clocks: tegra12: Use static CPU-EMC co-relation
[linux-3.10.git] / drivers / base /
2016-03-01 Sumit Singh Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev/sumit-linux...
2016-02-04 Viraj Karandikar PM/Domain: propogate genpd_start_dev return value
2016-01-07 Stephen Rothwell Finally eradicate CONFIG_HOTPLUG
2015-10-22 Mark Brown regmap: debugfs: Don't bother actually printing when...
2015-10-22 Mark Brown regmap: debugfs: Ensure we don't underflow when printin...
2015-09-21 Grant Likely drivercore: Fix unregistration path of platform devices
2015-09-21 Masahiro Yamada devres: fix devres_get()
2015-09-15 Maneet Singh base: dma-coherent: don't do back to back VPR config...
2015-09-08 Zheng Liu pm: l4t: honor events_check_enabled for wakeup
2015-08-18 Sumit Singh PM/Domain: Fix build warning
2015-08-03 Linus Torvalds Fix firmware loader uevent buffer NULL pointer dereference
2015-08-03 Arun Chandran regmap: Fix regmap_bulk_read in BE mode
2015-07-22 Marek Szyprowski drivers: dma-contiguous: add initialization from device...
2015-07-22 Marek Szyprowski drivers: dma-contiguous: clean source code and prepare...
2015-07-21 Sri Krishna chowdary devres: Add memtrack debugfs support
2015-06-30 Henry Lin base: dma-contiguous: fix allocation failure
2015-05-19 Sumit Singh PM/Domain: Add pd supporting functions
2015-05-11 Sumit Singh Merge branch 'android-3.10' into 'dev-kernel-3.10'
2015-04-29 Alex Van Brunt drivers/base: add DMA_CMA for compatibility
2015-04-14 Ruchi Kandoi wakeup: Add last wake up source logging for suspend...
2015-04-09 Maneet Singh base: dma-coherent: aggregate vpr config updates when...
2015-03-23 Laxman Dewangan regmap: core: add support to init device register from...
2015-03-10 Christopher James... dma-buf: Expose buffer size to userspace (v2)
2015-03-09 Sumit Singh PM/Domains: Add some pd supporting functions
2015-03-05 Deepak Nibade PM/Domain: use API to set genpd status
2015-03-04 Konsta Holtta dma-buf: use dev_name for debugfs dumps
2015-03-02 Shridhar Rasal power : enable trace events device in pm_callback
2015-03-02 Shridhar Rasal power: add trace events suspend-resume path
2015-02-11 Ishan Mittal Merge linux-3.10.67 into dev-kernel-3.10
2015-01-27 Maneet Singh base: dma-contiguous: Add function cma_get_total_pages...
2015-01-16 Alex Williamson driver core: Fix unbalanced device reference in drivers...
2015-01-10 Sumit Singh PM/Domains: Unlock mutex before returning
2014-12-28 Bibek Basu PM / Sleep: add support for late early noirq suspend
2014-12-26 Krishna Reddy base: cma: allow mapping memory as noncached
2014-12-20 Ishwarya Balaji... PM / QoS: fix memleak in qos_constraints_allocate
2014-12-15 Lars-Peter Clausen regmap: Make regmap-mmio usable from atomic contexts
2014-12-14 Sumit Singh Merge "Merge branch 'android-3.10' into 'dev-kernel...
2014-12-10 Ulf Hansson drivercore / platform: Convert to dev_pm_domain_attach...
2014-12-10 Ulf Hansson PM / Domains: Add APIs to attach/detach a PM domain...
2014-12-10 Laxman Dewangan device: core: add support for late_shutdown
2014-12-10 Tomasz Figa PM / Domains: Add generic OF-based PM domain look-up
2014-12-10 Sumit Singh Merge branch 'android-3.10' into 'dev-kernel-3.10'
2014-12-03 Nitin Kumbhar PM/Domain: fix delayed genpd poweroff
2014-12-01 Ishan Mittal Merge branch 'linux-3.10.61' into dev-kernel-3.10
2014-12-01 Sumit Singh Merge branch 'android-3.10' into 'dev-kernel-3.10'
2014-11-17 Ishan Mittal Merge branch 'linux-3.10.59' into dev-kernel-3.10
2014-11-14 Yijing Wang sysfs: driver core: Fix glue dir race condition by...
2014-10-30 Kees Cook firmware_class: make sure fw requests contain a name
2014-10-30 Pankaj Dubey regmap: fix NULL pointer dereference in _regmap_write...
2014-10-30 Xiubo Li regmap: debugfs: fix possbile NULL pointer dereference
2014-10-30 Ishan Mittal Merge branch 'linux-3.10.49' into dev-kernel-3.10
2014-10-29 Ruchi Kandoi power: Adds functionality to log the last suspend abort...
2014-10-27 Sumit Singh regmap: Enable -Werror flag for base/regmap/*
2014-10-27 Laxman Dewangan regmap: cache_rbtree: ignore memleak reports for alloca...
2014-10-27 Sumit Singh drivers: regmap: Fix compile time warning
2014-10-25 Dan Willemsen firmware: Fix android vendor path
2014-10-17 Terje Bergstrom Revert partially "ARM64: tegra: loki: add e01 dt file"
2014-10-17 Ray Poudrier ARM64: tegra: loki: add e01 dt file
2014-10-12 Dylan Reid regmap: cache: Step by stride in default sync
2014-10-12 Dylan Reid regmap: cache: Don't attempt to sync non-writeable...
2014-10-12 Maarten ter Huurne regmap: Implemented default cache sync operation
2014-10-12 Dylan Reid regmap: cache: Handle stride > 1 in sync_block_raw_flush
2014-10-11 Krishna Reddy base: dma-contiguous: handle highmem correct
2014-10-05 Mark Brown regmap: Fix handling of volatile registers for format_w...
2014-10-02 Krishna Reddy base: dma-coherent: defer resizable heap shrink
2014-10-02 Krishna Reddy base: dma-contiguous: retry on alloc failure
2014-10-02 Krishna Reddy base: dma-contiguous: Set CMA page prot to page_kernel_exec
2014-10-02 Krishna Reddy Revert "base: dma-contiguous: retry on alloc failure"
2014-09-22 Vandana Salve dma:coherent: API dma_get_coherent_stats added
2014-09-16 Sumit Singh Merge remote-tracking branch 'android/android-3.10...
2014-09-12 Hiroshi Doyu dma-buf: lazy unmapping for dma shared buffer
2014-09-09 Krishna Reddy base: dma-contiguous: retry on alloc failure
2014-08-28 Ard Biesheuvel cpu: add generic support for CPU feature based module...
2014-08-26 Krishna Reddy dma:coherent: manage resizable memory with single device
2014-08-18 Maxime Bizon firmware loader: fix pending_fw_head list corruption
2014-08-13 Viraj Karandikar firmware: Add vendor specific path to search paths
2014-08-12 Takashi Iwai firmware: Avoid deadlock of usermodehelper lock at...
2014-08-09 Krishna Reddy base: dma-coherent: set chunk size to total size, if...
2014-07-23 Sang-Hun Lee PM/Domain: cancel workqueue upon power off
2014-07-14 Krishna Reddy dma: coherent: fix resizable carveout issues
2014-07-14 Krishna Reddy base: dma-contiguous: add API to specify the start...
2014-06-30 Deepak Nibade dma: coherent: error handling on heap resize failure
2014-06-17 Ulf Hansson PM / Runtime: Fix error path for prepare
2014-06-12 Chaitanya Bandi regmap: irq: Add pre_irq and post_irq support
2014-06-07 Grant Likely drivercore: deferral race condition fix
2014-06-07 Vincent Stehlé topology: Fix compilation warning when not in SMP
2014-04-22 Seshendra Gadagottu PM/domain: Fix compilation issue with PM_RUNTIME disable
2014-04-14 Laxman Dewangan regmap: irq: print wakeup sub-irq on system resume
2014-04-11 Arto Merilainen PM/Domains: Export always-on governor
2014-04-11 Arto Merilainen PM/Domain: Export pm_genpd symbols
2014-03-28 Laxman Dewangan regmap: add support for mask all interrupts on shutdown
2014-03-27 Vandana Salve dma: coherent: support residual memory chunk
2014-03-11 Vandana Salve dma: coherent: Handle resizable coherent memory
2014-02-27 Arto Merilainen dmabuf: Support driver data
2014-02-24 Vandana Salve base: dma-coherent: Add maximum alignment order
2014-02-13 Alex Frid regmap: cache: Add interface to change volatile attribute
2014-02-10 pchiang PM / QoS: check NULL and ENODEV on power.qos
2014-02-06 Neil Gabriel Add firmware path to the firmware search paths.
2014-02-06 Neil Gabriel Attempt kernel firmware load before going to udev.
2014-02-06 Terje Bergstrom PM/Domain: Propagate restore_state error to caller