gpu: nvgpu: move check_gp_put() and update_gp_get() to worker
[linux-3.10.git] / arch
2015-12-18 Somdutta Roy arm64: dts: t210: update cpu-emc frequency table
2015-12-17 Akhilesh Reddy Khumbum ARM64: dts; Hawkeye: Disable SAR for wifi SKU
2015-12-16 wahsu Hawkeye: Remove TNID in android serial number
2015-12-12 Venkat Reddy Talla ARM64: dts; Hawkeye: add A04 and A05 wifi SKU dts
2015-12-11 Prafull Suryawanshi ARM64: tegra210: hawkeye: set FPS timing to 5120us
2015-12-11 Prafull Suryawanshi arm64: t210: adjust core and post soc core timers.
2015-12-03 David Pu ARM: tegra: hawkeye:added touch_clk_sel gpio
2015-11-30 wahsu ST8: DTS: disable ltr proxmity device
2015-11-27 Petlozu Pravareshwar arm: dt: p1761: Correct name-format of a DT entry
2015-11-25 Prafull Suryawanshi TEMP: stop_machine: serialize disable IRQ sequence
2015-11-25 Todd Poynter Revert "arm64: t210: change post soc core time"
2015-11-25 Todd Poynter Revert "ARM64: tegra210: hawkeye: set FPS timing to...
2015-11-21 Rene Houle arm: tegra12: Enable hid/Jarvis support
2015-11-20 Martin Gao arch: arm: boot: dts: remove cy8c for Darcy
2015-11-20 Damon Duan ARM64:jetson-cv: add dt support for A03 revision
2015-11-19 kraghavender Revert "arm64: t210: Enable the MCC in WiFi"
2015-11-19 Vidya Sagar arm64: t210: config: enable Intel 82576 NIC driver
2015-11-18 Venkat Reddy Talla ARM64: t210: foster: enable power supply extcon
2015-11-17 Shreshtha SAHU arm64: max77620: jetson-cv: update fps-time-period
2015-11-17 Anshul Jain ARM: tegra: Change FPS delay time
2015-11-13 kraghavender arm64: t210: Enable the MCC in WiFi
2015-11-13 Venkat Reddy Talla ARM: dts: disable id detection on vbus interrupt
2015-11-13 Marvin Zhang video: tegra: dc: add hdmivrr authentication
2015-11-12 Anshul Jain arm64: dts: add darcy in compatible machine
2015-11-12 Daniel Fu arm64: boot: dts: fix wifi enalbe issue
2015-11-12 Martin Gao arch: arm64: boot: dts: fix darcy commond dtsi
2015-11-12 Anshul Jain arch: arm64: dts: INA3221 config
2015-11-12 Daniel Fu arm64: dts: enable pwm-leds for darcy
2015-11-12 Martin Gao arch: arm64: boot: dts: enable pci boot detect delay
2015-11-12 Sang-Hun Lee arch: arm64: dts: darcy: add darcy identifier
2015-11-12 Daniel Fu arm64: dts: add power tree for darcy p2894
2015-11-12 Daniel Fu arm64: dts: add darcy extcon
2015-11-12 Daniel Fu arm64: dts: rename P2892 darcy to be proto-darcy
2015-11-12 Daniel Fu arm64: dts: darcy: Add top level dts.
2015-11-12 Shravani Dingari arm64: dts: add pinmux/gpio dtsi for t210 darcy
2015-11-12 John Moser Hawkeye: sysedp: DT: Lower batmon vsys_min
2015-11-12 Ian Chang arm: t124: enable CONFIG_CIFS
2015-11-12 Daniel Solomon video: tegra: dc: add new vrr params
2015-11-12 wahsu Revert "Revert "iio: proximity: SAR Stable Setting...
2015-11-12 Venkat Reddy Talla ARM64: jetson: provide commands for power off from...
2015-11-12 Harry Lin kernel: port brightness settings from rel-st8-l
2015-11-10 Laxman Dewangan ARM64: t210: hawkeye: provide commands for power off...
2015-11-10 Anand Prasad arch: arm: tegra: configs: Add xts-aes-neonbs
2015-11-10 Ankita Garg arm64:dts: DT nodes for timed_gpio_keys driver
2015-11-10 Ankita Garg arm64:config: defconfig for timed_gpio_keys driver
2015-11-09 Pankaj Kumar arm: config: enable uid_cputime for T124
2015-11-09 Aaron Huang arm64: t210: disable cluster switch for t210
2015-11-09 David Dastous St... Revert "arm64: p2530: dts: use psci 0.1"
2015-11-09 Venkat Reddy Talla ARM: dts: change FG and charger node names
2015-11-09 Kyle Wang arm: tegra: config: add null encryption support
2015-11-06 David Yu arm64: tegra: remove unused platform
2015-11-06 Mohan Thadikamalla arm: tegra: t124: Enable CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_NFLOG
2015-11-06 Todd Poynter Revert "iio: proximity: SAR Stable Setting V1.2.3"
2015-11-05 Frank Chen ARM64: foster: Add camera support
2015-11-05 Michael Hsu arm: config: tegra12: enable PNO / scheduled scan
2015-11-04 Daniel Solomon platform: tegra: add new panel_cy8c param
2015-11-04 Daniel Solomon arm64: configs: t210: Enable TEGRA_PANEL_CY8C
2015-11-03 Daniel Solomon ARM: tegra210: hawkeye: add support for display uC
2015-11-03 Mitch Luban arm: tegra: enable Tegra WDT for T124
2015-11-03 Anubhav jain arm64: DT: Disable periodic calibration for SD
2015-11-02 Venkat Reddy Talla ARM64: dts: disable ldo4 rail discharge on PMIC
2015-11-02 Neil Chen arm64: jetson-cv: disable ldo6
2015-11-01 Shylender Gaddamwar iio: proximity: SAR Stable Setting V1.2.3
2015-10-31 BH Hsieh arm64: dts: hawkeye: add missing regurators
2015-10-31 Harry Lin arm: dts: TN8: set KCL brightness level
2015-10-31 Gagan Grover ARM: tegra12: config: enable SECCOMP
2015-10-30 Aly Hirani video: tegra: dc: Expose HDCP through DT
2015-10-30 Amith Ramachandra tegra-se: Unregister algs support from tegra-se
2015-10-30 Aaron Huang tegra21_android_defconfig: enable uid_cputime
2015-10-27 Leo He ARM: tegra: correct sense res value of VDD_USB_5V0
2015-10-23 Vidya Sagar arm64: t210: enable realtek NIC driver
2015-10-23 Vidya Sagar arm64: t210: ksavedefconfig formatted output
2015-10-23 Aaron Bartholomew hawkeye: enable nvtouch; default mode vendor only
2015-10-23 Arun Swain tegra: dc: Add hdr support
2015-10-22 Hayden Du arm64: t210: disable cluster switch for t210.
2015-10-21 Amit Sharma (SW... arm64: tegra21: Increase VPR memory
2015-10-21 Suresh Mangipudi ARM: tegra: dts: enable skip resume flag
2015-10-21 Srinivas Ramachandran arm64: tegra210: dts: Map US/CA/IN to use Country code...
2015-10-20 Prafull Suryawanshi Revert "arm: tegra: no need to reserve fbmem"
2015-10-20 Prafull Suryawanshi Revert "video: tegra: dc: manage alloc/release framebuf...
2015-10-20 Gaurav Sarode arm64: jetson: add chosen node for EEPROM
2015-10-20 Ankita Garg loki: dts: Enable touch on loki-e
2015-10-19 Kerwin Wan arm64: tegra: update jetson_e emc dvfs to v983
2015-10-19 Kerwin Wan Revert "loki:foster: emc update to 983 v11"
2015-10-17 Erik Lilliebjerg arm: boot: dts: SB ALS calibration
2015-10-17 Robert Collins config: Add NVS drivers
2015-10-17 Robert Collins dts: Sensors: Add NVS sensor drivers
2015-10-17 Xiao Bo Zhao configs: tegra21_android_defconfig: add net sch
2015-10-17 Eric Miao arm: tegra: no need to reserve fbmem
2015-10-17 Eric Miao video: tegra: dc: manage alloc/release framebuffer...
2015-10-16 Arun Swain arm: tegra: dts: cmu: Tune LUT2 params
2015-10-15 David DSH loki:foster: emc update to 983 v11
2015-10-15 Kerwin Wan arm64: tegra: jetson_cv: update emc table to v7
2015-10-15 Sang-Hun Lee arm64: p2894: add a bring up memory table
2015-10-14 Kerwin Wan arm64: tegra: jetson_cv: disable INA on CVM by default
2015-10-09 Somdutta Roy ARM: dts: enable id detection on vbus interrupt
2015-10-09 Anand Prasad sysedp: Jetson-CV: Re-enable reactive capping.
2015-10-09 Prafull Suryawanshi ARM64: tegra210: hawkeye: set FPS timing to 5120us
2015-10-09 Prafull Suryawanshi arm64: t210: change post soc core time
2015-10-08 Sri Krishna chowdary ARM64: t210: config: Disable kmemleak