2014-11-12 Sumit Singh security: tlk_driver: Enable Werror flag
2014-11-12 Sumit Singh input: misc: compass: Enable Werror flag
2014-11-12 Sumit Singh hwmon: tegra: Enable Werror flag
2014-11-12 Deepak Nibade gpu: nvgpu: fix gm20b floorsweep API
2014-11-12 Deepak Nibade gpu: nvgpu: support config of TPC FUSE dynamically
2014-11-12 Yousuf A spi: tegra124-slave: tegra124 spi slave driver
2014-11-12 Sumit Singh driver: tmon: tegra: declare,initialize FUTURE_USE
2014-11-12 Mallikarjun... staging: iio: adc: ads1015: Set threshold values only...
2014-11-12 Venkat Reddy... ARM: tegra: t210:disable VBUS in LP0
2014-11-12 Venkat Reddy... power: bq2419x:donot enable charging when OTG cable...
2014-11-12 Sachin Nikam ata: tegra: make local data and funcs static
2014-11-12 Sachin Nikam tegra: nvadsp: make local data and funcs static
2014-11-12 Michael Hsu net: wireless: bcmdhd2: Use kernel config for path
2014-11-12 Petlozu Pravareshwar platform: tegra: wakeups: Enable WAKE43 for USB
2014-11-12 Manikanta net: wireless: bcmdhd: add shutdown handler for bcmdhd...
2014-11-12 Vinayak Pane misc: bluedroid_pm: add shutdown handler
2014-11-12 Rakesh Babu... usb: gadget: xudc: integrate the charger driver
2014-11-12 Terry Wang arm64: dts: set vdd_rtc_ap to 0.85V
2014-11-12 Bo Yan irqchip: enable -Werror
2014-11-12 Bo Yan irqchip: tegra: fix compiler warnings
2014-11-12 Stephen Boyd irqchip: Remove unused include
2014-11-12 Vineel Kumar... video: tegra: hdmi: Fix segfault with sparse tool
2014-11-12 Erik Lilliebjerg iio: core: add Android L support for sensors
2014-11-12 Sungwook Kim video: tegra: dc: make reserved FB space identical
2014-11-12 Jon McCaffrey nvmap: set background allocator to SCHED_IDLE
2014-11-12 Sang-Hun Lee arm64: tegra: add 1600mhz for e01 platforms
2014-11-12 Bo Yan arm64: add -Werror in Makefile for lib and crypto
2014-11-12 Hyungwoo Yang arm: tegra: update T210 balanced throttling tables
2014-11-11 Michael I.... video: tegra: dc: disable windows on blank
2014-11-11 Michael I.... video: tegra: adf: fix build errors
2014-11-11 Xia Yang video: tegra: adf: Remove DC_EXTENSIONS dependency
2014-11-11 Jeff Tsai input: touch: raydium: Remove unnecessary string
2014-11-11 Sai Gurrappadi drivers: cpuquiet: Fix hotplug stats
2014-11-11 Diwakar Tundlam tegra: soctherm: mode match shouldn't use strnstr
2014-11-11 Jon Mayo Revert "video: tegra: hdmi: update AVI pkt on setmode"
2014-11-11 Anshul Jain staging: iio: meter: ina3221: Add shutdown support
2014-11-11 Aly Hirani video: tegra: hdmi: Port the hpd_switch to the hdmi2...
2014-11-11 Charlie Huang drivers: media: tegra: ov7695: power on/off ctrl
2014-11-11 Charlie Huang ARM64: tegra: loki: remove ov7695 board info
2014-11-11 Charlie Huang ARM64: tegra: dts: loki: remove clk ctl on ov7695
2014-11-11 Bharat Nihalani NVIDIA-REVIEWERS: Add a separate CAMERA section
2014-11-11 Alex Frid dvfs: tegra: Expand DVFS structure fields
2014-11-11 Jon Mayo video: tegra: hdmi: update AVI pkt on setmode
2014-11-11 Anshul Jain arm64: tegra: Pull PE7 high
2014-11-11 Konsta Holtta NVIDIA-REVIEWERS: move speedo from cpu to clocks
2014-11-11 sreenivasulu... arm: defconfig: enable cpu_freq config
2014-11-11 Alex Frid gpu: nvgpu: Add GPCPLL DVFS state to debug prints
2014-11-11 Alex Frid dvfs: tegra21: Don't allow NA mode on certain parts
2014-11-11 sreenivasulu... tegra12: dvfs: automotive: Update CPU POR freq
2014-11-11 Shravani Dingari arm64: dts: change pz3 functionality to sdmmc3
2014-11-11 Sumit Singh power: Enable Werror
2014-11-11 Sumit Singh power: bq2477x: Fix build warnings
2014-11-11 Sumit Singh power-supply: Fix build warning
2014-11-11 Laxman Dewangan platform: tegra: prod: export public API
2014-11-11 Bo Yan tegra: remove all t14x references from headers
2014-11-11 Bo Yan ARM: tegra: remove t14x support
2014-11-11 Stephen Boyd irqchip: Silence sparse warning
2014-11-11 Terje Bergstrom gpu: nvgpu: Replace allocator with bitmap alloc
2014-11-11 Hiroshi Doyu iommu/arm-smmu: adjust SMMU AMAP size calculated
2014-11-11 Dara Ramesh video: tegra: hdmi: set audio layout select bit
2014-11-11 Dara Ramesh arm64: dts: Loki: update sound DT node
2014-11-11 Dara Ramesh asoc: tegra-alt: support sysedp for es755 codec
2014-11-11 Dara Ramesh asoc: tegra-alt: es755: handle spk/dbvdd regulator
2014-11-11 Sami Kiminki gpu: nvgpu: Implement NVGPU_AS_IOCTL_GET_VA_REGIONS
2014-11-11 Kerwin Wan arm64: tegra: e2220: don't set PV1 and PV2 as gpio
2014-11-10 Konsta Holtta NVIDIA-REVIEWERS: multimedia: use tegra-alt snd
2014-11-10 Adeel Raza arm64: dts: t18x: support for linsim CL 33823014
2014-11-10 Prashant Gaikwad arm64: t210: change soc post pwr time
2014-11-10 sreenivasulu... Tegra12: Dvfs: update automotive dvfs limits
2014-11-10 Sami Kiminki gpu: nvgpu: sanitize gk20a_vm_alloc_share()
2014-11-10 Sami Kiminki gpu: nvgpu: ALLOC_AS: don't fail on default big page...
2014-11-10 Sumit Bhattacharya adma: tegra210: Handle APE clock in adma driver
2014-11-10 Sumit Bhattacharya ASoC: Tegra: Don't enable clock from set_rate
2014-11-10 Animesh Kishore video: tegra: hdmi: VSI support
2014-11-10 Preetham Chandru R ata: ahci: Change pm_runtime calls to async calls
2014-11-10 Frank Chen media: platform: tegra: update OV7695 settings
2014-11-10 Hiroshi Doyu HACK: iommu/arm-smmu: c-model hack
2014-11-10 Hiroshi Doyu HACK: iommu/arm-smmu: fix swgroup configuration
2014-11-10 Puneet Saxena platform: tegra: adsp: fix adsp freq time_in_state...
2014-11-10 Chris Dragan misc: mods: use mutex instead of a spinlock
2014-11-10 Bo Yan clock: tegra: fix typecast
2014-11-10 Bo Yan arm64: tegra: remove Sparse warnings
2014-11-10 Bo Yan clocksource: Enable -Werror
2014-11-10 Bo Yan clocksource: tegra: fix Sparse warnings
2014-11-10 Bo Yan arm: tegra: fix IO_ADDRESS macro
2014-11-10 Bo Yan platform: tegra: ptm: t210: fix ptm_remove
2014-11-10 Bo Yan platform: tegra: pm: fix Sparse warning
2014-11-10 Bo Yan platform: tegra: bondout: Fix typecast
2014-11-10 Sami Kiminki gpu: nvgpu: GPU characteristics additions
2014-11-10 Nitin Sehgal arm: tegra: vcm30t124: add new dts for single vm
2014-11-10 Vandana Salve security: tlk_driver: get_cpu() in place of smp_process...
2014-11-09 Terje Bergstrom gpu: nvgpu: Fix comptag calculation for 64k pages
2014-11-08 Sridhar Lavu Revert "usb: tegra: xhci: write prod settings from dt"
2014-11-08 Sumit Singh input: misc: pressure: Enable Werror flag
2014-11-08 Sumit Singh input: touch: Fix build warnings
2014-11-08 Nitin Kumbhar platform: adsp: mem: use atomic allocations
2014-11-08 Nitin Kumbhar irqchip: gic: handle agic suspended state
2014-11-08 Nitin Kumbhar platform: ape: add dev suspend/resume callbacks
2014-11-08 Nitin Kumbhar platform: tegra: ape: add ape clk for agic
2014-11-08 Nitin Kumbhar ARM64: tegra21: enable ape in early init