ARM: arm-soc: Merge branch 'next/clk' into next/pm
[linux-3.10.git] / arch / openrisc / kernel /
2012-10-13 Linus Torvalds Merge tag 'for-3.7' of git://
2012-10-13 Jeff Layton vfs: define struct filename and have getname() return it
2012-10-11 Gong Tao openrisc: mask interrupts in irq_mask_ack function
2012-10-11 Jonas Bonn openrisc: fix typos in comments and warnings
2012-10-11 Jonas Bonn openrisc: PIC should act on domain-local irqs
2012-09-21 Kees Cook audit: define AUDIT_ARCH_OPENRISC
2012-06-01 Al Viro new helper: signal_delivered()
2012-06-01 Al Viro most of set_current_blocked() callers want SIGKILL...
2012-06-01 Al Viro pull clearing RESTORE_SIGMASK into block_sigmask()
2012-06-01 Al Viro openrisc: tracehook_signal_handler() is supposed to...
2012-06-01 Al Viro new helper: sigmask_to_save()
2012-06-01 Al Viro new helper: restore_saved_sigmask()
2012-05-24 Al Viro move key_repace_session_keyring() into tracehook_notify...
2012-05-22 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'smp-hotplug-for-linus' of git://git....
2012-05-08 Jonas Bonn openrisc: use scratch regs in atomic syscall
2012-05-08 Jonas Bonn openrisc: provide dma_map_ops
2012-05-08 Jonas Bonn openrisc: remove unnecessary includes
2012-05-08 Jonas Bonn openrisc: implement irqdomains
2012-05-05 Thomas Gleixner openrisc: Use generic init_task
2012-03-28 Linus Torvalds Merge tag 'split-asm_system_h-for-linus-20120328' of...
2012-03-28 David Howells Disintegrate asm/system.h for OpenRISC
2012-03-06 Jonas Bonn openrisc: sanitize use of orig_gpr11
2012-03-06 Richard Weinberger OpenRISC: Export dump_stack()
2012-02-17 Jonas Bonn openrisc: Set shortest clock event to 100 ticks
2012-02-17 Matt Fleming OpenRISC: Use set_current_blocked() and block_sigmask()
2012-02-17 Matt Fleming OpenRISC: Don't mask signals if we fail to setup signal...
2012-02-17 Matt Fleming OpenRISC: No need to reset handler if SA_ONESHOT
2012-02-17 Matt Fleming OpenRISC: Don't reimplement force_sigsegv()
2012-02-17 Stefan Kristiansson openrisc: enable passing of flattened device tree pointer
2012-02-17 Jonas Bonn openrisc: Fix up audit_syscall_[entry|exit]() usage
2012-02-17 Jonas Bonn openrisc: include export.h for EXPORT_SYMBOL
2012-01-06 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'core-rcu-for-linus' of git://git./linux...
2011-12-11 Frederic Weisbecker nohz: Remove tick_nohz_idle_enter_norcu() / tick_nohz_i...
2011-12-11 Frederic Weisbecker nohz: Allow rcu extended quiescent state handling seper...
2011-12-11 Frederic Weisbecker nohz: Separate out irq exit and idle loop dyntick logic
2011-12-08 Tejun Heo memblock: s/memblock_analyze()/memblock_allow_resize...
2011-12-08 Tejun Heo memblock: Kill memblock_init()
2011-09-11 Jonas Bonn Add missing DMA ops
2011-09-05 Jonas Bonn openrisc: don't use pt_regs in struct sigcontext
2011-07-22 Jonas Bonn OpenRISC: Miscellaneous
2011-07-22 Jonas Bonn OpenRISC: Headers
2011-07-22 Jonas Bonn OpenRISC: Traps
2011-07-22 Jonas Bonn OpenRISC: Module support
2011-07-22 Jonas Bonn OpenRISC: Scheduling/Process management
2011-07-22 Jonas Bonn OpenRISC: Idle/Power management
2011-07-22 Jonas Bonn OpenRISC: System calls
2011-07-22 Jonas Bonn OpenRISC: IRQ
2011-07-22 Jonas Bonn OpenRISC: Timekeeping
2011-07-22 Jonas Bonn OpenRISC: DMA
2011-07-22 Jonas Bonn OpenRISC: PTrace
2011-07-22 Jonas Bonn OpenRISC: Build infrastructure
2011-07-22 Jonas Bonn OpenRISC: Signal handling
2011-07-22 Jonas Bonn OpenRISC: Device tree
2011-07-22 Jonas Bonn OpenRISC: Boot code