Merge branch 'next/cam-samsung' of git://
[linux-3.10.git] / include / linux / clk-provider.h
2012-11-30 Olof Johansson Merge branch 'next/cam-samsung' of git://git./linux...
2012-11-15 Igor Mazanov clk: remove inline usage from clk-provider.h
2012-10-29 Stephen Boyd clk: Don't return negative numbers for unsigned values...
2012-10-29 Stephen Boyd clk: Fix documentation typos
2012-10-29 Stephen Boyd clk: Document .is_enabled op
2012-09-08 Shawn Guo clk: add of_clk_src_onecell_get() support
2012-09-07 Ulf Hansson clk: Provide option for clk_get_rate to issue hw for...
2012-07-12 Grant Likely clk: add DT fixed-clock binding support
2012-07-12 Grant Likely clk: add DT clock binding support
2012-07-11 Mark Brown clk: Constify struct clk_init_data
2012-07-11 Rajendra Nayak clk: Add CLK_IS_BASIC flag to identify basic clocks
2012-07-11 Rajendra Nayak clk: Add support for rate table based dividers
2012-05-15 Mark Brown clk: Provide dummy clk_unregister()
2012-05-08 Sascha Hauer clk: add a fixed factor clock
2012-05-02 Saravana Kannan clk: Use a separate struct for holding init data.
2012-04-24 Viresh Kumar clk: Fix typo in comment
2012-04-24 Shawn Guo clk: pass parent_rate into .set_rate
2012-04-24 Mike Turquette clk: basic: improve parent_names & return errors
2012-04-24 Mike Turquette clk: core: copy parent_names & return error codes
2012-04-24 Mark Brown clk: Constify parent name arrays
2012-04-24 Shawn Guo clk: declare clk_ops of basic clks in clk-provider.h
2012-03-16 Mike Turquette clk: basic clock hardware types
2012-03-16 Mike Turquette clk: introduce the common clock framework