misc: nct1008: change overheat enable message
[linux-3.10.git] / include / net / inet_hashtables.h
2013-02-28 Sasha Levin hlist: drop the node parameter from iterators
2013-01-23 Tom Herbert soreuseport: TCP/IPv4 implementation
2012-12-03 Eric Dumazet net: fix sparse endianness warnings on sock_common
2012-11-30 Eric Dumazet net: move inet_dport/inet_num in sock_common
2012-06-20 David S. Miller ipv4: Early TCP socket demux.
2011-07-26 Arun Sharma atomic: use <linux/atomic.h>
2010-10-21 Balazs Scheidler tproxy: fix hash locking issue when using port redirect...
2009-12-09 Eric Dumazet tcp: Fix a connect() race with timewait sockets
2009-11-14 Lucian Adrian Grijincu inet: fix inet_bind_bucket_for_each
2009-10-19 Eric Dumazet inet: rename some inet_sock fields
2009-10-13 Eric Dumazet tcp: replace ehash_size by ehash_mask
2009-06-03 Eric Dumazet net: skb->dst accessors
2009-02-01 Eric Dumazet net: move bsockets outside of read only beginning of...
2009-01-30 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2009-01-28 Eric Dumazet net: wrong test in inet_ehash_locks_alloc()
2009-01-21 Evgeniy Polyakov inet: Allowing more than 64k connections and heavily...
2008-11-24 Eric Dumazet net: Convert TCP/DCCP listening hash tables to use RCU
2008-11-21 Eric Dumazet net: use net_eq() in INET_MATCH and INET_TW_MATCH
2008-11-21 Eric Dumazet net: convert TCP/DCCP ehash rwlocks to spinlocks
2008-11-20 Eric Dumazet net: listening_hash get a spinlock per bucket
2008-11-17 Eric Dumazet net: Convert TCP ...
2008-11-12 Eric Dumazet net: ib_net pointer should depends on CONFIG_NET_NS
2008-10-07 KOVACS Krisztian inet: Don't lookup the socket if there's a socket attac...
2008-10-07 Arnaldo Carvalho... inet_hashtables: Add inet_lookup_skb helpers
2008-06-17 Pavel Emelyanov netns: introduce the net_hash_mix "salt" for hashes
2008-06-17 Pavel Emelyanov inet: add struct net argument to inet_lhashfn
2008-06-17 Pavel Emelyanov inet: add struct net argument to inet_bhashfn
2008-04-18 Pavel Emelyanov [INET]: Uninline the __inet_inherit_port call.
2008-04-18 Pavel Emelyanov [INET]: Drop the inet_inherit_port() call.
2008-03-25 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [NET] NETNS: Omit sock->sk_net without CONFIG_NET_NS.
2008-03-22 Pavel Emelyanov [SOCK]: Add udp_hash member to struct proto.
2008-02-05 Pavel Emelyanov [INET]: Fix accidentally broken inet(6)_hash_connect...
2008-02-03 Arnaldo Carvalho... [SOCK] proto: Add hashinfo member to struct proto
2008-02-01 Pavel Emelyanov [NETNS]: Tcp-v4 sockets per-net lookup.
2008-02-01 Pavel Emelyanov [NETNS]: Make bind buckets live in net namespaces.
2008-02-01 Pavel Emelyanov [INET]: Consolidate inet(6)_hash_connect.
2008-01-28 Eric Dumazet [NET]: prot_inuse cleanups and optimizations
2008-01-28 Pavel Emelyanov [INET]: Uninline the __inet_lookup_established function.
2008-01-28 Pavel Emelyanov [INET]: Uninline the __inet_hash function.
2007-11-26 Pavel Emelyanov [IPV4]: Fix memory leak in inet_hashtables.h when NUMA...
2007-11-11 Eric Dumazet [INET]: Add a missing include <linux/vmalloc.h> to...
2007-11-07 Eric Dumazet [INET]: Remove per bucket rwlock in tcp/dccp ehash...
2007-10-26 Vlad Yasevich [UDP]: Make use of inet_iif() when doing socket lookups.
2007-10-10 Stephen Hemminger [NET]: sparse warning fixes
2007-02-08 Eric Dumazet [NET]: change layout of ehash table
2006-12-07 Christoph Lameter [PATCH] slab: remove kmem_cache_t
2006-09-29 Al Viro [IPV4]: annotate inet_lookup() and friends
2006-09-29 Al Viro [IPV4]: INET_MATCH() annotations
2006-09-22 Herbert Xu [IPV4]: Use network-order dport for all visible inet_lo...
2006-09-22 Herbert Xu [IPV4]: Uninline inet_lookup_listener
2006-04-26 David Woodhouse Don't include linux/config.h from anywhere else in...
2006-01-03 Arnaldo Carvalho... [INET_SOCK]: Move struct inet_sock ...
2006-01-03 Arnaldo Carvalho... [INET]: Generalise tcp_v4_hash_connect
2005-11-05 Stephen Hemminger [TCP/DCCP]: Randomize port selection
2005-10-04 Eric Dumazet [INET]: Shrink struct inet_ehash_bucket on 32 bits UP
2005-10-03 Eric Dumazet [INET]: speedup inet (tcp/dccp) lookups
2005-08-29 Arnaldo Carvalho... [ICSK]: Generalise tcp_listen_{start,stop}
2005-08-29 Arnaldo Carvalho... [NET]: Introduce inet_connection_sock
2005-08-29 Arnaldo Carvalho... [INET]: Generalise the TCP sock ID lookup routines
2005-08-29 Arnaldo Carvalho... [INET]: Generalise tcp_tw_bucket, aka TIME_WAIT sockets
2005-08-29 Arnaldo Carvalho... [INET]: Generalise tcp_v4_lookup_listener
2005-08-29 Arnaldo Carvalho... [INET]: Generalise tcp_v4_hash & tcp_unhash
2005-08-29 Arnaldo Carvalho... [TCP]: Move the tcp sock states to net/tcp_states.h
2005-08-29 Arnaldo Carvalho... [INET]: Generalise the tcp_listen_ lock routines
2005-08-29 Arnaldo Carvalho... [INET]: Move tcp_port_rover to inet_hashinfo
2005-08-29 Arnaldo Carvalho... [INET]: Generalise tcp_bind_hash & tcp_inherit_port
2005-08-29 Arnaldo Carvalho... [INET]: Move the TCP hashtable functions/structs to...
2005-08-29 Arnaldo Carvalho... [INET]: Move the TCP ehash functions to include/net...