mac80211: assign VLAN channel contexts
[linux-3.10.git] / net / mac80211 / ieee80211_i.h
2013-01-03 Johannes Berg mac80211: assign VLAN channel contexts
2013-01-03 Stanislaw Gruszka mac80211: fix ibss scanning
2012-12-06 John W. Linville Merge branch 'for-john' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2012-11-30 Johannes Berg mac80211: make ieee80211_build_preq_ies safer
2012-11-27 Johannes Berg mac80211: support VHT association
2012-11-26 John W. Linville Merge branch 'for-john' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2012-11-26 Johannes Berg mac80211: convert to channel definition struct
2012-11-26 Johannes Berg cfg80211: remove remain-on-channel channel type
2012-11-23 Johannes Berg mac80211: rename IEEE80211_STA_DISABLE_11N to HT
2012-11-21 John W. Linville Merge branch 'for-john' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2012-11-21 John W. Linville Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2012-11-18 David S. Miller Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/net
2012-11-13 Thomas Pedersen mac80211: support RX_FLAG_MACTIME_END
2012-11-10 Felix Fietkau mac80211: call skb_dequeue/ieee80211_free_txskb instead...
2012-11-06 Johannes Berg mac80211: pass P2P powersave parameters to driver
2012-10-30 Johannes Berg mac80211: use a counter for remain-on-channel cookie
2012-10-30 Johannes Berg mac80211: handle TX power per virtual interface
2012-10-19 Marco Porsch mac80211: make client powersave independent of interfac...
2012-10-18 Johannes Berg mac80211: remove unimplemented mesh vendor sync
2012-10-18 Sam Leffler mac80211: add support for tx to abort low priority...
2012-10-17 Mahesh Palivela mac80211: VHT peer STA caps
2012-10-17 Ashok Nagarajan mac80211: move out the non-statistics variable estab_pl...
2012-10-17 Jouni Malinen mac80211: Allow station mode SAE to be implemented...
2012-10-17 Jouni Malinen mac80211: Take status code as parameter to ieee80211_se...
2012-10-17 Johannes Berg mac80211: track needed RX chains for channel contexts
2012-10-17 Johannes Berg mac80211: use channel contexts
2012-10-16 Johannes Berg mac80211: track whether to use channel contexts
2012-10-16 Michal Kazior mac80211: introduce channel context skeleton code
2012-09-14 Johannes Berg mac80211: handle power constraint/country IE better
2012-09-11 Johannes Berg mac80211: remove unneeded CONFIG_PM ifdef
2012-09-07 Antonio Quartulli mac80211: move ieee80211_send_deauth_disassoc outside...
2012-09-06 Johannes Berg mac80211: check power constraint IE size when parsing
2012-09-06 Johannes Berg mac80211: disconnect if channel switch fails
2012-09-06 Johannes Berg mac80211: don't hang on to sched_scan_ies
2012-08-20 Johannes Berg mac80211: pass channel to ieee80211_send_probe_req
2012-08-20 Johannes Berg mac80211: support P2P Device abstraction
2012-08-20 Johannes Berg mac80211: make ieee80211_beacon_connection_loss_work...
2012-08-20 Johannes Berg mac80211: check size of channel switch IE when parsing
2012-08-20 Eyal Shapira mac80211: avoid using synchronize_rcu in ieee80211_set_...
2012-07-31 Johannes Berg mac80211: use correct channel in TX
2012-07-31 Johannes Berg mac80211: fix current vs. operating channel in preq...
2012-07-31 Eliad Peller mac80211: add PS flag to bss_conf
2012-07-31 Mahesh Palivela mac80211: VHT (11ac) association
2012-07-13 Johannes Berg Revert "mac80211: refactor virtual monitor code"
2012-07-12 Johannes Berg mac80211: add time synchronisation with BSS for assoc
2012-07-12 Johannes Berg mac80211: redesign scan RX
2012-07-12 Johannes Berg mac80211: track scheduled scan virtual interface
2012-07-12 Johannes Berg mac80211: make scan_sdata pointer usable with RCU
2012-07-12 Johannes Berg cfg80211: use wireless_dev for interface management
2012-07-09 Johannes Berg cfg80211: use wdev in mgmt-tx/ROC APIs
2012-07-02 Mahesh Palivela mac80211: include VHT capability IE in probe requests
2012-06-29 Michal Kazior mac80211: refactor virtual monitor code
2012-06-28 Johannes Berg mac80211: don't expose ieee80211_add_srates_ie()
2012-06-26 Johannes Berg mac80211: make __ieee80211_recalc_idle static
2012-06-24 Johannes Berg mac80211: clean up debugging
2012-06-20 Will Hawkins mac80211: Track auth frame registrations on IBSS ifaces
2012-06-20 Yoni Divinsky mac80211: save wmm_acm per sdata
2012-06-18 Arik Nemtsov mac80211: set only VO as a U-APSD enabled AC
2012-06-18 Arik Nemtsov mac80211: stop Rx during HW reconfig
2012-06-06 Johannes Berg mac80211: unify SW/offload remain-on-channel
2012-06-05 Johannes Berg mac80211: simplify association HT parameters
2012-05-14 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2012-05-10 Joe Perches mac80211: Convert compare_ether_addr to ether_addr_equal
2012-05-09 Ashok Nagarajan mac80211: Advertise HT protection mode in IEs
2012-05-08 David S. Miller Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/net
2012-04-24 Felix Fietkau mac80211: rename AP variable num_sta_authorized to...
2012-04-24 Eliad Peller mac80211: call ieee80211_mgd_stop() on interface stop
2012-04-23 Ben Greear mac80211: Support on-channel scan option.
2012-04-13 Mohammed Shafi Sha... mac80211: remove ieee80211_rx_bss_get
2012-04-13 Michal Kazior mac80211: remove usage where possible
2012-04-13 Stanislaw Gruszka mac80211: do not scan and monitor connection in parallel
2012-04-11 Johannes Berg mac80211: add improved HW queue control
2012-04-11 Johannes Berg mac80211: add explicit monitor interface if needed
2012-04-11 Ashok Nagarajan mac80211: Modify sta_get_rates to give basic rates
2012-04-10 Javier Cardona mac80211: Implement mesh synchronization framework
2012-04-10 Johannes Berg mac80211: refuse TX queue configuration on non-QoS HW
2012-04-10 Johannes Berg mac80211: remove queue stop on rate control update
2012-04-10 Johannes Berg mac80211: remove channel type argument from rate_update
2012-04-10 Johannes Berg mac80211: set HT channel before association
2012-04-10 Johannes Berg mac80211: inline ieee80211_add_pending_skbs
2012-04-09 Felix Fietkau mac80211: optimize aggregation session timeout handling
2012-04-09 Johannes Berg wireless: rename ht_info to ht_operation
2012-03-15 Eliad Peller mac80211: make uapsd_* keys per-vif
2012-03-13 Paul Stewart mac80211: Don't let regulatory make us deaf
2012-03-12 Johannes Berg mac80211: simplify wmm check during association
2012-03-12 Johannes Berg mac80211: remove tx_sync
2012-03-07 Paul Stewart mac80211: Filter duplicate IE ids
2012-03-05 Johannes Berg mac80211: combine QoS with other BSS changes
2012-03-05 Felix Fietkau mac80211: use 16 bit alignment for the if_ibss bssid...
2012-02-29 Johannes Berg cfg80211: remove cookies from callbacks
2012-02-27 Johannes Berg mac80211: remove local_to_hw
2012-02-27 Johannes Berg mac80211: fix auth/assoc data & timer leak
2012-02-22 Johannes Berg cfg80211: restructure AP/GO mode API
2012-02-06 Antonio Quartulli cfg80211/mac80211: userspace peer authorization in...
2012-02-06 Johannes Berg mac80211: redesign auth/assoc
2012-01-30 Simon Wunderlich mac80211: add support for mcs masks
2012-01-24 Antonio Quartulli mac80211: In IBSS the DA field of auth frames is differ...
2012-01-04 Mohammed Shafi Sha... mac80211: remove dead code
2011-12-15 Helmut Schaa mac80211: Use appropriate TID for sending BAR, ADDBA...
2011-12-15 Johannes Berg mac80211: reduce station management complexity