2007-05-20 Simon Arlott [ARM] spelling fixes
2007-05-20 Mariusz Kozlowski [ARM] at91_adc parenthesis balance
2007-05-20 Ben Dooks [ARM] 4400/1: S3C24XX: Add high-speed MMC device definition
2007-05-20 Ben Dooks [ARM] 4399/2: S3C2443: Fix SMDK2443 nand timings
2007-05-20 Ben Dooks [ARM] 4398/1: S3C2443: Fix watchdog IRQ number
2007-05-20 Ben Dooks [ARM] 4397/1: S3C2443: remove SDI0/1 IRQ ambiguity
2007-05-20 Ben Dooks [ARM] 4396/1: S3C2443: Add missing HCLK clocks
2007-05-20 Ben Dooks [ARM] 4395/1: S3C24XX: add include of <linux/sysdev...
2007-05-20 Greg Ungerer [ARM] 4388/1: no need for arm/mm mmap range checks...
2007-05-20 Greg Ungerer [ARM] 4387/1: fix /proc/cpuinfo formatting for pre...
2007-05-17 Russell King [ARM] ARMv6: add CPU_HAS_ASID configuration
2007-05-17 Russell King [ARM] integrator: fix pci_v3 compile error with DEBUG_LL
2007-05-17 Russell King [ARM] gic: Fix gic cascade irq handling
2007-05-16 Russell King [ARM] Silence OMAP kernel configuration warning
2007-05-16 Russell King [ARM] Update ARM syscalls
2007-05-16 Sandeep Sanjay... [ARM] 4384/1: S3C2412/13 SPI registers offset correction
2007-05-16 Dan Williams [ARM] 4383/1: iop: fix usage of '__init' and 'inline...
2007-05-16 Dan Williams [ARM] 4382/1: iop13xx: fix msi support
2007-05-16 Russell King [ARM] Remove Integrator/CP SMP platform support
2007-05-16 Andrew Victor [ARM] 4378/1: KS8695: Serial driver fix
2007-05-16 Milan Svoboda [ARM] 4376/1: Selects GENERIC_GPIO for ARCH_IXP4XX...
2007-05-16 Richard Purdie [ARM] 4375/1: sharpsl_pm: Fix compile warnings
2007-05-16 Al Viro arm: walk_stacktrace() needs to be exported
2007-05-16 Al Viro fix uml-x86_64
2007-05-16 Al Viro audit_match_signal() and friends are used only if CONFI...
2007-05-16 Al Viro m32r: __xchg() should be always_inline
2007-05-16 Al Viro rpadlpar breakage - fallout of struct subsystem removal
2007-05-16 Al Viro em28xx and ivtv should depend on PCI
2007-05-16 Al Viro missing includes in mlx4
2007-05-16 Al Viro missing dependencies for USB drivers in input
2007-05-16 Al Viro missing mm.h in fw-ohci
2007-05-16 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/lethal/sh64-2.6
2007-05-16 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/bart/ide-2.6
2007-05-16 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of /linux/kernel/git...
2007-05-16 Linus Torvalds x86: Fix discontigmem + non-HIGHMEM compile
2007-05-15 Jan Engelhardt Use menuconfig objects: IDE
2007-05-15 Alan Cox sl82c105: Switch to ref counting API
2007-05-15 Bartlomiej... ide: remove ide_use_dma()
2007-05-15 Bartlomiej... ide: add missing validity checks for identify words...
2007-05-15 Bartlomiej... ide: remove ide_dma_enable()
2007-05-15 Sergei Shtylyov sl82c105: add speedproc() method and MWDMA0/1 support
2007-05-15 Bartlomiej... cs5530/sc1200: add ->speedproc support
2007-05-15 Bartlomiej... cs5530/sc1200: DMA support cleanup
2007-05-15 Bartlomiej... ide: use ide_tune_dma() part #2
2007-05-15 Bartlomiej... cs5530/sc1200: add ->udma_filter methods
2007-05-15 Bartlomiej... ide: always disable DMA before tuning it
2007-05-15 Bartlomiej... pdc202xx_new: use ide_tune_dma()
2007-05-15 Bartlomiej... alim15x3: use ide_tune_dma()
2007-05-15 Bartlomiej... sis5513: PIO mode setup fixes
2007-05-15 Bartlomiej... serverworks: PIO mode setup fixes
2007-05-15 Bartlomiej... pdc202xx_old: rewrite mode programming code (v2)
2007-05-15 Kim Phillips ucc_geth: eliminate max-speed, change interface-type...
2007-05-15 Vitaly Wool smc911x: fix compilation breakage
2007-05-15 pasemi_mac: Fix local-mac-address parsing
2007-05-15 pasemi_mac: Terminate PCI ID list
2007-05-15 Olof Johansson pasemi_mac: Interrupt ack fixes
2007-05-15 pasemi_mac: Fix register defines
2007-05-15 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davej/agpgart
2007-05-15 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davej/cpufreq
2007-05-15 Jens Axboe ll_rw_blk: fix gcc 4.2 warning on current_io_context()
2007-05-15 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of /linux/kernel/git/roland...
2007-05-15 Christoph Lameter SLUB: CONFIG_LARGE_ALLOCS must consider MAX_ORDER limit
2007-05-15 Jeremy Fitzhardinge i386: fix voyager build
2007-05-15 Jeremy Fitzhardinge i386: move common parts of smp into their own file
2007-05-15 Prarit Bhargava Remove cpu hotplug defines for __INIT & __INITDATA
2007-05-15 Stephen Rothwell Revert "MAINTAINERS: remove invalid list address for...
2007-05-15 Thomas Gleixner clocksource: fix lock order in the resume path
2007-05-15 Geert Uytterhoeven m68k: implement __clear_user()
2007-05-15 Simon Horman alpha: fix hard_smp_processor_id compile error
2007-05-15 Yoshinori Sato h8300 atomic.h update
2007-05-15 Paul Mundt nommu: add ioremap_page_range()
2007-05-15 Davide Libenzi epoll: move kfree inside ep_free
2007-05-15 Davide Libenzi epoll: fix some comments
2007-05-15 Davide Libenzi epoll locks changes and cleanups
2007-05-15 Davide Libenzi fix epoll single pass code and add wait-exclusive flag
2007-05-14 Dave Jones [CPUFREQ] Correct revision mask for powernow-k8
2007-05-14 Linus Torvalds Revert "ipmi: add new IPMI nmi watchdog handling"
2007-05-14 Michael S.... IPoIB/cm: Optimize stale connection detection
2007-05-14 Michael S.... IB/mthca: Set cleaned CQEs back to HW ownership when...
2007-05-14 Michael S.... IB/mthca: Fix posting >255 recv WRs for Tavor
2007-05-14 Sean Hefty RDMA/cma: Add check to validate that cm_id is bound...
2007-05-14 Sean Hefty RDMA/cma: Fix synchronization with device removal in...
2007-05-14 Sean Hefty RDMA/cma: Simplify device removal handling code
2007-05-14 Joachim Fenkes IB/ehca: Disable scaling code by default, bump version...
2007-05-14 Joachim Fenkes IB/ehca: Beautify sysfs attribute code and fix compiler...
2007-05-14 Joachim Fenkes IB/ehca: Remove _irqsave, move #ifdef
2007-05-14 Hoang-Nam Nguyen IB/ehca: Fix AQP0/1 QP number
2007-05-14 Joachim Fenkes IB/ehca: Correctly set GRH mask bit in ehca_modify_qp()
2007-05-14 Stefan Roscher IB/ehca: Serialize hypervisor calls in ehca_register_mr()
2007-05-14 Arthur Jones IB/ipath: Shadow the gpio_mask register
2007-05-14 Jack Morgenstein IB/mlx4: Fix uninitialized spinlock for 32-bit archs
2007-05-14 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2007-05-14 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2007-05-14 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2007-05-14 Stephen Rothwell Declare another couple of compat syscalls.
2007-05-14 Dave Jones MAINTAINERS update.
2007-05-14 Thomas Gleixner timekeeping fix patch got mis-applied
2007-05-14 Nicolas Pitre pxamci: fix PXA27x MMC workaround for bad CRC with...
2007-05-14 Pierre Ossman mmc: use assigned major for block device
2007-05-14 Pierre Ossman sdhci: handle dma boundary interrupts