netdev: pasemi: fix return value check in pasemi_mac_phy_init()
[linux-3.10.git] / drivers / net / ethernet / pasemi / pasemi_mac.c
2012-09-27 Wei Yongjun netdev: pasemi: fix return value check in pasemi_mac_ph...
2012-05-03 Stephen Rothwell net/pasemi: fix compiler warning
2012-02-23 Danny Kukawka ethernet: unify return value of .ndo_set_mac_address...
2012-02-08 Pradeep A. Dalvi netdev: ethernet dev_alloc_skb to netdev_alloc_skb
2012-01-31 Joe Perches drivers/net: Remove alloc_etherdev error messages
2011-10-19 Eric Dumazet net: add skb frag size accessors
2011-10-06 Ian Campbell net: use DMA_x_DEVICE and dma_mapping_error with skb_fr...
2011-09-15 Ian Campbell pasemi: convert to SKB paged frag API.
2011-08-18 Jiri Pirko net: remove use of ndo_set_multicast_list in drivers
2011-08-11 Jeff Kirsher pasemic_mac*: Move the PA Semi driver