usb: xhci: tegra: fix compilation with lockdep enabled
[linux-3.10.git] / fs /
2014-11-06 Krishna Reddy fs: inode: don't use movable allocations
2014-07-09 Seema Khowala Revert "fs/proc/task_mmu.c: hold read lock on mm->mmap_...
2014-06-26 Vandana Salve fs/proc/task_mmu.c: hold read lock on mm->mmap_sem...
2014-06-24 Chun Xu active-standby: check inode's i_private
2014-06-20 Ishan Mittal fs : adding null pointer check in set_worker_desc
2014-06-10 Mandar padmawar Merge commit 'refs/changes/82/419382/1' of ssh://git...
2014-06-06 Sai Gurrappadi nohz: stat: Fix decreasing idle/iowait times
2014-06-05 Ishan Mittal Merge branch 'linux-3.10.40' into rel-21
2014-05-30 Mandar padmawar Merge commit 'refs/changes/16/411516/5' of ssh://git...
2014-05-29 Ishwarya Balaji... pstore: fix memleak in ramoops_pstore_read
2014-05-29 Ishan Mittal Merge branch 'android-3.10' into rel-21
2014-05-27 Alex Van Brunt pstore: use writecombine instead of noncached
2014-05-13 Jeff Layton lockd: ensure we tear down any live sockets when socket...
2014-05-13 Jeff Layton locks: allow __break_lease to sleep even when break_tim...
2014-05-06 Theodore Ts'o ext4: use i_size_read in ext4_unaligned_aio()
2014-05-06 Jan Kara ext4: fix jbd2 warning under heavy xattr load
2014-05-06 alex chen ocfs2: do not put bh when buffer_uptodate failed
2014-05-06 Junxiao Bi ocfs2: dlm: fix recovery hung
2014-05-06 Junxiao Bi ocfs2: dlm: fix lock migration crash
2014-05-06 Jeff Mahoney reiserfs: fix race in readdir
2014-05-06 Jeff Layton nfsd: set timeparms.to_maxval in setup_callback_client
2014-05-06 Kinglong Mee NFSD: Traverse unconfirmed client through hash-table
2014-05-06 J. Bruce Fields nfsd4: fix setclientid encode size
2014-05-06 Stanislav Kinsbursky nfsd: check passed socket's net matches NFSd superblock...
2014-05-06 J. Bruce Fields nfsd: notify_change needs elevated write count
2014-05-06 J. Bruce Fields nfsd4: fix test_stateid error reply encoding
2014-05-06 J. Bruce Fields nfsd4: buffer-length check for SUPPATTR_EXCLCREAT
2014-05-06 J. Bruce Fields nfsd4: session needs room for following op to error out
2014-05-06 Mark Tinguely xfs: fix directory hash ordering bug
2014-05-03 Arve Hjønnevåg pstore/ram: Add ramoops_console_write_buf api
2014-04-30 Al Viro constify copy_siginfo_to_user{,32}()
2014-04-27 Li Zefan jffs2: remove from wait queue after schedule()
2014-04-27 Li Zefan jffs2: avoid soft-lockup in jffs2_reserve_space_gc()
2014-04-27 Ajesh Kunhipurayil... jffs2: Fix crash due to truncation of csize
2014-04-27 Kamlakant Patel jffs2: Fix segmentation fault found in stress test
2014-04-27 Eric Whitney ext4: fix partial cluster handling for bigalloc file...
2014-04-27 Eric Whitney ext4: fix error return from ext4_ext_handle_uninitializ...
2014-04-27 Hidetoshi Seto Btrfs: skip submitting barrier for missing device
2014-04-27 Jan Kara bdi: avoid oops on device removal
2014-04-27 Derek Basehore backing_dev: fix hung task on sync
2014-04-24 Al Viro cope with potentially long ->d_dname() output for shmem...
2014-04-03 David Rientjes mm: close PageTail race
2014-04-03 Theodore Ts'o ext4: atomically set inode->i_flags in ext4_set_inode_f...
2014-03-24 Nicholas Bellinger bio-integrity: Fix bio_integrity_verify segment start bug
2014-03-24 Oleg Drokin Fix mountpoint reference leakage in linkat
2014-03-24 Filipe David Borba... Btrfs: fix data corruption when reading/updating compre...
2014-03-24 Artem Fetishev fs/proc/base.c: fix GPF in /proc/$PID/map_files
2014-03-24 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: nfs4_stateid_is_current should return 'true...
2014-03-24 Trond Myklebust NFS: Fix a delegation callback race
2014-03-24 Al Viro ocfs2 syncs the wrong range...
2014-03-24 Jan Kara ocfs2: fix quota file corruption
2014-03-13 Deepak Nibade Merge branch 'linux-3.10.33' into dev-kernel-3.10
2014-03-07 Jan Kara quota: Fix race between dqput() and dquot_scan_active()
2014-03-07 Christoph Hellwig fs: fix iversion handling
2014-03-07 Pavel Shilovsky CIFS: Fix too big maxBuf size for SMB3 mounts
2014-03-07 Jeff Layton cifs: ensure that uncached writes handle unmapped areas...
2014-03-07 Theodore Ts'o ext4: don't leave i_crtime.tv_sec uninitialized
2014-03-07 Theodore Ts'o ext4: fix online resize with a non-standard blocks...
2014-03-07 Theodore Ts'o ext4: fix online resize with very large inode tables
2014-03-07 Theodore Ts'o ext4: don't try to modify s_flags if the the file syste...
2014-03-07 Zheng Liu ext4: fix error paths in swap_inode_boot_loader()
2014-02-22 Martin K. Petersen block: Fix nr_vecs for inline integrity vectors
2014-02-22 NeilBrown lockd: send correct lock when granting a delayed lock.
2014-02-22 Steve French retrieving CIFS ACLs when mounted with SMB2 fails dropp...
2014-02-22 Steve French Add protocol specific operation for CIFS xattrs
2014-02-22 Steve French CIFS: Fix SMB2 mounts so they don't try to set or get...
2014-02-22 Eric W. Biederman fs/file.c:fdtable: avoid triggering OOMs from alloc_fdmem
2014-02-20 KOSAKI Motohiro mm: __set_page_dirty uses spin_lock_irqsave instead...
2014-02-20 Josef Bacik Btrfs: disable snapshot aware defrag for now
2014-02-13 Boaz Harrosh pnfs: Proper delay for NFS4ERR_RECALLCONFLICT in layout...
2014-02-13 Weston Andros Adamson nfs4: fix discover_server_trunking use after free
2014-02-13 Trond Myklebust NFSv4.1: Handle errors correctly in nfs41_walk_client_list
2014-02-13 Weston Andros Adamson nfs4.1: properly handle ENOTSUP in SECINFO_NO_NAME
2014-02-13 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: OPEN must handle the NFS4ERR_IO return code...
2014-02-13 Boaz Harrosh ore: Fix wrong math in allocation of per device BIO
2014-02-13 Heiko Carstens fs/compat: fix lookup_dcookie() parameter handling
2014-02-13 Heiko Carstens fs/compat: fix parameter handling for compat readv...
2014-02-13 Heiko Carstens compat: fix sys_fanotify_mark
2014-02-13 Miklos Szeredi fuse: fix pipe_buf_operations
2014-02-06 David Sterba btrfs: restrict snapshotting to own subvolumes
2014-02-06 Wang Shilong Btrfs: handle EAGAIN case properly in btrfs_drop_snapshot()
2014-02-06 Eric W. Biederman vfs: Is mounted should be testing mnt_ns for NULL or...
2014-02-06 Theodore Ts'o ext4: avoid clearing beyond i_blocks when truncating...
2014-01-25 Andreas Rohner nilfs2: fix segctor bug that causes file system corruption
2014-01-25 Jan Kara writeback: Fix data corruption on NFS
2014-01-25 Eric W. Biederman vfs: In d_path don't call d_dname on a mount point
2014-01-25 Bob Peterson GFS2: Increase i_writecount during gfs2_setattr_chown
2014-01-09 Eric Whitney ext4: fix bigalloc regression
2014-01-09 majianpeng ceph: allow sync_read/write return partial successed...
2014-01-09 majianpeng ceph: fix bugs about handling short-read for sync read...
2014-01-09 majianpeng ceph: Add check returned value on func ceph_calc_ceph_pg.
2014-01-09 Dan Carpenter ceph: cleanup types in striped_read()
2014-01-09 Nathaniel Yazdani ceph: fix null pointer dereference
2014-01-09 Sasha Levin ceph: avoid accessing invalid memory
2014-01-09 majianpeng ceph: Free mdsc if alloc mdsc->mdsmap failed.
2014-01-09 Emil Goode ceph: improve error handling in ceph_mdsmap_decode
2014-01-09 Theodore Ts'o jbd2: don't BUG but return ENOSPC if a handle runs...
2014-01-09 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: Fix incorrect invalidation for DIO/buffered I/O
2014-01-09 Steven Whitehouse GFS2: don't hold s_umount over blkdev_put
2014-01-09 Li Wang ceph: Avoid data inconsistency due to d-cache aliasing...