2015-11-05 Frank Chen video: tegra: host: Add CSI-E/F settings for T210
2015-11-05 Michael Hsu net: wireless: bcmdhd_88: Add custom scan policy.
2015-11-05 Michael Hsu net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix country code map mem leak
2015-11-05 Michael Hsu net: sched: Enhanced Tegra Network Device Queue packet...
2015-11-04 Sai Gurrappadi drivers: tegra: EMC floor control for userland
2015-11-04 Ravindra Lokhande video: tegra: hda: add missing return
2015-11-04 Daniel Solomon platform: tegra: add new panel_cy8c param
2015-11-04 Daniel Solomon arm64: configs: t210: Enable TEGRA_PANEL_CY8C
2015-11-04 Daniel Solomon video: tegra: dc: fix changing min refresh rate
2015-11-03 Jonathan McCaffrey dc: mode : choose VRR native mode h&v ref_to_sync
2015-11-03 Daniel Solomon ARM: tegra210: hawkeye: add support for display uC
2015-11-03 Daniel Solomon platform: tegra: add cy8c_panel driver
2015-11-03 Mitch Luban arm: tegra: enable Tegra WDT for T124
2015-11-03 Anubhav jain arm64: DT: Disable periodic calibration for SD
2015-11-02 Venkat Reddy... ARM64: dts: disable ldo4 rail discharge on PMIC
2015-11-02 Laxman Dewangan regulator: max77620: add support for enable/disable...
2015-11-02 Laxman Dewangan regulator: core: add support for active discharge enabl...
2015-11-02 Venkat Reddy... extcon: palmas: do not check for id detect on vbus...
2015-11-02 Arto Merilainen video: tegra: host: Rework nvhost_vm
2015-11-02 Neil Chen arm64: jetson-cv: disable ldo6
2015-11-02 TW Chiu clock: tegra21: fix a warning message
2015-11-01 Shylender Gaddamwar iio: proximity: SAR Stable Setting V1.2.3
2015-10-31 BH Hsieh arm64: dts: hawkeye: add missing regurators
2015-10-31 Mohan Thadikamalla bcmdhd: Add cfg80211 vendor command support
2015-10-31 Om Prakash... net: wireless: bcmdhd_88: disable VSDB_BW_ALLOCATE_ENABLE
2015-10-31 Harry Lin arm: dts: TN8: set KCL brightness level
2015-10-31 Prafull Suryawanshi video: tegra: hdmi: increase the hpd dropout time
2015-10-31 Gagan Grover ARM: tegra12: config: enable SECCOMP
2015-10-30 Aly Hirani video: tegra: dc: Expose HDCP through DT
2015-10-30 sujeet baranwal gpu: nvgpu: Avoid resetting CDE flag
2015-10-30 Amith Ramachandra tegra-se: Unregister algs support from tegra-se
2015-10-30 Aaron Huang misc: uid_cputime: fix access permission of sysfs
2015-10-30 Aaron Huang tegra21_android_defconfig: enable uid_cputime
2015-10-29 Martin Gao Revert "bcmdhd: Change directory for wifi_mac.txt to...
2015-10-27 Leo He ARM: tegra: correct sense res value of VDD_USB_5V0
2015-10-27 Daniel Dworakowski video: tegra: dc: Add begin and end tracing
2015-10-27 David Pu input: touch: sharp: update to version 17.
2015-10-24 Srinivas Ramachandran bcmdhd: Change directory for wifi_mac.txt to /factory...
2015-10-24 Erik Lilliebjerg iio: common: NVS v209 common timestamps
2015-10-23 Sudhir Vyas video: tegra: camera: Change max_lane_speed to u64
2015-10-23 Asha T ASoC: Tegra: rt5639: Fix pop during power-off
2015-10-23 Vidya Sagar arm64: t210: enable realtek NIC driver
2015-10-23 Vidya Sagar arm64: t210: ksavedefconfig formatted output
2015-10-23 Aly Hirani video: tegra: dc: fallback to HDCP 1.x
2015-10-23 Michael Hsu net: bcmdhd: Fix DT unregister
2015-10-23 Michael Hsu net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix compilation warnings
2015-10-23 Srinivas Anne asoc: es755: fix for skype double talk issue
2015-10-23 Aaron Bartholomew hawkeye: enable nvtouch; default mode vendor only
2015-10-23 Arun Swain video: tegra: Fix hdmi 2.0 length masking error
2015-10-23 Arun Swain tegra: dc: Add hdr support
2015-10-23 Arun Swain tegra: dc: ext: Add TEGRA_DC_EXT_FLIP4 support
2015-10-23 Arun Swain video: tegra: hdmi: Add HDR notification support
2015-10-23 Arun Swain tegra: dc :hdmi: Add CEA 861.3 support
2015-10-22 Hayden Du arm64: t210: disable cluster switch for t210.
2015-10-22 Krishna Reddy platform: tegra: mc: handle dec and sec mc err combo
2015-10-21 Leo He rtc: max77620: remove buffer update for RTCINT reg...
2015-10-21 Amit Sharma... arm64: tegra21: Increase VPR memory
2015-10-21 BH Hsieh misc: tegra-baseband: fix coverity defect
2015-10-21 Terje Bergstrom Revert "gpu: nvgpu: WAR for bad GPFIFO entries from...
2015-10-21 Suresh Mangipudi USB: tegra: support for parsing skip_resume
2015-10-21 Suresh Mangipudi ARM: tegra: dts: enable skip resume flag
2015-10-21 Srinivas Ramachandran arm64: tegra210: dts: Map US/CA/IN to use Country code...
2015-10-20 Prafull Suryawanshi Revert "arm: tegra: no need to reserve fbmem"
2015-10-20 Prafull Suryawanshi Revert "video: tegra: dc: manage alloc/release framebuf...
2015-10-20 Aly Hirani video: tegra: dc: Fix build break with OF_DC_DEBUG
2015-10-20 Srinivas Ramachandran Re-order bus header field before payload msg
2015-10-20 Gaurav Sarode arm64: jetson: add chosen node for EEPROM
2015-10-20 Deepak Nibade gpu: nvgpu: fix pbdma intr handling
2015-10-20 Ankita Garg loki: dts: Enable touch on loki-e
2015-10-19 Kerwin Wan arm64: tegra: update jetson_e emc dvfs to v983
2015-10-19 Kerwin Wan Revert "loki:foster: emc update to 983 v11"
2015-10-19 Sameer Pujar ASoC: Codec: fix headset-mic issue
2015-10-17 Erik Lilliebjerg iio: light: CM3217 index fix.
2015-10-17 Erik Lilliebjerg arm: boot: dts: SB ALS calibration
2015-10-17 Robert Collins config: Add NVS drivers
2015-10-17 Robert Collins dts: Sensors: Add NVS sensor drivers
2015-10-17 Vidya Sagar pcie: host: tegra: adds pad powerdown programming
2015-10-17 Xiao Bo Zhao configs: tegra21_android_defconfig: add net sch
2015-10-17 Michael Hsu net: sched: Tegra Network Device Queue packet schedulin...
2015-10-17 Eric Miao arm: tegra: no need to reserve fbmem
2015-10-17 Eric Miao video: tegra: dc: manage alloc/release framebuffer...
2015-10-17 Eric Miao printk: add loglevel for messages from /dev/kmsg
2015-10-16 Arun Swain arm: tegra: dts: cmu: Tune LUT2 params
2015-10-16 Animesh Kishore video: tegra: edid: Fix corrupted header
2015-10-16 Animesh Kishore video: modedb: Fix vga timings
2015-10-16 Prafull Suryawanshi video: tegra: dc: Do not NULL _sd_brightness.
2015-10-15 David DSH loki:foster: emc update to 983 v11
2015-10-15 Kerwin Wan arm64: tegra: jetson_cv: update emc table to v7
2015-10-15 Sang-Hun Lee arm64: p2894: add a bring up memory table
2015-10-15 Daniel Fu media: nec-decoder: remove trailer_space state
2015-10-15 Daniel Fu media: rc: extend the margin for nec decoder
2015-10-15 Daniel Fu media: rc: Add auto-correct for nec decoder
2015-10-14 Alex Frid dvfs: tegra21: Integrate CPU DVFS tables p4v54
2015-10-14 Kerwin Wan arm64: tegra: jetson_cv: disable INA on CVM by default
2015-10-14 Prafull Suryawanshi video: tegra: dsi: limit dsi sync timeout.
2015-10-14 Prafull Suryawanshi video: tegra: dsi: attempt retry for dsi write fail
2015-10-14 Sai Gurrappadi cpuquiet: Tweak runnable governor threshold
2015-10-14 Sai Gurrappadi sched: Move CFS tasks to CPUs with higher capacity
2015-10-09 Laxman Dewangan mfd: max77620: add support for configuring low-battery...
2015-10-09 Somdutta Roy ARM: dts: enable id detection on vbus interrupt