nfs4: remove duplicated #include
[linux-3.10.git] / fs / nfs / nfs4proc.c
2011-03-11 Huang Weiyi nfs4: remove duplicated #include
2011-03-11 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Fix the setlk error handler
2011-03-11 Trond Myklebust NFSv4.1: Fix the handling of the SEQUENCE status bits
2011-03-11 Trond Myklebust NFSv4/4.1: Fix nfs4_schedule_state_recovery abuses
2011-03-10 Andy Adamson NFSv4.1 reclaim complete must wait for completion
2011-03-10 Ricardo Labiaga NFSv4.1: Retry CREATE_SESSION on NFS4ERR_DELAY
2011-03-10 Jovi Zhang nfs: fix compilation warning
2011-03-10 Trond Myklebust SUNRPC: Close a race in __rpc_wait_for_completion_task()
2011-03-05 Neil Horman nfs4: Ensure that ACL pages sent over NFS were not...
2011-01-26 Andy Adamson NFS construct consistent co_ownerid for v4.1
2011-01-11 Andy Adamson NFS fix the setting of exchange id flag
2011-01-06 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Ensure continued open and lockowner name uniqueness
2011-01-06 Fred Isaman pnfs: layout roc code
2011-01-06 Fred Isaman pnfs: serialize LAYOUTGET(openstateid)
2011-01-06 Fred Isaman pnfs: layoutget rpc code cleanup
2011-01-06 Fred Isaman pnfs: remove unnecessary field lgp->status
2011-01-06 Andy Adamson NFS add session back channel draining
2011-01-06 Andy Adamson NFS implement v4.0 callback_ident
2011-01-04 Aneesh Kumar K.V nfsv4: Switch to generic xattr handling code
2011-01-04 Aneesh Kumar K.V nfs: Set MS_POSIXACL always
2010-12-21 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Convert a few commas into semicolons...
2010-12-21 J. Bruce Fields nfs4: fix units bug causing hang on recovery
2010-12-08 Aneesh Kumar K.V nfs: Discard ACL cache on mode update
2010-11-16 Trond Myklebust NFS: readdir shouldn't read beyond the reply returned...
2010-10-28 Geert Uytterhoeven nfs4: The difference of 2 pointers is ptrdiff_t
2010-10-26 J. Bruce Fields nfs4: fix channel attribute sanity-checks
2010-10-24 Andy Adamson NFSv4.1: pnfs: add LAYOUTGET and GETDEVICEINFO infrastr...
2010-10-24 Andy Adamson NFS: ask for layouttypes during v4 fsinfo call
2010-10-24 Ricardo Labiaga Ask for time_delta during fsinfo probe
2010-10-23 Bryan Schumaker NFS: Readdir plus in v4
2010-10-23 Bryan Schumaker NFS: readdir with vmapped pages
2010-10-23 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: The state manager must ignore EKEYEXPIRED.
2010-10-19 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Don't call nfs4_state_mark_reclaim_reboot()...
2010-10-19 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Fix open recovery
2010-09-24 Benny Halevy NFSv4.1: keep seq_res.sr_slot as pointer rather than...
2010-09-21 Trond Myklebust NFSv4.1: Fix the slotid initialisation in nfs_async_ren...
2010-09-17 Jeff Layton nfs: make sillyrename an async operation
2010-09-17 Jeff Layton nfs: standardize the rename response container
2010-09-17 Jeff Layton nfs: standardize the rename args container
2010-09-17 Trond Myklebust NFS: Add an 'open_context' element to struct nfs_rpc_ops
2010-09-17 Trond Myklebust NFS: Clean up nfs4_proc_create()
2010-09-17 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Further cleanups for nfs4_open_revalidate()
2010-09-17 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Clean up nfs4_open_revalidate
2010-09-17 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Further minor cleanups for nfs4_atomic_open()
2010-09-17 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Clean up nfs4_atomic_open
2010-08-18 Trond Myklebust NFS: Fix an Oops in the NFSv4 atomic open code
2010-08-11 Davidlohr Bueso nfs: Remove redundant NULL check upon kfree()
2010-08-04 Trond Myklebust NFS: Fix the NFS users of rpc_restart_call()
2010-08-04 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Get rid of the bogus RPC_ASSASSINATED(task)...
2010-08-04 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Clean up the process of renewing the NFSv4 lease
2010-08-04 Trond Myklebust NFSv4.1: Handle NFS4ERR_DELAY on SEQUENCE correctly
2010-07-30 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Ensure the lockowners are labelled using the...
2010-07-30 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Add support for the RELEASE_LOCKOWNER operation
2010-06-24 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Clean up struct nfs4_state_owner
2010-06-22 Trond Myklebust NFSv4.1: There is no need to init the session more...
2010-06-22 Trond Myklebust NFSv41: Cleanup for nfs4_alloc_session.
2010-06-22 Trond Myklebust NFSv41: Clean up exclusive create
2010-06-22 Trond Myklebust NFSv41: Fix nfs_async_inode_return_delegation() ugliness
2010-06-22 Trond Myklebust NFSv41: Convert the various reboot recovery ops etc...
2010-06-22 Trond Myklebust NFSv41: Clean up the NFSv4.1 minor version specific...
2010-06-22 Trond Myklebust NFSv41: Don't store session state in the nfs_client...
2010-06-22 Trond Myklebust NFSv41: Further cleanup for nfs4_sequence_done
2010-06-22 Trond Myklebust NFSv4.1: Make nfs4_setup_sequence take a nfs_server...
2010-06-22 Trond Myklebust NFSv4.1: Merge the nfs41_proc_async_sequence() and...
2010-06-22 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Kill nfs4_async_handle_error() abuses by NFSv4.1
2010-06-22 Trond Myklebust NFSv4.1: Simplify nfs41_sequence_done()
2010-06-22 Trond Myklebust NFSv4.1: Clean up nfs4_setup_sequence
2010-06-22 Trond Myklebust NFSv41: Fix a memory leak in nfs41_proc_async_sequence()
2010-05-14 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Don't use GFP_KERNEL allocations in state recovery
2010-05-14 Chuck Lever NFS: Calldata for nfs4_renew_done()
2010-05-14 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Clean up the NFSv4 setclientid operation
2010-05-14 Trond Myklebust NFS: Reduce stack footprint of nfs4_proc_create()
2010-05-14 Trond Myklebust NFS: Reduce stack footprint of nfs_proc_remove()
2010-05-14 Trond Myklebust NFS: Reduce the stack footprint of nfs_link()
2010-05-14 Trond Myklebust NFS: Reduce stack footprint of nfs3_proc_rename() and...
2010-05-14 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Reduce stack footprint of nfs4_proc_access(...
2010-04-28 Dan Carpenter nfs: fix some issues in nfs41_proc_reclaim_complete()
2010-04-12 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: fix delegated locking
2010-04-07 Al Viro Have nfs ->d_revalidate() report errors properly
2010-03-30 Tejun Heo include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to...
2010-03-08 Dan Carpenter nfs: fix unlikely memory leak
2010-03-05 Trond Myklebust Merge branch 'writeback-for-2.6.34' into nfs-for-2...
2010-03-03 Al Viro a couple of mntget+dget -> path_get in nfs4proc
2010-03-02 Andy Adamson nfs41 fix NFS4ERR_CLID_INUSE for exchange id
2010-03-02 Alexandros Batsakis nfs4: renewd renew operations should take/put a client...
2010-03-02 Alexandros Batsakis nfs41: renewd sequence operations should take/put clien...
2010-03-02 Alexandros Batsakis nfs: prevent backlogging of renewd requests
2010-02-10 Andy Adamson nfs41: resize slot table in reset
2010-02-10 Mike Sager nfs41: Adjust max cache response size value
2010-02-10 Jeff Layton nfs4: handle -EKEYEXPIRED errors from RPC layer
2010-01-26 Trond Myklebust NFS: Ensure that we handle NFS4ERR_STALE_STATEID correctly
2010-01-26 Trond Myklebust NFSv4.1: Don't call nfs4_schedule_state_recovery()...
2010-01-26 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Don't allow posix locking against servers that...
2010-01-26 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Ensure that the NFSv4 locking can recover from...
2009-12-15 Trond Myklebust NFSv4: Release the sequence id before restarting a...
2009-12-15 Andy Adamson nfs41: fix session fore channel negotiation
2009-12-15 Andy Adamson nfs41: do not zero seqid portion of stateid on close
2009-12-15 Alexandros Batsakis nfs: run state manager in privileged mode
2009-12-15 Alexandros Batsakis nfs: make recovery state manager operations privileged
2009-12-15 Alexandros Batsakis nfs: enforce FIFO ordering of operations trying to...