nbd: support FLUSH requests
[linux-3.10.git] / include / drm / intel-gtt.h
2013-02-15 Ben Widawsky drm/i915: Fix gen2 mappable calculations
2013-01-31 Ben Widawsky drm/i915: remove intel_gtt structure
2013-01-20 Ben Widawsky agp/intel: Add gma_bus_addr
2013-01-20 Ben Widawsky drm/i915: Needs_dmar, not
2013-01-20 Ben Widawsky drm/i915: Remove scratch page from shared
2013-01-20 Ben Widawsky drm/i915: Cut out the infamous ILK w/a from AGP layer
2012-12-20 Ben Widawsky drm/i915: Move GSM mapping into dev_priv
2012-11-11 Ben Widawsky drm/i915: Kill off now unused gen6+ AGP code
2012-11-11 Ben Widawsky drm/i915: Stop using AGP layer for GEN6+
2012-09-20 Chris Wilson drm/i915: Replace the array of pages with a scatterlist
2012-06-12 Daniel Vetter drm/i915: call intel_enable_gtt
2012-06-12 Daniel Vetter drm/i915 + agp/intel-gtt: prep work for direct setup
2012-06-12 Daniel Vetter drm/i915: stop using dev->agp->base
2012-04-02 Daniel Vetter drm/i915: disable ppgtt on snb when dmar is enabled
2012-02-09 Daniel Vetter agp/intel-gtt: export the gtt pagetable iomapping
2012-02-09 Daniel Vetter agp/intel-gtt: export the scratch page dma address
2011-10-20 Ben Widawsky drm/i915: ILK + VT-d workaround
2010-11-23 Daniel Vetter intel-gtt: export api for drm/i915
2010-11-23 Daniel Vetter drm/i915/gtt: call chipset flush directly
2010-11-23 Daniel Vetter drm/i915|intel-gtt: consolidate intel-gtt.h headers
2010-11-23 Chris Wilson agp/intel: Remove confusion of stolen entries not stole...
2010-09-21 Daniel Vetter intel-gtt: clean up gtt size reporting
2010-09-08 Daniel Vetter drm/i915: die, i915_probe_agp, die
2010-09-08 Daniel Vetter intel-gtt: introduce drm/intel-gtt.h