KVM: Add Directed EOI support to APIC emulation
[linux-3.10.git] / arch / x86 / kvm / lapic.c
2009-09-10 Gleb Natapov KVM: Add Directed EOI support to APIC emulation
2009-09-10 Michael S. Tsirkin KVM: remove in_range from io devices
2009-09-10 Marcelo Tosatti KVM: convert custom marker based tracing to event traces
2009-09-10 Gleb Natapov KVM: Optimize searching for highest IRR
2009-09-10 Gleb Natapov KVM: Use pointer to vcpu instead of vcpu_id in timer...
2009-09-10 Gleb Natapov KVM: Introduce kvm_vcpu_is_bsp() function.
2009-09-10 Marcelo Tosatti KVM: switch irq injection/acking data structures to...
2009-09-10 Jan Kiszka KVM: Cleanup LAPIC interface
2009-09-10 Gregory Haskins KVM: cleanup io_device code
2009-06-10 Glauber Costa KVM: fix apic_debug instances
2009-06-10 Hannes Eder KVM: make 'lapic_timer_ops' and 'kpit_ops' static
2009-06-10 Gleb Natapov KVM: APIC: get rid of deliver_bitmask
2009-06-10 Gleb Natapov KVM: change the way how lowest priority vcpu is calculated
2009-06-10 Gleb Natapov KVM: consolidate ioapic/ipi interrupt delivery logic
2009-06-10 Gleb Natapov KVM: APIC: kvm_apic_set_irq deliver all kinds of interrupts
2009-06-10 Marcelo Tosatti KVM: unify part of generic timer handling
2009-06-10 Sheng Yang KVM: bit ops for deliver_bitmap
2009-06-10 Sheng Yang KVM: Update intr delivery func to accept unsigned long...
2009-02-15 Marcelo Tosatti KVM: x86: fix LAPIC pending count calculation
2008-12-31 Jan Kiszka KVM: x86: Optimize NMI watchdog delivery
2008-12-31 Jan Kiszka KVM: x86: Fix and refactor NMI watchdog emulation
2008-12-31 Jan Kiszka KVM: Kick NMI receiving VCPU
2008-12-31 Jan Kiszka KVM: x86: Enable NMI Watchdog via in-kernel PIT source
2008-10-17 Arjan van de Ven Merge commit 'linus/master' into merge-linus
2008-10-15 Jan Kiszka KVM: x86: Silence various LAPIC-related host kernel...
2008-10-15 Marcelo Tosatti KVM: x86: do not execute halted vcpus
2008-10-15 Marcelo Tosatti KVM: irq ack notification
2008-10-15 Marcelo Tosatti KVM: x86: accessors for guest registers
2008-09-06 Arjan van de Ven hrtimer: convert kvm to the new hrtimer apis
2008-07-20 Marcelo Tosatti KVM: only abort guest entry if timer count goes from...
2008-07-20 Laurent Vivier KVM: kvm_io_device: extend in_range() to manage len...
2008-07-20 Sheng Yang KVM: IOAPIC/LAPIC: Enable NMI support
2008-07-20 Joerg Roedel KVM: VMX: move APIC_ACCESS trace entry to generic code
2008-06-24 Marcelo Tosatti KVM: close timer injection race window in __vcpu_run
2008-05-18 Marcelo Tosatti KVM: LAPIC: ignore pending timers if LVTT is disabled
2008-05-01 Roman Zippel rename div64_64 to div64_u64
2008-04-27 Joerg Roedel KVM: export kvm_lapic_set_tpr() to modules
2008-04-27 Avi Kivity KVM: Rename VCPU_MP_STATE_* to KVM_MP_STATE_*
2008-04-27 Marcelo Tosatti KVM: hlt emulation should take in-kernel APIC/PIT timer...
2008-04-27 Harvey Harrison KVM: replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurances
2008-03-04 Avi Kivity KVM: Avoid infinite-frequency local apic timer
2008-01-30 Avi Kivity KVM: Move apic timer migration away from critical section
2008-01-30 Avi Kivity KVM: Accelerated apic support
2008-01-30 Avi Kivity KVM: local APIC TPR access reporting facility
2008-01-30 Avi Kivity KVM: Move arch dependent files to new directory arch...