nilfs2: remove double bio_put() in nilfs_end_bio_write() for BIO_EOPNOTSUPP error
[linux-3.10.git] / fs / f2fs / checkpoint.c
2013-04-29 Jaegeuk Kim f2fs: check truncation of mapping after lock_page
2013-04-26 Jaegeuk Kim f2fs: give a chance to merge IOs by IO scheduler
2013-04-23 Namjae Jeon f2fs: add tracepoints to debug checkpoint request
2013-04-09 Jaegeuk Kim f2fs: introduce a new global lock scheme
2013-04-03 Jaegeuk Kim f2fs: change GC bitmaps to apply the section granularity
2013-03-20 Jaegeuk Kim f2fs: reduce unncessary locking pages during read
2013-02-11 Jaegeuk Kim f2fs: clarify and enhance the f2fs_gc flow
2013-02-11 Changman Lee f2fs: remove repeated F2FS_SET_SB_DIRT call
2013-02-11 majianpeng f2fs: clean up the add_orphan_inode func
2013-02-11 Jaegeuk Kim f2fs: prevent checkpoint once any IO failure is detected
2013-01-22 Namjae Jeon f2fs: add __init to functions in init_f2fs_fs
2013-01-04 Namjae Jeon f2fs: remove unneeded INIT_LIST_HEAD at few places
2012-12-11 Jaegeuk Kim f2fs: adjust kernel coding style
2012-12-11 Jaegeuk Kim f2fs: fix endian conversion bugs reported by sparse
2012-12-11 Jaegeuk Kim f2fs: add checkpoint operations