BKL: remove extraneous #include <smp_lock.h>
[linux-3.10.git] / include / linux / node.h
2009-12-15 Lee Schermerhorn hugetlb: offload per node attribute registrations
2009-12-15 Lee Schermerhorn hugetlb: add per node hstate attributes
2009-01-06 Gary Hade mm: show node to memory section relationship with symli...
2006-08-27 KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki [PATCH] register_one_node() compile fix
2006-06-28 KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki [PATCH] node hotplug: register cpu: remove node struct
2006-06-28 Yasunori Goto [PATCH] Register sysfs file for hotplugged new node
2005-06-20 Keiichiro Tokunaga [PATCH] Driver core: unregister_node() for hotplug use
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2 master