cifs: get rid of blind d_drop() in readdir
[linux-3.10.git] / fs / cifs / cifs_unicode.h
2012-07-24 Pavel Shilovsky CIFS: Add SMB2 support for is_path_accessible
2012-07-24 Pavel Shilovsky CIFS: Add tree connect/disconnect capability for SMB2
2012-01-19 Steve French CIFS: Rename *UCS* functions to *UTF16*
2011-05-19 Steve French [CIFS] Remove sparse warning
2011-04-12 Jeff Layton cifs: clean up various nits in unicode routines (try #2)
2010-08-20 Igor Druzhinin cifs: correction of unicode header files
2009-05-02 Jeff Layton [CIFS] remove cifs_strfromUCS_le
2009-04-30 Steve French [CIFS] rename cifs_strndup to cifs_strndup_from_ucs
2009-04-30 Jeff Layton cifs: rename cifs_strlcpy_to_host and make it use new...
2009-04-30 Jeff Layton cifs: add new function to get unicode string length...
2009-04-30 Jeff Layton cifs: add replacement for cifs_strtoUCS_le called cifs_...
2009-04-30 Jeff Layton cifs: move #defines for mapchars into cifs_unicode.h
2008-02-07 Steve French [CIFS] reduce checkpatch warnings
2007-07-13 Steve French [CIFS] whitespace/formatting fixes
2007-06-28 Steve French [CIFS] whitespace fixes
2005-11-11 Steve French [CIFS] Cleanup sparse warnings for unicode little endia...
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2 master