Merge branch 'linux-3.10.61' into dev-kernel-3.10
[linux-3.10.git] / drivers / net / usb / ax88179_178a.c
2014-12-01 Ishan Mittal Merge branch 'linux-3.10.61' into dev-kernel-3.10
2014-11-14 Ian Morgan ax88179_178a: fix bonding failure
2014-07-09 Freddy Xin ax88179_178a: Correct the RX error definition in RX...
2014-03-07 Emil Goode usbnet: remove generic hard_header_len check
2013-08-12 Eric Dumazet usbnet: do not pretend to support SG/TSO
2013-04-11 Ming Lei usbnet: ax88179_1781: apply usbnet_link_change
2013-03-03 Freddy Xin ax88179_178a: ASIX AX88179_178A USB 3.0/2.0 to gigabit...