[UDP]: Fix AF-specific references in AF-agnostic code.
[linux-3.10.git] / fs /
2007-05-11 J. Bruce Fields locks: fix F_GETLK regression (failure to find conflicts)
2007-05-10 Simon Horman Allow compat_ioctl.c to compile without CONFIG_NET
2007-05-10 Randy Dunlap ocfs2: kobject/kset foobar
2007-05-10 David Howells AFS: further write support fixes
2007-05-10 David Howells AFS: write support fixes
2007-05-09 Jesper Juhl NFS: Kill the obsolete NFS_PARANOIA
2007-05-09 Milind Arun Choudhary NFS: use __set_current_state()
2007-05-09 Chuck Lever NFS: Clean up NFSv4 XDR error message
2007-05-09 Chuck Lever NFS: NFS client underestimates how large an NFSv4 SETAT...
2007-05-09 Trond Myklebust NFS: Remove redundant check in nfs_check_verifier()
2007-05-09 Trond Myklebust NFS: Fix a jiffie wraparound issue
2007-05-09 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git.infradead.org/mtd-2.6
2007-05-09 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/bunk/trivial
2007-05-09 Rafael J. Wysocki Add suspend-related notifications for CPU hotplug
2007-05-09 Nate Diller reiserfs: use zero_user_page
2007-05-09 Nate Diller ext3: use zero_user_page
2007-05-09 Nate Diller affs: use zero_user_page
2007-05-09 Nate Diller fs: convert core functions to zero_user_page
2007-05-09 NeilBrown knfsd: avoid Oops if buggy userspace performs confusing...
2007-05-09 NeilBrown knfsd: various nfsd xdr cleanups
2007-05-09 Christoph Hellwig knfsd: trivial makefile cleanup
2007-05-09 NeilBrown knfsd: avoid use of unitialised variables on error...
2007-05-09 Jeff Layton RPC: add wrapper for svc_reserve to account for checksum
2007-05-09 Eric W. Biederman nfsd/nfs4state: remove unnecessary daemonize call
2007-05-09 Peter Staubach The NFSv2/NFSv3 server does not handle zero length...
2007-05-09 Adrian Bunk remove nfs4_acl_add_ace()
2007-05-09 Oleg Nesterov unify flush_work/flush_work_keventd and rename it to...
2007-05-09 Andrew Morton aio: use flush_work()
2007-05-09 David Howells AFS: implement basic file write support
2007-05-09 David Howells AFS: AFS fixups
2007-05-09 Josef 'Jeff' Sipek fs: use path_walk in do_path_lookup
2007-05-09 Josef 'Jeff' Sipek fs: fix indentation in do_path_lookup
2007-05-09 Akinobu Mita use simple_read_from_buffer() in fs/
2007-05-09 Uwe Kleine-K├Ânig fix file specification in comments
2007-05-09 Alexander E. Patrakov Remove obsolete fat_cvf help text
2007-05-09 Michael Opdenacker Fix occurrences of "the the "
2007-05-09 Robert P. J. Day Fix misspellings collected by members of KJ list.
2007-05-09 WANG Cong Style fix in fs/select.c
2007-05-09 Ronni Nielsen fs/libfs.c: >80 columns line break fix
2007-05-09 David Rientjes smaps: only define clear_refs for CONFIG_MMU
2007-05-09 Linus Torvalds Remove suid/sgid bits on [f]truncate()
2007-05-08 Linus Torvalds Merge git://oss.sgi.com:8090/xfs/xfs-2.6
2007-05-08 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-2.6.22' of git://git.kernel.dk/data...
2007-05-08 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2007-05-08 Dmitriy Monakhov udf: possible null pointer dereference while load_partition
2007-05-08 Jan Kara udf: support files larger than 1G
2007-05-08 Jan Kara udf: add assertions
2007-05-08 Jan Kara udf: use get_bh()
2007-05-08 Jan Kara UDF: introduce struct extent_position
2007-05-08 Jan Kara udf: use sector_t and loff_t for file offsets
2007-05-08 Peter Zijlstra nfs: fix congestion control: use atomic_longs
2007-05-08 Ulrich Drepper utimensat implementation
2007-05-08 Jeff Layton inode numbering: change libfs sb creation routines...
2007-05-08 Jeff Layton inode numbering: make static counters in new_inode...
2007-05-08 Alexey Kuznetsov Invalid return value of execve() resulting in oopses
2007-05-08 Akinobu Mita procfs: use simple_read_from_buffer()
2007-05-08 Andreas Schwab Fix error handling in HDIO_GETGEO compat wrapper
2007-05-08 Stephen Mollett udf: decrement correct link count in udf_rmdir
2007-05-08 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: fix VFAT compat ioctls on 64-bit systems
2007-05-08 Jan Kara ext3: copy i_flags to inode flags on write
2007-05-08 OGAWA Hirofumi fat: don't use free_clusters for fat32
2007-05-08 Milind Arun Choudhary reiserfs: use __set_current_state()
2007-05-08 Pavel Emelianov jbd: check for error returned by kthread_create on...
2007-05-08 Miklos Szeredi check privileges before setting mount propagation
2007-05-08 Jan Kara ext3: copy i_flags to inode flags on write
2007-05-08 Pavel Emelianov Introduce a handy list_first_entry macro
2007-05-08 Eric W. Biederman smbfs: remove unnecessary allow_signal
2007-05-08 Jeffrey Layton make iunique use a do/while loop rather than its obscur...
2007-05-08 John Johansen Remove redundant check from proc_sys_setattr()
2007-05-08 John Johansen Remove redundant check from proc_setattr()
2007-05-08 Martin Peschke proc: cleanup: use seq_release_private() where appropriate
2007-05-08 Christoph Hellwig cleanup compat ioctl handling
2007-05-08 Philippe De Muyter partition: add support for sysv68 partitions
2007-05-08 Christoph Hellwig merge compat_ioctl.h into compat_ioctl.c
2007-05-08 Milind Arun Choudhary ROUND_UP macro cleanup in fs/smbfs/request.c
2007-05-08 Milind Arun Choudhary ROUND_UP macro cleanup in fs/(select|compat|readdir).c
2007-05-08 Alexey Dobriyan i386: sched.h inclusion from module.h is baack
2007-05-08 Alexey Dobriyan Fix race between cat /proc/*/wchan and rmmod et al
2007-05-08 Alexey Dobriyan Simplify kallsyms_lookup()
2007-05-08 kalash nainwal (re)register_binfmt returns with -EBUSY
2007-05-08 Randy Dunlap header cleaning: don't include smp_lock.h when not...
2007-05-08 Adrian Bunk make remove_inode_dquot_ref() static
2007-05-08 Alexey Dobriyan Protect tty drivers list with tty_mutex
2007-05-08 Mark Fasheh Remove do_sync_file_range()
2007-05-08 Randy Dunlap reiserfs: proc support requires PROC_FS
2007-05-08 Alexey Dobriyan /proc/*/oom_score oops re badness
2007-05-08 Eric Dumazet VFS: delay the dentry name generation on sockets and...
2007-05-08 Miklos Szeredi add file position info to proc
2007-05-08 Eric Dumazet procfs: reorder struct pid_dentry to save space on...
2007-05-08 Kees Cook proc: maps protection
2007-05-08 Christoph Hellwig namei.c: remove utterly outdated comment
2007-05-08 Christoph Hellwig vfs: remove superflous sb == NULL checks
2007-05-08 Alexey Dobriyan proc: remove pathetic ->deleted WARN_ON
2007-05-08 Darrick J. Wong Fix race between proc_readdir and remove_proc_entry
2007-05-08 Alexey Dobriyan Fix race between proc_get_inode() and remove_proc_entry()
2007-05-08 Miklos Szeredi add filesystem subtype support
2007-05-08 Davide Libenzi epoll: optimizations and cleanups
2007-05-08 Dmitriy Monakhov ext3: dirindex error pointer issues
2007-05-08 Badari Pulavarty Merge sys_clone()/sys_unshare() nsproxy and namespace...
2007-05-08 Nick Piggin exec: fix remove_arg_zero