ima: allocating iint improvements
[linux-3.10.git] / security / yama
2012-09-07 Kees Cook Yama: handle 32-bit userspace prctl
2012-09-05 Kees Cook security: allow Yama to be unconditionally stacked
2012-08-10 Kees Cook Yama: higher restrictions should block PTRACE_TRACEME
2012-05-15 Kees Cook Yama: replace capable() with ns_capable()
2012-04-23 Dan Carpenter Yama: remove an unused variable
2012-04-19 Kees Cook Yama: add additional ptrace scopes
2012-02-15 Kees Cook Yama: add PR_SET_PTRACER_ANY
2012-02-09 Kees Cook security: Yama LSM