Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
[linux-3.10.git] / fs / exofs / super.c
2012-03-29 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
2012-03-21 Al Viro switch open-coded instances of d_make_root() to new...
2012-03-21 Al Viro vfs: check i_nlink limits in vfs_{mkdir,rename_dir...
2012-03-19 Dan Carpenter exofs: Cap on the memcpy() size
2012-03-19 Masanari Iida exofs: (trivial) Fix typo in super.c
2012-03-19 Dan Carpenter exofs: fix endian conversion in exofs_sync_fs()
2012-01-09 Al Viro exofs: oops after late failure in mount
2012-01-04 Al Viro vfs: fix the stupidity with i_dentry in inode destructors
2011-10-31 Paul Gortmaker fs: add module.h to files that were implicitly using it
2011-10-14 Boaz Harrosh ore/exofs: Define new ore_verify_layout
2011-10-04 Boaz Harrosh ore/exofs: Change the type of the devices array (API...
2011-10-03 Boaz Harrosh exofs: Remove unused data_map member from exofs_sb_info
2011-10-03 Boaz Harrosh exofs: Rename struct ore_components comps => oc
2011-10-03 H Hartley Sweeten exofs/super.c: local functions should be static
2011-08-07 Boaz Harrosh exofs: Rename raid engine from exofs/ios.c => ore
2011-08-07 Boaz Harrosh exofs: ios: Move to a per inode components ...
2011-08-07 Boaz Harrosh exofs: Move exofs specific osd operations out of ios.c
2011-08-04 Boaz Harrosh exofs: Small cleanup of exofs_fill_super
2011-08-04 Boaz Harrosh exofs: BUG: Avoid sbi realloc
2011-07-18 Al Viro fix exofs ->get_parent()
2011-03-15 Boaz Harrosh exofs: deprecate the commands pending counter
2011-03-15 Boaz Harrosh exofs: Write sbi->s_nextid as part of the Create command
2011-03-15 Boaz Harrosh exofs: Add option to mount by osdname
2011-03-15 exofs: Override read-ahead to align on stripe_size
2011-03-15 Tobias Klauser exofs: Remove redundant unlikely()
2011-01-07 Nick Piggin fs: icache RCU free inodes
2010-10-29 Al Viro convert get_sb_nodev() users
2010-08-11 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
2010-08-09 Al Viro convert exofs to ->evict_inode()
2010-08-04 Boaz Harrosh exofs: Remove superfluous dependency on buffer_head...
2010-04-22 Jens Axboe exofs: add bdi backing to mount session
2010-03-30 Tejun Heo include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to...
2010-02-28 Boaz Harrosh exofs: groups support
2010-02-28 Boaz Harrosh exofs: RAID0 support
2010-02-28 Boaz Harrosh exofs: Move layout related members to a layout structure
2009-12-10 Boaz Harrosh exofs: Multi-device mirror support
2009-12-10 Boaz Harrosh exofs: Move all operations to an io_engine
2009-12-10 Boaz Harrosh exofs: statfs blocks is sectors not FS blocks
2009-12-10 Boaz Harrosh exofs: Prints on mount and unmout
2009-09-24 Boaz Harrosh exofs: remove BKL from super operations
2009-07-12 Alexey Dobriyan headers: smp_lock.h redux
2009-06-21 Boaz Harrosh exofs: Avoid using file_fsync()
2009-06-21 Boaz Harrosh exofs: Remove IBM copyrights
2009-06-12 Christoph Hellwig exofs: add ->sync_fs
2009-06-12 Christoph Hellwig ->write_super lock_super pushdown
2009-06-12 Christoph Hellwig push BKL down into ->put_super
2009-06-12 Christoph Hellwig remove ->write_super call in generic_shutdown_super
2009-03-31 Boaz Harrosh exofs: export_operations
2009-03-31 Boaz Harrosh exofs: super_operations and file_system_type