arm64: alternative: Provide if/else/endif assembler macros
[linux-3.10.git] / arch /
2018-03-12 Nicolin Chen arm64: alternative: Provide if/else/endif assembler...
2018-03-12 Martin Gao arm64: Add CONFIG_HARDEN_BRANCH_PREDICTOR option
2018-03-12 Greg Hackmann clocksource: arch_timer: make virtual counter access...
2018-03-12 Nicolin Chen arm64: Handle traps from accessing CNTVCT/CNTFRQ via...
2018-03-12 Greg Hackmann arm64: Issue isb when trapping CNTVCT_EL0 access
2018-03-12 Marc Zyngier BACKPORT: arm64: Add CNTFRQ_EL0 trap handler
2018-03-12 Marc Zyngier [PATCH 1/4] BACKPORT: arm64: Add CNTVCT_EL0 trap handler
2018-02-06 Konduri Praveen CRYPTO: disable disable crypto dev for t210
2017-09-19 Sandipan Patra arm64: dts: update emc dvfs table for Jetson CV
2017-09-19 Shreshtha SAHU arm64: tegra21: Add USB_SERIAL_CP210X config
2017-07-26 Sri Krishna chowdary mm: larger stack guard gap, between vmas
2017-06-08 Shreshtha SAHU arm64: tegra: jetson_cv: clear DSR bit in EMC_DYN_SELF_...
2017-06-08 Shreshtha SAHU arm64: dt: emc: t210: Add nvidia,poll_thresh_freq
2017-06-08 Shreshtha SAHU ARM64: tegra21: lower threshold of dram throttle
2017-05-05 Suresh Mangipudi DT: Jetson: Remove unused usb-vbus3 DT node
2017-05-05 Vincent Chung arm: dts: Remove support for IMX208 sensor
2017-05-05 Jerry Chang arm64: dts: update pll source for sdmmc3
2016-12-02 Stephen Warren arm64: config: enable Trusty for L4T
2016-12-02 Sharif Inamdar ARM64: t210: dts: use virtual timer for secure timer
2016-12-02 Arve Hjønnevåg arm: smp: Add support for custom ipi interrupt handlers
2016-12-02 Arve Hjønnevåg arm64: smp: Add support for custom ipi interrupt handlers
2016-12-02 Arve Hjønnevåg trusty: fiq-arm64: Allow multiple fiq handlers.
2016-12-02 Arve Hjønnevåg arm64: Add fiq_glue stub
2016-11-21 Stephen Warren ARM: tegra210: add Trusty DT
2016-11-16 Varun Wadekar arm64: tegra: pm: extended state ID format for power...
2016-11-16 Varun Wadekar arm64: psci: enable support for extended PSCI state ID
2016-11-16 Varun Wadekar Revert "arm64: export functions for cpuidle drivers"
2016-11-16 Varun Wadekar arm64: tegra210: PSCI v1.0 compatible function IDs
2016-11-16 Varun Wadekar cpuidle: tegra210: idle state parameters from the devic...
2016-10-24 Frank Chen ARM64: DT: imx185: Add gain delay support
2016-10-17 Bibek Basu arm64: tegra: jetson-cv: add hynix emc dvfs
2016-10-12 Prabhu Kuttiyam Revert "arm64: tegra21: enable Android Composite Gadget"
2016-10-07 Saurabh Maniktala WAR:arm64: dts: update imx185 dt
2016-10-07 Ninad Malwade kernel: arm64: Added "model name" in /proc/cpuinfo
2016-10-04 Vidya Sagar arm64: config: enable IGB driver
2016-09-22 Frank Chen ARM64: DT: ov23850: Update mode settings
2016-09-22 Frank Chen ARM64: dt: power setting for camera plugin-manager
2016-09-21 Rohit Khanna Revert "arm64:mm: rm swtch to ASID0 in ctxt swtch"
2016-09-15 Rajkumar Kasirajan ARM64: jetson-e: disable tskin estimator
2016-09-15 Mark Kuo arm64: tegra21: enable Android Composite Gadget
2016-09-13 esen chen drivers: media: update imx185 driver
2016-09-10 Venkat Reddy Talla ARM64: dts: change FPS source for LDO0 and LDO1
2016-08-08 esen chen dts: add new l4t dtb for liimx185 base jetson-tx1
2016-08-05 Rajkumar Kasirajan Revert "Revert "Revert "ARM64: tegra210: move Host1x...
2016-07-29 Robert Collins dtsi: sensors: Remove restrictions to run sensors at...
2016-07-29 Robert Collins dtsi: sensors: Remove frequency limits on accel/gyro.
2016-07-29 Robert Collins dtsi: sensors: Limit accel to 10Hz lower frequency.
2016-07-27 esen chen arm64: dts: update imx185 dt
2016-07-27 Frank Chen arm64: dts: Update IMX185 DT settings
2016-07-25 Bhanu Murthy V arch: arm64: boot: dts: T210 camera devnames
2016-07-21 Frank Chen dts: plugin-manager: Fix ov5693 csi port index
2016-07-21 Daniel Fu arm64: dts: Add new dts file for Darcy with new memory
2016-07-21 Josh Kuo arm64: dts: imx274: enable multiple sensor modes
2016-07-20 Shreshtha SAHU arm64: tegra21: enable CONFIG_SWAP
2016-07-19 Ahung Cheng arm: arm64: boot: dts: gang_mode
2016-07-17 Bitan Biswas ARM64: DTS: t210: sdhci pd disable
2016-07-17 Gaurav Singh Fix the casting issue
2016-07-16 Mark Kuo platform: tegra: padctl: add receiver detector API
2016-07-15 Ahung Cheng video: tegra: dc: sysfs for HDMI AVI content type
2016-07-14 Frank Chen ARM64: DT: E3326 auto detect support
2016-07-13 Ahung Cheng video: tegra: dc: HDMI SPD InfoFrame support
2016-07-12 Sunny Li arch: arm64: boot: dts: Remove barometer
2016-07-07 esen chen arm64: dts: wdr/non-wdr 30fps modes for imx185
2016-07-05 Ninad Malwade arch: arm64: kernel: disable the regs dump
2016-07-05 Josh Kuo drivers: IMX274: fix AE blink in manual exposure
2016-06-30 Bibek Basu arm64: config: update l4t defconfig
2016-06-29 Bryan Wu ARM64: add Docker related options
2016-06-28 Joe Korty Take care of unmet dependencies
2016-06-28 Joe Korty Remove reference to HOTPLUG Kconfig var
2016-06-26 Bhanu Murthy V arch: arm64: boot: dts: Fix 210 ERS power tree
2016-06-22 Rajkumar Kasirajan arm64: t210: disable suspend and cpuidle
2016-06-21 David Wang ARM64: dts: removing HDR mode for E3326 ov5693
2016-06-21 Robert Collins dsti: sensors: Fix Jetson sensor orientation vector
2016-06-21 Robert Collins dtsi: sensors: Limit JCV gyroscope min frequency to...
2016-06-21 Robert Collins dts: sensors: Fix sensor orientation matrix
2016-06-21 Robert Collins Revert "Revert "dtsi: sensors: Limit gyroscope min...
2016-06-15 Bhanu Murthy V arch: arm64: boot: dts: HDMI Support
2016-06-15 Bhanu Murthy V arch: arm64: dt: update cropping feature support
2016-06-15 Bhanu Murthy V arch: configs: Add E3323/E3322 support for L4T
2016-06-08 Gaurav Batra ARM64: dts: set orientation to absolute value
2016-06-07 Shardar Shariff Md arm64: dts: Enable RX buffer throtling on BT instance
2016-06-07 Frank Chen ARM64: DT: update DT for Hawkeye
2016-06-07 Vaibhav Shinde arm64: dts: hawkeye: set fastboot without usb node
2016-06-07 Bhanu Murthy V arch: arm64: boot: dts: Correct regulators
2016-06-07 Anshul Jain arm64: dts: Fix compatible strings
2016-06-01 Robert Collins Revert "dtsi: sensors: Limit gyroscope min frequency...
2016-05-31 Ajay Nandakumar platform: nvadsp: check evp address before copying
2016-05-31 Petlozu Pravareshwar ARM64: DT: Foster: Update otg_portmap for Foster
2016-05-27 Bhanu Murthy V arch: arm64: boot: dts: HDMI support
2016-05-20 Mohan Thadikamalla ARM64: DT: Hawkeye: Use DTB for Wi-Fi card detect
2016-05-20 esen chen arch: arm64: config: enable IMX185 sensor
2016-05-18 Kerwin Wan arm64: tegra: jetson_tx1: disable dsi by default
2016-05-17 Laxman Dewangan ARM: kernel: remove the __init from register_persistent...
2016-05-13 Ajith Kumar arch: arm64: dts: add new entry for sensor crop.
2016-05-13 Wenjia Zhou arch:arm64:boot:dts: Add clk,config to mipical
2016-05-12 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: increase GND voltage range for ADC for...
2016-05-12 Rakesh Babu Bodla arm: dts: change current to micro ampere
2016-05-12 Rakesh Babu Bodla usb: tegra: configure current in ua
2016-05-11 Bryan Wu ARM: L4T: disable soc_camera for T124
2016-05-11 Sudhir Vyas arch: arm64: dts: e3323: Add MFI flag