dm persistent data: add transactional array
[linux-3.10.git] / drivers / base / dma-buf.c
2013-01-17 Borislav Petkov dma_buf: Cleanup dma_buf_fd
2012-12-20 Rob Clark dma-buf: might_sleep() in dma_buf_unmap_attachment()
2012-09-27 Al Viro make get_file() return its argument
2012-06-15 Randy Dunlap driver core: fix some kernel-doc warnings in dma*.c
2012-05-25 Linus Torvalds Merge tag 'tag-for-linus-3.5' of git://
2012-05-25 Sumit Semwal dma-buf: minor documentation fixes.
2012-05-25 Dave Airlie dma-buf: add vmap interface
2012-05-25 Daniel Vetter dma-buf: mmap support
2012-04-18 Randy Dunlap driver core: fix dma-buf.c kernel-doc warnings
2012-03-26 Daniel Vetter dma-buf: add support for kernel cpu access
2012-03-26 Daniel Vetter dma-buf: don't hold the mutex around map/unmap calls
2012-03-26 Dave Airlie dma-buf: pass flags into dma_buf_fd.
2012-03-26 Sumit Semwal dma-buf: add dma_data_direction to unmap dma_buf_op
2012-03-19 Laurent Pinchart dma-buf: Move code out of mutex-protected section in...
2012-03-19 Laurent Pinchart dma-buf: Return error instead of using a goto statement...
2012-03-19 Laurent Pinchart dma-buf: Remove unneeded sanity checks
2012-03-19 Laurent Pinchart dma-buf: Constify ops argument to dma_buf_export()
2012-01-06 Sumit Semwal dma-buf: Introduce dma buffer sharing mechanism