leds: lm355x: rename devAttr to avoid CamelCase
[linux-3.10.git] / drivers / leds / leds-lm3530.c
2013-02-02 Axel Lin leds: lm3530: Ensure drvdata->enable has correct status...
2012-11-28 Bill Pemberton leds: remove use of __devexit
2012-11-28 Bill Pemberton leds: remove use of __devinit
2012-11-28 Bill Pemberton leds: remove use of __devexit_p
2012-09-12 Sachin Kamat leds-lm3530: Fix smatch warnings
2012-09-12 Sachin Kamat leds-lm3530: Use devm_regulator_get function
2012-07-23 Bryan Wu leds: convert LM3530 LED driver to devm_kzalloc() and...
2012-05-29 Kim, Milo drivers/leds/leds-lm3530.c: simplify als configuration...
2012-03-23 Axel Lin drivers/leds/leds-lm3530.c: move the code setting gen_c...
2012-03-23 Kim, Milo leds-lm3530: replace pltfm with pdata
2012-03-23 Kim, Milo leds-lm3530: remove LM3530_ALS_ZONE_REG code
2012-03-23 Kim, Milo leds-lm3530: support pwm input mode
2012-03-23 Kim, Milo leds-lm3530: replace i2c_client with led_classdev
2012-03-23 Kim, Milo leds-lm3530: set the max_brightness to 127
2012-02-09 Axel Lin drivers/leds/leds-lm3530.c: fix setting pltfm->als_vmax
2012-01-11 Axel Lin leds: convert led i2c drivers to module_i2c_driver
2011-11-07 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'modsplit-Oct31_2011' of git://git./linux...
2011-11-01 Axel Lin drivers/leds/leds-lm3530.c: add __devexit_p where needed
2011-11-01 Wolfram Sang drivers/leds/leds-lm3530.c: remove obsolete cleanup...
2011-10-31 Paul Gortmaker drivers/leds: Add module.h to files using it implicitly
2011-07-26 Shreshtha Kumar... arch/arm/mach-ux500/board-u5500.c: calibrate ALS input...
2011-05-25 Shreshtha Kumar... drivers/leds/leds-lm3530.c: add regulator
2011-05-18 Axel Lin drivers/leds/leds-lm3530.c: add MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE
2011-03-23 Shreshtha Kumar... leds: add driver for LM3530 ALS