS.
2016-09-20 Michael Hsu net: wireless: bcmdhd_88: Add statistics counters
2016-09-20 Martin Gao tegra210-platforms: increase pwm granularity to 16...
2016-09-19 Soumen Kumar Dey nvavp: Add missing mutex unlock
2016-09-16 Anshul Jain arm64: boot: dts: darcy: New Fan settings
2016-09-13 Prafull Suryawanshi stop_machine: serialize disable IRQ sequence
2016-09-13 Erik Lilliebjerg iio: common: NVS HAL API 1.4 support
2016-09-09 David DSH XCHI: version is not needed.
2016-09-09 Xia Yang mmc: card: test: Fix out of boundary array access
2016-09-09 Oleg Nesterov proc: make proc_fd_permission() thread-friendly
2016-09-08 Martin Gao thermal: add sanity check for set state ops
2016-09-08 siddardha naraharisetti hid: jarvis: send report to app to control mic
2016-09-07 Bibhay Ranjan bcmdhd_88: increase timestamp array size
2016-09-05 Preetham Chandru R ata: ahci_tegra: Fix RTPM issues
2016-09-03 Bibhay Ranjan bcmdhd: nv_logger: fix memory leak
2016-09-02 R Raj Kumar Revert "mmc: host: Use SDR104 UHS mode for SDR50 mode"
2016-09-02 Prafull Suryawanshi video: tegra: hdmi: add check for valid fb
2016-09-01 Igor Nabirushkin tegra-profiler: fix security vulnerability issue
2016-09-01 Michael Frydrych video: tegra: dc: fix bit depth of yuv422 mode
2016-08-31 Henry Lin xhci-tegra: t210: wait for U3 entry in bus suspend
2016-08-31 Mahesh Patil arm64: dts: Updating Wi-Fi country codes for Foster...
2016-08-31 Aaron Bartholomew nvtouch: dta: copy touches to dta ioctl data
2016-08-30 Nitin Kumbhar xt_qtaguid: fix printing kernel pointers
2016-08-30 Xiao Bo Zhao net: disable capability check for net_bind_service
2016-08-29 Chris Johnson security: tlk_driver: add support for PHYS_LIST handling.
2016-08-29 Mahesh Lagadapati tlk: code cleanup
2016-08-29 Hridya Valsaraju security: tlk_driver: fix memory leak
2016-08-29 Mahesh Lagadapati Revert "security: tlk_driver: lock/fault userspace...
2016-08-29 Mahesh Lagadapati Revert "security:tlk_driver:fix sys_munlock issue"
2016-08-29 Shardar Shariff Md t210: tegra-fuse: correct the fuse offsets
2016-08-28 Bibhay Ranjan bcmdhd_88: save the firmware events in a file
2016-08-28 Kerwin Wan arm64: tegra: dts: remove unused codec node for jetson
2016-08-26 Sai Gurrappadi sched: Make CPU domains share pkg resources
2016-08-25 Bitan Biswas mmc: sdhci: tegra: nvidia,is-sdio DT attrib
2016-08-25 Bitan Biswas mmc: sdhci: tegra: SDIO 204MHz fixed clk
2016-08-25 Venkat Reddy... ARM64: dts: change FPS source for LDO0 and LDO1
2016-08-24 Arun Swain tegra: sor: dump NV_SOR_HDMI_GENERIC_CTRL reg
2016-08-24 Arun Swain tegra: hdmi: Fix HDR exit
2016-08-24 Jean Huang fs: enable UTF-8 character set
2016-08-24 Jean Huang cifs: enable CONFIG_CIFS_WEAK_PW_HASH to support LANMAN
2016-08-24 Kangjie Lu ALSA: timer: Fix leak in events via snd_timer_user_tint...
2016-08-23 Prafull Suryawanshi video: tegra: hdmi: fix AFD info in AVI infoframe
2016-08-23 Ian Chang mmc: tegra: Add module param to configure boot part...
2016-08-23 Dan Carpenter ALSA: compress: fix an integer overflow check
2016-08-22 Bibhay Ranjan bcmdhd: save the firmware events in a file
2016-08-20 Kangjie Lu ALSA: timer: Fix leak in SNDRV_TIMER_IOCTL_PARAMS
2016-08-20 Al Viro net: validate the range we feed to iov_iter_init()...
2016-08-20 Ankita Garg i2c: tegra: Ratelimit error print
2016-08-20 Woojung Min arm64: configs: restrict access to perf events
2016-08-20 Jeff Vander... FROMLIST: security,perf: Allow further restriction...
2016-08-18 Srinivas Ramachandran net: wireless: bcmdhd: Integrate following changes
2016-08-18 Srinivas Ramachandran arm64: dts: Integrate the following changes
2016-08-18 Eric Dumazet UPSTREAM: ipv6: add complete rcu protection around...
2016-08-18 Kangjie Lu net: fix infoleak in rtnetlink
2016-08-18 Ben Hutchings BACKPORT: perf tools: Document the perf sysctls
2016-08-18 Alex Frid dvfs: tegra: Validate CLDVFS register address
2016-08-18 Bill Huang drivers: thermal: fix race on workqueue
2016-08-18 Alex Waterman arm64: tegra21: emc: Make sure the DLL always has a...
2016-08-18 Robert Collins dtsi: sensors: Remove restrictions to run sensors at...
2016-08-18 Erik Lilliebjerg iio: imu: nvi v.336 Add DMP AUX support
2016-08-17 Ard Biesheuvel UPSTREAM: arm64: module: avoid undefined shift behavior...
2016-08-17 Ard Biesheuvel UPSTREAM: arm64: module: fix relocation of movz instruc...
2016-08-17 Ankita Garg video: tegra: hdcp: Set max_retries to be inifinite
2016-08-16 Ankita Garg tegra:hdcp: Fix error in infinite max_retries
2016-08-16 Martin Gao dts: support TS to enter fastboot on foster pro 2
2016-08-16 Martin Gao dts: enable xotg and xudc for darcy in dt
2016-08-16 Ankita Garg HID: hidraw: Add spinlock in struct hidraw to protect...
2016-08-12 R Raj Kumar mmc: host: Use SDR104 UHS mode for SDR50 mode
2016-08-12 Bharat Nihalani gpu: nvgpu: gk20a: Use spin_lock for jobs_lock
2016-08-10 Vidya Sagar pcie: host: tegra: fix l1ss programming
2016-08-10 Vidya Sagar pcie: host: tegra: re-org L1SS reg programming
2016-08-10 Vidya Sagar PCI: save and restore L1-SS registers
2016-08-10 Alex Williamson PCI: Add support for save/restore of extended capabilities
2016-08-10 Yijing Wang PCI: Fix comment typo for pci_add_cap_save_buffer()
2016-08-10 Vidya Sagar pcie: host: tegra: disable aspm-l0s by default
2016-08-10 Vidya Sagar PCI/ASPM: enable aspm-l1ss support
2016-08-10 Vidya Sagar pcie: host: tegra: fix aspm-l1ss enabling
2016-08-10 Vidya Sagar Revert "pcie: host: tegra: cleanup clkreq dir programming"
2016-08-10 Om Prakash... ARM64: config: tegra21: enable CONFIG_INET_DIAG_DESTROY
2016-08-10 Om Prakash... ARM: config: tegra12: enable CONFIG_INET_DIAG_DESTROY
2016-08-10 Lorenzo Colitti selinux: nlmsgtab: add SOCK_DESTROY to the netlink...
2016-08-10 Prafull Suryawanshi video: tegra: dc: add check for dsi out for edid
2016-08-09 Rajath Shetty drivers: scsi: fixup blk_get_request dead queue scenarios
2016-08-08 Shardar Shariff Md i2c: tegra: override slcg for Master core logic
2016-08-08 Shardar Shariff Md serial: tegra: correct error handling sequence to avoid...
2016-08-08 Shardar Shariff Md i2c: tegra: fix unknown interrupt issue after ARB lost
2016-08-08 Soumen Kumar Dey nvavp: Add mutex lock for all avp submit
2016-08-06 Sumit Bhattacharya apbdma: improve position reporting
2016-08-06 Aly Hirani video: tegra: dc: FB_CAP_HDR -> FB_CAP_SMPTE_2084
2016-08-06 Ankita Garg hid: jarvis: Print audio tx trace only in debug
2016-08-05 Deepak Nibade gpu: nvgpu: initialize local variable
2016-08-05 Ankita Garg video: tegra: dc: Do not enable cmu if already enabled
2016-08-05 Ankita Garg hid: jarvis: On timer_start, do not delete active timer
2016-08-05 Aly Hirani video: tegra: Configure ARM_VIDEO_RANGE
2016-08-04 Sameer Pujar ASoC: Codec: rt565x: derive proper dmic clk rate
2016-08-03 Kangjie Lu USB: usbfs: fix potential infoleak in devio