Merge tag 'ecryptfs-3.6-rc1-fixes' of git://
[linux-3.10.git] / fs / ecryptfs / mmap.c
2012-07-13 Tyler Hicks eCryptfs: Revert to a writethrough cache model
2012-02-16 Cong Wang ecryptfs: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic()
2012-01-25 Li Wang eCryptfs: move misleading function comments
2011-03-28 Tyler Hicks eCryptfs: Unlock page in write_begin error path
2011-03-28 Thieu Le ecryptfs: modify write path to encrypt page in writepage
2011-03-28 Tyler Hicks eCryptfs: Remove ECRYPTFS_NEW_FILE crypt stat flag
2011-01-17 Frank Swiderski ecryptfs: remove unnecessary decrypt when extending...
2011-01-17 Joe Perches fs/ecryptfs: Add printf format/argument verification...
2010-05-21 Al Viro switch ecryptfs_get_locked_page() to struct inode *
2010-05-21 Al Viro simplify access to ecryptfs inodes in ->readpage()...
2010-04-19 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2010-03-30 Tejun Heo include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to...
2010-03-23 Tyler Hicks eCryptfs: Strip metadata in xattr flag in encrypted...
2010-03-23 Tyler Hicks eCryptfs: Rename ecryptfs_crypt_stat.num_header_bytes_a...
2010-03-23 Tyler Hicks eCryptfs: Fix metadata in xattr feature regression
2009-09-23 Tyler Hicks eCryptfs: Propagate vfs_read and vfs_write return codes
2009-09-22 Alexey Dobriyan const: mark remaining address_space_operations const
2009-04-22 Tyler Hicks eCryptfs: Fix data corruption when using ecryptfs_passt...
2009-01-04 Nick Piggin fs: symlink write_begin allocation context fix
2008-10-16 Badari Pulavarty ecryptfs: convert to use new aops
2008-07-24 Harvey Harrison ecryptfs: inode.c mmap.c use unaligned byteorder helpers
2008-04-29 Harvey Harrison ecryptfs: replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrences
2008-03-05 Michael Halcrow eCryptfs: make ecryptfs_prepare_write decrypt the page
2008-02-06 Michael Halcrow eCryptfs: track header bytes rather than extents
2008-02-06 Adrian Bunk fs/ecryptfs/: possible cleanups
2008-02-05 Christoph Lameter Pagecache zeroing: zero_user_segment, zero_user_segment...
2007-12-18 Eric Sandeen ecryptfs: fix fsx data corruption problems
2007-10-16 Michael Halcrow ecryptfs: clean up page flag handling
2007-10-16 Michael Halcrow eCryptfs: remove unused functions and kmem_cache
2007-10-16 Michael Halcrow eCryptfs: fix data types
2007-10-16 Michael Halcrow eCryptfs: convert mmap functions to use persistent...
2007-10-16 Michael Halcrow eCryptfs: update metadata read/write functions
2007-10-16 Michael Halcrow eCryptfs: replace encrypt, decrypt, and inode size...
2007-10-16 Michael Halcrow eCryptfs: read_write.c routines
2007-10-16 Michael Halcrow eCryptfs: remove assignments in if-statements
2007-10-16 Michael Halcrow eCryptfs: remove header_extent_size
2007-10-16 Nick Piggin fs: remove some AOP_TRUNCATED_PAGE
2007-08-31 Ryusuke Konishi eCryptfs: fix possible fault in ecryptfs_sync_page
2007-07-20 Nick Piggin fix some conversion overflows
2007-06-28 Michael Halcrow zero out last page for llseek/write
2007-06-28 Michael Halcrow eCryptfs: fix write zeros behavior
2007-05-24 Michael Halcrow eCryptfs: delay writing 0's after llseek until write
2007-05-17 Nate Diller ecryptfs: use zero_user_page
2007-05-07 Nick Piggin mm: make read_cache_page synchronous
2007-03-05 Dmitriy Monakhov [PATCH] ecryptfs: handle AOP_TRUNCATED_PAGE better
2007-03-05 Dmitriy Monakhov [PATCH] ecryptfs: check xattr operation support fix
2007-03-01 Michael Halcrow [PATCH] eCryptfs: remove unnecessary flush_dcache_page()
2007-03-01 Michael Halcrow [PATCH] eCryptfs: resolve lower page unlocking problem
2007-02-12 Michael Halcrow [PATCH] eCryptfs: add flush_dcache_page() calls
2007-02-12 Michael Halcrow [PATCH] eCryptfs: open-code flag checking and manipulation
2007-02-12 Michael Halcrow [PATCH] eCryptfs: convert kmap() to kmap_atomic()
2007-02-12 Michael Halcrow [PATCH] eCryptfs: Encrypted passthrough
2007-02-12 Michael Halcrow [PATCH] eCryptfs: Generalize metadata read/write
2007-02-12 Michael Halcrow [PATCH] eCryptfs: Public key; packet management
2006-12-08 Josef "Jeff" Sipek [PATCH] ecryptfs: change uses of f_{dentry, vfsmnt...
2006-10-04 Michael Halcrow [PATCH] ecryptfs: fs/Makefile and fs/Kconfig