nl80211: add support for mcs masks
[linux-3.10.git] / net / wireless / nl80211.c
2012-01-30 Simon Wunderlich nl80211: add support for mcs masks
2012-01-27 Chun-Yeow Yeoh {nl,cfg,mac}80211: Add support of setting non-forwardin...
2012-01-27 Johannes Berg cfg80211: fix a few -Wshadow warnings
2012-01-11 Johannes Berg nl80211: fix old station flags compatibility
2011-12-19 Paul Stewart cfg80211: Return beacon loss count in station
2011-12-15 Johannes Berg cfg80211: validate nl80211 station handling better
2011-12-15 Johannes Berg nl80211: add TDLS peer flag to policy
2011-12-14 Johannes Berg nl80211: accept testmode dump with netdev
2011-12-06 Alexander Simon nl80211: Parse channel type attribute in an ibss join...
2011-12-02 John W. Linville Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2011-12-02 David S. Miller Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/net
2011-11-28 Thomas Pedersen {nl,cfg,mac}80211: implement dot11MeshHWMPperrMinInterval
2011-11-28 Chun-Yeow Yeoh {nl,cfg,mac}80211: Allow Setting Multicast Rate in...
2011-11-28 Simon Wunderlich wireless: Add NoAck per tid support
2011-11-28 Eliad Peller nl80211: fix MAC address validation
2011-11-21 Ben Greear wireless: Support ht-capabilities over-rides.
2011-11-21 Johannes Berg nl80211: make get_vlan logic more common
2011-11-21 Johannes Berg cfg80211: add flags for off-channel capabilities
2011-11-21 Kalle Valo nl80211: add testmode to the list of supported commands
2011-11-21 Luis R. Rodriguez cfg80211: process regulatory DFS region for countries
2011-11-11 Arik Nemtsov nl80211: Pass probe response data to drivers
2011-11-11 Arik Nemtsov nl80211: Add probe response offload attribute
2011-11-11 Johannes Berg nl80211: fix compiler warning
2011-11-09 Johannes Berg nl80211: advertise socket TX status capability
2011-11-09 Johannes Berg cfg80211/mac80211: allow management TX to not wait...
2011-11-09 Johannes Berg cfg80211: add event for unexpected 4addr frames
2011-11-09 Johannes Berg cfg80211: allow registering to beacons
2011-11-09 Johannes Berg nl80211: add API to probe a client
2011-11-09 Johannes Berg nl80211: advertise device AP SME
2011-11-09 Johannes Berg nl80211: allow subscribing to unexpected class3 frames
2011-11-09 Jouni Malinen nl80211: Increase maximum NL80211_ATTR_KEY_SEQ length...
2011-11-09 John W. Linville Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2011-11-08 Johannes Berg nl80211: clean up genlmsg_end uses
2011-11-07 Johannes Berg cfg80211: allow setting TXQ parameters only in AP mode
2011-11-07 Johannes Berg nl80211: fix HT capability attribute validation
2011-10-14 Helmut Schaa nl80211: Add sta_flags to the station info
2011-09-30 Arik Nemtsov nl80211/mac80211: allow adding TDLS peers as stations
2011-09-30 Arik Nemtsov nl80211: support sending TDLS commands/frames
2011-09-30 Johannes Berg cfg80211/mac80211: apply station uAPSD parameters selec...
2011-09-28 John W. Linville Merge branch 'master' of git://
2011-09-27 Arik Nemtsov mac80211: treat the WME sta flag as a bit
2011-09-27 Eliad Peller cfg80211/mac80211: add netdev param to set_txq_params()
2011-09-27 Rajkumar Manoharan nl80211/cfg80211: Add support to disable CCK rate for...
2011-09-27 Jouni Malinen cfg80211: Validate cipher suite against supported ciphers
2011-09-27 Jouni Malinen cfg80211: Remove strict validation of AKM suites
2011-09-21 Jouni Malinen cfg80211: Fix validation of AKM suites
2011-09-19 Jouni Malinen cfg80211/nl80211: Add PMKSA caching candidate event
2011-09-19 Johannes Berg cfg80211: validate IBSS BSSID
2011-09-14 Johannes Berg cfg80211: verify format of uAPSD information
2011-09-13 Luciano Coelho nl80211/cfg80211: add match filtering for sched_scan
2011-09-13 Eliad Peller nl80211/cfg80211: add WIPHY_FLAG_AP_UAPSD flag
2011-09-13 Vivek Natarajan cfg80211/nl80211: Indicate roaming feature capability...
2011-08-26 Eliad Peller nl80211/cfg80211: add STA WME parameters
2011-08-24 Javier Cardona {nl,cfg,mac}80211: let userspace make meshif mesh gate
2011-08-24 Javier Cardona {nl,cfg,mac}80211: let userspace set RANN interval
2011-08-24 Javier Cardona {nl,mac}80211: add missing root mode meshconf entries
2011-08-12 Jouni Malinen nl80211/cfg80211: Add extra IE configuration to AP...
2011-08-12 Jouni Malinen nl80211/cfg80211: Add crypto settings into NEW_BEACON
2011-08-12 Jouni Malinen nl80211/cfg80211: Allow SSID to be specified in new...
2011-08-11 Jouni Malinen nl80211/cfg80211: Make addition of new sinfo fields...
2011-08-11 Felix Fietkau cfg80211: fix a crash in nl80211_send_station
2011-08-10 Jouni Malinen cfg80211/nl80211: Send AssocReq IEs to user space in...
2011-08-10 Jouni Malinen nl80211: Indicate driver-based offchannel TX on mgmt_tx...
2011-08-01 Dan Carpenter cfg80211: off by one in nl80211_trigger_scan()
2011-07-20 Johannes Berg cfg80211: fix scan crash on single-band cards
2011-07-19 Johannes Berg cfg80211: allow userspace to control supported rates...
2011-07-15 Luciano Coelho nl80211/cfg80211: add max_sched_scan_ie_len in the...
2011-07-15 Luciano Coelho nl80211/cfg80211: add max_sched_scan_ssids in the hw...
2011-07-15 Johannes Berg nl80211: advertise GTK rekey support, new triggers
2011-07-14 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2011-07-11 John W. Linville Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2011-07-06 Johannes Berg cfg80211/nl80211: support GTK rekey offload
2011-07-05 Luciano Coelho cfg80211: fix deadlock with rfkill/sched_scan by adding...
2011-06-28 John W. Linville Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2011-06-27 Arik Nemtsov mac80211: fix rx->key NULL dereference during mic failure
2011-06-22 Johannes Berg nl80211: use netlink consistent dump feature for BSS...
2011-06-21 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2011-06-10 John W. Linville Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2011-06-07 Luciano Coelho nl80211: fix overflow in ssid_len
2011-06-01 Luis R. Rodriguez cfg80211: skip disabled channels on channel survey
2011-06-01 Wey-Yi Guy nl80211: add testmode dump support
2011-05-26 Luciano Coelho nl80211: fix check for valid SSID size in scan operations
2011-05-19 Luciano Coelho nl80211: remove some stack variables in trigger_scan...
2011-05-16 Javier Cardona nl80211: Move peer link state definition to nl80211
2011-05-16 Johannes Berg cfg80211: advertise possible interface combinations
2011-05-12 Johannes Berg cfg80211: restrict AP beacon intervals
2011-05-11 Luciano Coelho cfg80211/nl80211: add interval attribute for scheduled...
2011-05-11 Luciano Coelho cfg80211/nl80211: add support for scheduled scans
2011-05-11 Javier Cardona mac80211: allow setting supported rates on mesh peers
2011-05-11 Thomas Pedersen nl80211: allow setting MFP flag for a meshif
2011-05-11 Thomas Pedersen nl80211: allow installing keys for a meshif
2011-05-11 Javier Cardona nl80211: Let userspace drive the peer link management...
2011-05-11 Javier Cardona nl80211: Introduce NL80211_MESH_SETUP_USERSPACE_AMPE
2011-05-05 Johannes Berg nl80211/cfg80211: WoWLAN support
2011-05-05 Jouni Malinen nl80211: Fix set_key regression with some drivers
2011-04-12 Mohammed Shafi Sha... {mac|nl}80211: Add station connected time
2011-04-12 Javier Cardona nl80211: New notification to discover mesh peer candidates.
2011-04-12 Javier Cardona nl80211/mac80211: Perform PLINK_ACTION on new station
2011-04-12 Javier Cardona nl80211/mac80211: let userspace authenticate stations
2011-04-12 Javier Cardona cfg80211/nl80211: Add userspace authentication flag...