net: Put flowi_* prefix on AF independent members of struct flowi
[linux-3.10.git] / net / ipv6 / ip6_fib.c
2010-10-16 Eric Dumazet fib: avoid false sharing on fib_table_hash
2010-06-11 Changli Gao net-next: remove useless union keyword
2010-04-21 Eric Dumazet net: Fix various endianness glitches
2010-04-11 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2010-03-31 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki... ipv6 fib: Use "Sweezle" to optimize addr_bit_test().
2010-03-30 Tejun Heo include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to...
2010-02-18 Alexey Dobriyan ipv6: use standard lists for FIB walks
2010-02-12 Patrick McHardy ipv6: fib: fix crash when changing large fib while...
2010-01-18 Alexey Dobriyan net: spread __net_init, __net_exit
2009-07-31 Neil Horman xfrm: select sane defaults for xfrm[4|6] gc_thresh
2009-01-14 Herbert Xu ipv6: Fix fib6_dump_table walker leak
2008-08-14 Brian Haley netns: Add network namespace argument to rt6_fill_node...
2008-07-26 Ilpo Järvinen net: convert BUG_TRAP to generic WARN_ON
2008-07-22 Stephen Hemminger ipv6: icmp6_dst_gc return change
2008-07-22 Stephen Hemminger ipv6: use kcalloc
2008-07-22 Stephen Hemminger ipv6: use spin_trylock_bh
2008-07-22 Stephen Hemminger ipv6: use round_jiffies
2008-07-22 Stephen Hemminger netns: dont alloc ipv6 fib timer list
2008-07-21 Stephen Hemminger ipv6: use timer pending
2008-06-12 Adrian Bunk net: remove CVS keywords
2008-04-21 Pavel Emelyanov [NETNS]: The ip6_fib_timer can work with garbage on...
2008-04-18 David S. Miller [IPV6]: Fix dangling references on error in fib6_add().
2008-03-25 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [NET] NETNS: Omit sock->sk_net without CONFIG_NET_NS.
2008-03-04 Daniel Lezcano [NETNS][IPV6] rt6_info - move rt6_info structure inside...
2008-03-04 Daniel Lezcano [NETNS][IPV6] rt6_info - make rt6_info accessed as...
2008-03-04 Benjamin Thery [NETNS][IPV6] rt6_stats - make the stats per network...
2008-03-04 Daniel Lezcano [NETNS][IPV6] rt6_stats - dynamically allocate the...
2008-03-04 Benjamin Thery [NETNS][IPV6] ip6_fib - clean node use namespace
2008-03-04 Daniel Lezcano [NETNS][IPV6] ip6_fib - gc timer per namespace
2008-03-04 Daniel Lezcano [NETNS][IPV6] ip6_fib - dynamically allocate gc-timer
2008-03-04 Daniel Lezcano [NETNS][IPV6] ip6_fib - add net to gc timer parameter
2008-03-04 Daniel Lezcano [NETNS][IPV6] ip6_fib - fib6_clean_all handle several...
2008-03-04 Daniel Lezcano [NETNS][IPV6] ip6_fib - make it per network namespace
2008-03-04 Daniel Lezcano [NETNS][IPV6] ip6_fib - dynamically allocate the fib...
2008-03-04 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [IPV6]: Make ndisc_dst_alloc() common for later use.
2008-02-19 Pavel Emelyanov [IPV6]: Use BUG_ON instead of if + BUG in fib6_del_route.
2008-01-28 Denis V. Lunev [NETNS]: Add netns to nl_info structure.
2008-01-28 Daniel Lezcano [NETNS][IPV6]: Make sysctls route per namespace.
2008-01-28 Gui Jianfeng [IPV6]: Remove useless code from fib6_del_route().
2008-01-28 Denis V. Lunev [IPV6]: Always pass a valid nl_info to inet6_rt_notify.
2008-01-28 Daniel Lezcano [IPV6] route6/fib6: Don't panic a kmem_cache_create.
2008-01-28 Daniel Lezcano [IPV6]: Make fib6_init to return an error code.
2008-01-28 Denis V. Lunev [NET]: Modify all rtnetlink methods to only work in...
2007-10-10 Benjamin Thery [IPv6]: use container_of() macro in fib6_clean_node()
2007-07-20 Paul Mundt mm: Remove slab destructors from kmem_cache_create().
2007-05-31 David S. Miller [IPV6]: Fix build warning.
2007-05-31 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [IPV6] ROUTE: No longer handle ::/0 specially.
2007-04-26 Thomas Graf [IPv6]: Use rtnl registration interface
2007-03-26 David S. Miller [IPV6]: Fix routing round-robin locking.
2007-02-11 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2007-02-11 Robert P. J. Day [PATCH] Transform kmem_cache_alloc()+memset(0) -> kmem_...
2007-02-11 Eric Dumazet [IPV6]: Convert ipv6 route to use the new dst_entry...
2007-02-11 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [NET] IPV6: Fix whitespace errors.
2006-12-07 Christoph Lameter [PATCH] slab: remove kmem_cache_t
2006-12-07 Christoph Lameter [PATCH] slab: remove SLAB_ATOMIC
2006-12-03 Al Viro [IPV6]: Misc endianness annotations.
2006-10-22 Thomas Graf [IPv6] fib: initialize tb6_lock in common place to...
2006-09-22 Alexey Dobriyan [NET]: Use SLAB_PANIC
2006-09-22 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [IPV6] ROUTE: Add credits about subtree fixes.
2006-09-22 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [IPV6] ROUTE: Purge clones on other trees when deleting...
2006-09-22 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [IPV6] ROUTE: Put SUBTREE() as FIB6_SUBTREE() into...
2006-09-22 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [IPV6] ROUTE: Allow searching subtree only.
2006-09-22 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [IPV6] ROUTE: Make sure we do not exceed args in fib6_l...
2006-09-22 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [IPV6] ROUTE: Fix looking up a route on subtree.
2006-09-22 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [IPV6] ROUTE: Prune clones from main tree as well.
2006-09-22 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [IPV6] ROUTE: Make sure we have fn->leaf when adding...
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [IPv6] route: FIB6 configuration using struct fib6_config
2006-09-22 Adrian Bunk [IPV6] ip6_fib.c: make code static
2006-09-22 Patrick McHardy [IPV6]: Increase number of possible routing tables...
2006-09-22 Adrian Bunk [NET]: Make code static.
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [IPV6]: Policy Routing Rules
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [IPV6]: Multiple Routing Tables
2006-06-30 Jörn Engel Remove obsolete #include <linux/config.h>
2006-03-21 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [IPV6]: ROUTE: Eliminate lock for default route pointer.
2005-11-08 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [IPV6]: Put addr_diff() into common header for future...
2005-09-09 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] timer initialization cleanup: DEFINE_TIMER
2005-08-29 Eric Dumazet [NET]: use __read_mostly on kmem_cache_t , DEFINE_SNMP_...
2005-06-21 Jamal Hadi Salim [IPV6]: V6 route events reported with wrong netlink...
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2 master