Merge git://
[linux-3.10.git] / drivers / watchdog / Kconfig
2012-03-28 Linus Torvalds Merge git://
2012-03-27 Linus Torvalds Merge tag 'cleanup' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2012-03-27 Axel Lin watchdog: Convert txx9wdt driver to watchdog framework
2012-03-27 Linus Walleij watchdog: coh901327: convert to use watchdog core
2012-03-27 H Hartley Sweeten watchdog: Convert ep93xx driver to watchdog core
2012-03-27 Alan Cox watchdog: softdog: convert to watchdog core
2012-03-27 Axel Lin watchdog: Convert max63xx_wdt driver to watchdog framework
2012-03-27 Wolfram Sang watchdog: pnx4008: convert driver to use the watchdog...
2012-03-27 Axel Lin watchdog: Convert wm8350_wdt driver to watchdog core
2012-03-27 Axel Lin watchdog: Convert jz4740_wdt driver to watchdog core
2012-03-22 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'next' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2012-03-16 Martyn Welch powerpc: Add GE FPGA config option
2012-03-13 Olof Johansson Merge branch 'next/cleanup-exynos-clock' of git://git...
2012-03-02 Kukjin Kim ARM: S3C24XX: change the ARCH_S3C2410 to ARCH_S3C24XX
2012-02-28 Masanari Iida watchdog: Fix typo in Kconfig
2012-02-21 Masanari Iida watchdog: Fix typo in Kconfig
2012-01-06 Marc Vertes watchdog: new driver for VIA chipsets
2011-11-15 Wim Van Sebroeck watchdog: adx_wdt.c: remove driver
2011-11-05 Mark Brown watchdog: Convert wm831x driver to watchdog core
2011-11-05 Wolfram Sang watchdog: s3c2410: convert to use the watchdog framework
2011-11-02 Al Viro um: switch to use of drivers/Kconfig
2011-11-02 Al Viro um: clean Kconfig up a bit
2011-08-02 Josh Boyer watchdog: Cleanup WATCHDOG_CORE help text
2011-07-28 Wim Van Sebroeck watchdog: WatchDog Timer Driver Core - Add basic framework
2011-07-26 Alejandro Cabrera watchdog: Add Xilinx watchdog timer driver
2011-07-22 Sascha Hauer watchdog: i.MX: use IMX_HAVE_PLATFORM_IMX2_WDT to depend on
2011-07-22 Jamie Iles watchdog: add support for the Synopsys DesignWare WDT
2011-07-17 Randy Dunlap watchdog: hpwdt depends on PCI
2011-07-16 Olaf Hering watchdog: fix hpwdt Kconfig regression in 3.0-rc
2011-06-28 Jesper Juhl watchdog: Intel SCU Watchdog: Fix build and remove...
2011-05-19 John Crispin MIPS: Lantiq: Add watchdog support
2011-03-31 Lucas De Marchi Fix common misspellings
2011-03-18 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/wim/linux-2.6-watchdog
2011-03-17 Paul Mundt Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2011-03-15 Jan Beulich watchdog: Xen watchdog driver
2011-03-15 Donald Johnson watchdog: Intel SCU Watchdog Timer Driver for Moorestow...
2011-03-15 Paul Cercueil watchdog: add JZ4740 watchdog driver
2011-03-15 Huaro Tomita watchdog: it87_wdt: Add support for IT8721F watchdog
2011-03-15 Tony Camuso watchdog: hpwdt: build hpwdt as module by default with...
2011-03-15 Naga Chumbalkar watchdog: hpwdt: Fix a couple of typos
2011-02-08 Philippe De Muyter m68knommu: Rename m548x_wdt.c to m54xx_wdt.c
2011-01-26 Paul Mundt Merge branches 'sh/wdt', 'sh/pci-express-async' and...
2011-01-12 Philippe De Muyter watchdog: Add MCF548x watchdog driver.
2011-01-12 Gabor Juhos watchdog: add driver for the Atheros AR71XX/AR724X...
2011-01-12 Mike Waychison watchdog: Add TCO support for nVidia chipsets
2011-01-12 Priyanka Gupta watchdog: Add support for sp5100 chipset TCO
2011-01-12 Lutz Ballaschke watchdog: f71808e_wdt: add F71862FG, F71869 to Kconfig
2011-01-12 Benny Loenstrup... watchdog: Add watchdog support for W83627DHG chip
2010-12-02 Wim Van Sebroeck watchdog: it8712f_wdt: add note to Kconfig
2010-10-28 Florian Fainelli watchdog: add support for Broadcom BCM63xx built-in...
2010-10-28 Giel van Schijndel watchdog: f71808e_wdt: add support for the F71889FG
2010-10-28 Ondrej Zajicek watchdog: it87_wdt: Add support for watchdogs with...
2010-10-28 Ondrej Zajicek watchdog: it87_wdt: Add support for IT8720F watchdog
2010-10-14 Timur Tabi powerpc/watchdog: Make default timeout for Book-E watch...
2010-10-14 Timur Tabi powerpc/watchdog: Allow the Book-E driver to be compile...
2010-09-15 Kevin Wells watchdog: Enable NXP LPC32XX support in Kconfig (resend)
2010-08-13 dann frazier watchdog: hpwdt (12/12): Make NMI decoding a compile...
2010-08-13 dann frazier watchdog: hpwdt (4/12): Despecificate driver from iLO2
2010-08-08 Viresh KUMAR watchdog: Adding support for ARM Primecell SP805 Watchdog
2010-08-08 Giel van Schijndel watchdog: f71808e_wdt: new watchdog driver for Fintek...
2010-08-05 David Daney WATCHDOG: Add watchdog driver for OCTEON SOCs
2010-05-25 Wolfram Sang watchdog: Driver for the watchdog timer on Freescale...
2010-05-25 Banajit Goswami watchdog: s3c2410_wdt - Add extra option to include...
2010-05-25 Paul Mundt watchdog: shwdt: Kill off mmap stub and superfluous...
2010-05-12 Srinidhi Kasagar ARM: 6126/1: ARM mpcore_wdt: fix build failure and...
2010-04-16 Geert Uytterhoeven [WATCHDOG] max63xx driver depends on ioremap()
2010-04-16 Santosh Shilimkar [WATCHDOG] omap4: Fix WDT Kconfig
2010-04-03 Marc Zyngier [WATCHDOG] set max63xx driver as ARM only
2010-03-06 Martyn Welch [WATCHDOG] gef_wdt: Author corrections following split...
2010-03-06 Marc Zyngier [WATCHDOG] support for max63xx watchdog timer chips
2010-03-06 Mika Westerberg [WATCHDOG] ep93xx: implemented watchdog timer driver...
2010-02-15 Tony Lindgren omap3: Replace ARCH_OMAP34XX with ARCH_OMAP3
2010-02-15 Tony Lindgren omap2: Convert ARCH_OMAP24XX to ARCH_OMAP2
2010-01-25 Denis Turischev [WATCHDOG] sbc_fitpc2_wdt: fix I/O space access technique.
2009-12-18 Andres Salomon watchdog: update geodewdt for new MFGPT API
2009-12-17 Ralf Baechle MIPS: eXcite: Remove platform.
2009-12-08 Albrecht DreƟ mpc52xx/wdt: remove obsolete old WDT implementation
2009-09-25 Thierry Reding [WATCHDOG] Add support for the Avionic Design Xanthos...
2009-09-18 Mark Brown [WATCHDOG] Add support for WM831x watchdog
2009-09-18 Wan ZongShun [WATCHDOG] Add watchdog driver for NUC900
2009-09-18 Denis Turischev [WATCHDOG] add SBC-FITPC2 watchdog driver
2009-06-23 Wim Van Sebroeck [WATCHDOG] wdt_pci.c: remove #ifdef CONFIG_WDT_501_PCI
2009-06-20 matthieu castet [WATCHDOG] add bcm47xx watchdog driver
2009-06-20 dmitry pervushin [WATCHDOG] Freescale STMP: watchdog driver
2009-06-20 Timo Kokkonen [WATCHDOG] twl4030 watchdog driver
2009-06-20 Linus Walleij [WATCHDOG] U300 COH 901 327 watchdog driver
2009-06-20 Daniel Laird [WATCHDOG] Add pnx833x_wdt
2009-06-14 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-06-12 Pavel Machek trivial: Kconfig: .ko is normally not included in modul...
2009-06-08 Nicolas Pitre [ARM] Orion/Kirkwood: rename orion5x_wdt to orion_wdt
2009-06-08 Thomas Reitmayr [ARM] Kirkwood: Add the watchdog timer as a platform...
2009-04-08 Paulius Zaleckas [WATCHDOG] remove ARM26 sections
2009-03-30 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Merge commit 'origin/master' into next
2009-03-25 Alan Cox [WATCHDOG] wdt.c: remove #ifdef CONFIG_WDT_501
2009-03-19 Martyn Welch powerpc/86xx: Board support for GE Fanuc's PPC9A
2009-02-18 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Merge commit 'origin/master' into next
2009-02-14 Wim Van Sebroeck [WATCHDOG] iTCO_wdt: fix SMI_EN regression 2
2009-01-29 Martyn Welch powerpc/86xx: Board support for GE Fanuc SBC310
2009-01-24 Russell King [ARM] omap: watchdog: allow OMAP watchdog driver on...
2009-01-12 Sean MacLennan [WATCHDOG] Pika Warp appliance watchdog timer