ipv4: tcp: set unicast_sock uc_ttl to -1
[linux-3.10.git] / net / sched / sch_drr.c
2012-05-11 Eric Dumazet net_sched: update bstats in dequeue()
2012-04-01 David S. Miller pkt_sched: Stop using NLA_PUT*().
2011-01-21 Eric Dumazet net_sched: accurate bytes/packets stats/rates
2011-01-11 Eric Dumazet net_sched: factorize qdisc stats handling
2010-10-21 Changli Gao net_sched: remove the unused parameter of qdisc_create_...
2010-03-30 Tejun Heo include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to...
2009-10-07 Eric Dumazet pkt_sched: gen_estimator: Dont report fake rate estimators
2009-09-17 Jarek Poplawski pkt_sched: Fix qstats.qlen updating in dump_stats
2009-08-18 Eric Dumazet net: restore gnet_stats_basic to previous definition
2009-03-16 Jarek Poplawski pkt_sched: Change misleading code in class delete.
2009-02-27 Jarek Poplawski pkt_sched: sch_drr: Fix oops in drr_change_class.
2008-11-26 Stephen Hemminger tc: check for errors in gen_rate_estimator creation
2008-11-24 Patrick McHardy pkt_sched: sch_drr: fix drr_dequeue loop()
2008-11-21 Jarek Poplawski pkt_sched: sch_drr: Fix qlen in drr_drop()
2008-11-20 Patrick McHardy pkt_sched: remove unnecessary xchg() in packet schedulers
2008-11-20 Patrick McHardy pkt_sched: add DRR scheduler