vfs: revert per-cpu nr_unused counters for dentry and inodes
[linux-3.10.git] / fs / dcache.c
2011-01-07 Nick Piggin vfs: revert per-cpu nr_unused counters for dentry and...
2011-01-07 Nick Piggin fs: d_validate fixes
2011-01-05 Nick Piggin Revert "fs: use RCU read side protection in d_validate"
2010-10-26 Christoph Hellwig fs: use RCU read side protection in d_validate
2010-10-26 Christoph Hellwig fs: clean up dentry lru modification
2010-10-26 Christoph Hellwig fs: split __shrink_dcache_sb
2010-10-26 Nick Piggin fs: improve DCACHE_REFERENCED usage
2010-10-26 Christoph Hellwig fs: use percpu counter for nr_dentry and nr_dentry_unused
2010-10-26 Christoph Hellwig fs: simplify __d_free
2010-10-26 Christoph Hellwig fs: take dcache_lock inside __d_path
2010-08-18 Nick Piggin fs: brlock vfsmount_lock
2010-08-18 Nick Piggin fs: remove extra lookup in __lookup_hash
2010-08-14 Randy Dunlap fs/dcache: fix function param name in kernel-doc
2010-08-11 Miklos Szeredi vfs: show unreachable paths in getcwd and proc
2010-08-11 Miklos Szeredi vfs: only add " (deleted)" where necessary
2010-08-11 Miklos Szeredi vfs: add prepend_path() helper
2010-08-11 Miklos Szeredi vfs: __d_path: dont prepend the name of the root dentry
2010-08-11 Miklos Szeredi vfs: add helpers to get root and pwd
2010-08-09 Al Viro no need for list_for_each_entry_safe()/resetting with...
2010-08-09 Al Viro new helper: __dentry_path()
2010-07-19 Dave Chinner mm: add context argument to shrinker callback
2010-06-29 npiggin@suse.de fs: fix superblock iteration race
2010-05-21 Al Viro fix prune_dcache()/umount() race
2010-05-21 Al Viro Leave superblocks on s_list until the end
2010-05-21 Al Viro clean DCACHE_CANT_MOUNT in d_delete()
2010-03-03 Al Viro fix race in d_splice_alias()
2010-03-03 Al Viro New helper: path_is_under(path1, path2)
2010-03-03 H Hartley Sweeten fs/dcache.c: CodingStyle cleanup
2009-12-16 H Hartley Sweeten libfs: move EXPORT_SYMBOL for d_alloc_name
2009-07-18 Frederic Weisbecker sched: Pull up the might_sleep() check into cond_resched()
2009-06-12 Alexey Dobriyan dcache: extrace and use d_unlinked()
2009-05-09 npiggin@suse.de fs: dcache fix LRU ordering
2009-04-21 Al Viro No need for crossing to mountpoint in audit_tag_tree()
2009-04-01 Al Viro Trim includes of fdtable.h
2009-04-01 Al Viro Get rid of indirect include of fs_struct.h
2009-03-27 Christoph Hellwig cleanup d_add_ci
2009-02-28 Benny Halevy EXPORT_SYMBOL(d_obtain_alias) rather than EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL
2009-01-14 Heiko Carstens [CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 20
2009-01-08 Wu Fengguang generic swap(): dcache: use swap() instead of private...
2008-12-31 Eric Dumazet filp_cachep can be static in fs/file_table.c
2008-12-31 Arjan van de Ven expand some comments (d_path / seq_path)
2008-12-31 Zhaolei correct wrong function name of d_put in kernel document...
2008-12-31 Al Viro fix switch_names() breakage in short-to-short case
2008-12-31 Nick Piggin shrink struct dentry
2008-10-23 Arjan van de Ven [PATCH] fs: add a sanity check in d_free
2008-10-23 Qinghuang Feng [PATCH] fs/dcache.c: update comment of d_validate()
2008-10-23 OGAWA Hirofumi [PATCH vfs-2.6 4/6] vfs: remove unnecessary fsnotify_d_...
2008-10-23 OGAWA Hirofumi [PATCH vfs-2.6 3/6] vfs: add __d_instantiate() helper
2008-10-23 OGAWA Hirofumi [PATCH vfs-2.6 2/6] vfs: add d_ancestor()
2008-10-23 OGAWA Hirofumi [PATCH vfs-2.6 1/6] vfs: replace parent == dentry-...
2008-10-23 Christoph Hellwig [PATCH] kill d_alloc_anon
2008-10-23 Christoph Hellwig [PATCH] switch all filesystems over to d_obtain_alias
2008-10-23 Christoph Hellwig [PATCH] new helper: d_obtain_alias
2008-09-29 Linus Torvalds Fix NULL pointer dereference in proc_sys_compare
2008-08-25 Christoph Hellwig [PATCH] change d_add_ci argument ordering
2008-07-28 Barry Naujok dcache: Add case-insensitive support d_ci_add() routine
2008-07-26 Kentaro Makita vfs: add cond_resched_lock while scanning dentry LRU...
2008-07-24 Kentaro Makita fix soft lock up at NFS mount via per-SB LRU-list of...
2008-06-23 Miklos Szeredi [patch 2/3] vfs: dcache cleanups
2008-06-23 Miklos Szeredi [patch 1/3] vfs: dcache sparse fixes
2008-06-23 Andreas Gruenbacher [patch 3/3] vfs: make d_path() consistent across mount...
2008-06-23 Jan Engelhardt [patch 2/4] fs: make struct file arg to d_path const
2008-04-23 Miklos Szeredi [patch 2/7] vfs: mountinfo: add seq_file_root()
2008-04-23 Ram Pai [patch 1/7] vfs: mountinfo: add dentry_path()
2008-02-15 Christoph Lameter dentries: Extract common code to remove dentry from lru
2008-02-15 Jan Blunck d_path: Make d_path() use a struct path
2008-02-15 Jan Blunck d_path: kerneldoc cleanup
2008-02-15 Jan Blunck One less parameter to __d_path
2008-02-15 Jan Blunck Use struct path in fs_struct
2008-02-06 Nick Piggin inotify: remove debug code
2008-02-06 Akinobu Mita fs: use hlist_unhashed
2007-10-22 J. Bruce Fields dcache: don't expose uninitialized memory in /proc...
2007-10-21 Al Viro [PATCH] audit: watching subtrees
2007-10-17 Denis Cheng vfs: use the predefined d_unhashed inline function...
2007-10-17 Denis V. Lunev shrink_dcache_sb speedup
2007-10-17 J. Bruce Fields dcache: trivial comment fix
2007-10-17 Miklos Szeredi clean out unused code in dentry pruning
2007-10-17 Denis Cheng fs: remove the unused mempages parameter
2007-10-16 Mel Gorman Group short-lived and reclaimable kernel allocations
2007-07-20 Paul Mundt mm: Remove slab destructors from kmem_cache_create().
2007-07-17 Rusty Russell mm: clean up and kernelify shrinker registration
2007-05-08 Randy Dunlap header cleaning: don't include smp_lock.h when not...
2007-05-08 Eric Dumazet VFS: delay the dentry name generation on sockets and...
2007-05-08 Andrew Morton mm: shrink parent dentries when shrinking slab
2007-05-08 Miklos Szeredi fix quadratic behavior of shrink_dcache_parent()
2007-05-07 Christoph Lameter KMEM_CACHE(): simplify slab cache creation
2007-02-13 Linus Torvalds Revert "[PATCH] Fix d_path for lazy unmounts"
2007-02-12 Andreas Gruenbacher [PATCH] Fix d_path for lazy unmounts
2006-12-07 Eric Dumazet [PATCH] dcache: avoid RCU for never-hashed dentries
2006-12-07 Christoph Lameter [PATCH] slab: remove kmem_cache_t
2006-10-28 David Howells [PATCH] VFS: Fix an error in unused dentry counting
2006-10-28 Vasily Averin [PATCH] missing unused dentry in prune_dcache()?
2006-10-21 Trond Myklebust [PATCH] VFS: Make d_materialise_unique() enforce direct...
2006-10-11 David Howells [PATCH] VFS: Destroy the dentries contributed by a...
2006-10-04 NeilBrown [PATCH] knfsd: close a race-opportunity in d_splice_alias
2006-09-30 David Howells [PATCH] BLOCK: Move extern declarations out of fs/...
2006-09-23 David Howells NFS: Add dentry materialisation op
2006-07-03 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] lockdep: annotate dcache
2006-07-03 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] lockdep: locking init debugging improvement
2006-06-30 Jörn Engel Remove obsolete #include <linux/config.h>