[UDP]: Fix AF-specific references in AF-agnostic code.
[linux-3.10.git] / net /
2007-05-11 David S. Miller [UDP]: Fix AF-specific references in AF-agnostic code.
2007-05-11 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [IPV6] ROUTE: Assign rt6i_idev for ip6_{prohibit,blk_ho...
2007-05-11 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [IPV6]: Do no rely on skb->dst before it is assigned.
2007-05-11 David L Stevens [IPV6]: Send ICMPv6 error on scope violations.
2007-05-11 Vlad Yasevich [SCTP]: Do not include ABORT chunk header in the notifi...
2007-05-11 Vlad Yasevich [SCTP]: Correctly copy addresses in sctp_copy_laddrs
2007-05-11 Vlad Yasevich [SCTP]: Prevent OOPS if hmac modules didn't load
2007-05-11 Herbert Xu [NET] link_watch: Always schedule urgent events
2007-05-11 Herbert Xu [NET] link_watch: Eliminate potential delay on wrap...
2007-05-11 Krishna Kumar [NET_SCHED]: teql_enqueue can check limits before skb...
2007-05-11 Geert Uytterhoeven [MAC80211]: include <linux/delay.h> instead of <asm...
2007-05-11 Herbert Xu [NET]: Remove link_watch delay for up even when we...
2007-05-11 Herbert Xu [NET] link_watch: Move link watch list into net_device
2007-05-11 Marcel Holtmann [Bluetooth] Switch to using input_dev->dev.parent
2007-05-10 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git390.osdl.marist...
2007-05-10 David Howells AF_RXRPC: reduce debugging noise
2007-05-10 Martin Schwidefsky [S390] Kconfig: no wireless on s390.
2007-05-10 Martin Schwidefsky [S390] Kconfig: unwanted menus for s390.
2007-05-09 Jeff Garzik Merge branch 'upstream' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2007-05-09 Peter Zijlstra sunrpc: fix crash in rpc_malloc()
2007-05-09 Chuck Lever SUNRPC: Fix pointer arithmetic bug recently introduced...
2007-05-09 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/bunk/trivial
2007-05-09 Rafael J. Wysocki Add suspend-related notifications for CPU hotplug
2007-05-09 NeilBrown knfsd: simplify a 'while' condition in svcsock.c
2007-05-09 Wei Yongjun knfsd: rpcgss: RPC_GSS_PROC_ DESTROY request will get...
2007-05-09 Frank Filz knfsd: fix resource leak resulting in module refcount...
2007-05-09 NeilBrown knfsd: rpc: fix server-side wrapping of krb5i replies
2007-05-09 Akinobu Mita sunrpc: fix error path in module_init
2007-05-09 Jeff Layton RPC: add wrapper for svc_reserve to account for checksum
2007-05-09 NeilBrown knfsd: rename sk_defer_lock to sk_lock
2007-05-09 Oleg Nesterov unify flush_work/flush_work_keventd and rename it to...
2007-05-09 Oleg Nesterov ipvs: flush defense_work before module unload
2007-05-09 Michael Opdenacker Fix occurrences of "the the "
2007-05-09 David Sterba Fix trivial typos in Kconfig* files
2007-05-08 Geert Uytterhoeven Fix sunrpc warning noise
2007-05-08 Randy Dunlap header cleaning: don't include smp_lock.h when not...
2007-05-08 Eric Dumazet VFS: delay the dentry name generation on sockets and...
2007-05-08 Larry Finger [PATCH] ieee80211: include frequency in scan results
2007-05-08 Larry Finger [PATCH] ieee80211: add ieee80211_channel_to_freq
2007-05-08 Linus Torvalds Fix bluetooth HCI sysfs compile
2007-05-07 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2007-05-07 Christoph Lameter slab allocators: Remove SLAB_DEBUG_INITIAL flag
2007-05-07 Ivo van Doorn [NET]: rfkill: add support for input key to control...
2007-05-07 Josef 'Jeff' Sipek [NET] net/core: Fix error handling
2007-05-07 David S. Miller Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/holtmann/bluetooth-2.6
2007-05-06 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/sam/kbuild
2007-05-05 Jiri Benc [MAC80211]: Add debugfs attributes.
2007-05-05 Jiri Benc [MAC80211]: Add mac80211 wireless stack.
2007-05-05 Heiko Carstens [AF_IUCV]: Compile fix - adopt to skbuff changes.
2007-05-05 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git.linux-nfs.org/pub/linux/nfs-2.6
2007-05-04 Marcel Holtmann [Bluetooth] Disconnect L2CAP connection after last...
2007-05-04 Marcel Holtmann [Bluetooth] Check that device is in rfcomm_dev_list...
2007-05-04 Marcel Holtmann [Bluetooth] Use in-kernel sockets API
2007-05-04 Marcel Holtmann [Bluetooth] Attach host adapters to the Bluetooth bus
2007-05-04 Marcel Holtmann [Bluetooth] Fix L2CAP and HCI setsockopt() information...
2007-05-04 Vlad Yasevich [SCTP]: Set assoc_id correctly during INIT collision.
2007-05-04 Sridhar Samudrala [SCTP]: Re-order SCTP initializations to avoid race...
2007-05-04 Vlad Yasevich [SCTP]: Fix the SO_REUSEADDR handling to be similar...
2007-05-04 Vlad Yasevich [SCTP]: Verify all destination ports in sctp_connectx.
2007-05-04 Jamal Hadi Salim [XFRM] SPD info TLV aggregation
2007-05-04 Jamal Hadi Salim [XFRM] SAD info TLV aggregationx
2007-05-04 David Howells [AF_RXRPC]: Sort out MTU handling.
2007-05-04 Heiko Carstens [AF_IUCV/IUCV] : Add missing section annotations
2007-05-04 Jennifer Hunt [AF_IUCV]: Implementation of a skb backlog queue
2007-05-04 Patrick McHardy [NETLINK]: Remove bogus BUG_ON
2007-05-04 Srinivas Aji [TCP]: zero out rx_opt in tcp_disconnect()
2007-05-03 Pavel Emelianov [NET]: Rework dev_base via list_head (v3)
2007-05-03 Ilpo Järvinen [TCP] Highspeed: Limited slow-start is nowadays in...
2007-05-03 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: bridge netfilter: consolidate header pushi...
2007-05-03 Herbert Xu [NETFILTER]: sip: Fix RTP address NAT
2007-05-03 Jorge Boncompte [NETFILTER]: nf_nat_proto_gre: do not modify/corrupt...
2007-05-03 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: ipt_DNAT: accept port randomization option
2007-05-03 Patrick McHardy [NET]: Add __dev_getfirstbyhwtype
2007-05-03 Patrick McHardy [NETLINK]: Fix use after free in netlink_recvmsg
2007-05-03 Herbert Xu [NETLINK]: Kill CB only when socket is unused
2007-05-03 Robert P. J. Day [TCP]: Delete unused header file net/ipv4/tcp_yeah.h.
2007-05-03 David Howells [AFS/AF_RXRPC]: Miscellaneous fixes.
2007-05-02 Alexander E. Patrakov kconfig: fix path to modules.txt in Kconfig help
2007-05-02 J. Bruce Fields... spkm3: initialize hash
2007-05-02 J. Bruce Fields... spkm3: remove bad kfree, unnecessary export
2007-05-02 J. Bruce Fields... spkm3: fix spkm3's use of hmac
2007-05-01 Chuck Lever SUNRPC: RPC client should retry with different versions...
2007-05-01 Chuck Lever SUNRPC: remove old portmapper
2007-05-01 Chuck Lever SUNRPC: switch the RPC server to use the new rpcbind...
2007-05-01 Chuck Lever SUNRPC: switch socket-based RPC transports to use rpcbind
2007-05-01 Chuck Lever SUNRPC: introduce rpcbind: replacement for in-kernel...
2007-05-01 Chuck Lever SUNRPC: Eliminate side effects from rpc_malloc
2007-05-01 Chuck Lever SUNRPC: RPC buffer size estimates are too large
2007-04-30 David S. Miller [UDP]: Do not allow specific bind when wildcard bind...
2007-04-30 David S. Miller [IPV4] UDP: Fix endianness bugs in hashing changes.
2007-04-30 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2007-04-30 Mitsuru Chinen [IPV4] SNMP: Support OutMcastPkts and OutBcastPkts
2007-04-30 Mitsuru Chinen [IPV4] SNMP: Support InMcastPkts and InBcastPkts
2007-04-30 Mitsuru Chinen [IPV4] SNMP: Support InTruncatedPkts
2007-04-30 Mitsuru Chinen [IPV4] SNMP: Support InNoRoutes
2007-04-30 Ilpo Järvinen [TCP] FRTO: RFC4138 allows Nagle override when new...
2007-04-30 Ilpo Järvinen [TCP] FRTO: Delay skb available check until it's mandatory
2007-04-30 Masahide NAKAMURA [XFRM]: Restrict upper layer information by bundle.
2007-04-30 Eric Dumazet [PATCH] INET : IPV4 UDP lookups converted to a 2 pass...
2007-04-29 Martin Schwidefsky [AF_IUCV/IUCV]: smp_call_function deadlock