Merge branch 'upstream' of git://
[linux-3.10.git] / arch / mips / kernel / signal.c
2013-03-02 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'upstream' of git://
2013-02-03 Al Viro mips: sigsuspend() is essentially the same as rt_sigsus...
2013-02-03 Al Viro switch mips to generic rt_sigsuspend(), make it uncondi...
2013-02-03 Al Viro mips: switch to generic sigaltstack
2013-02-03 Al Viro mips: use sane prototype for sys_rt_sigsuspend()
2013-02-01 Ralf Baechle MIPS: Whitespace cleanup.
2012-12-12 Ralf Baechle MIPS: Fix harmlessly missing else statement.
2012-10-01 Al Viro mips: prevent hitting do_notify_resume() with !user_mod...
2012-09-22 Al Viro MIPS: Prevent hitting do_notify_resume() with !user_mod...
2012-06-01 Al Viro new helper: signal_delivered()
2012-06-01 Al Viro most of set_current_blocked() callers want SIGKILL...
2012-06-01 Al Viro TIF_RESTORE_SIGMASK can be set only when TIF_SIGPENDING...
2012-06-01 Al Viro pull clearing RESTORE_SIGMASK into block_sigmask()
2012-06-01 Al Viro new helper: sigmask_to_save()
2012-06-01 Al Viro new helper: restore_saved_sigmask()
2012-05-24 Al Viro move key_repace_session_keyring() into tracehook_notify...
2012-05-22 Al Viro new helper: sigsuspend()
2012-04-26 Matt Fleming MIPS: Use set_current_blocked() and block_sigmask()
2012-03-28 David Howells Disintegrate asm/system.h for MIPS
2011-09-21 Ralf Baechle MIPS: Handle __put_user() sleeping.
2011-03-14 David Daney MIPS: Fix GCC-4.6 'set but not used' warning in signal*.c
2010-10-18 Al Viro MIPS: do_sigaltstack() expects userland pointers
2010-10-18 Al Viro MIPS: Sanitize restart logics
2010-10-18 Al Viro MIPS: Don't block signals if we'd failed to setup a...
2010-04-12 David Daney MIPS: Move signal trampolines off of the stack.
2009-12-17 Ralf Baechle MIPS: Cleanup signal code initialization
2009-09-09 David Howells KEYS: Add missing linux/tracehook.h #inclusions
2009-09-02 David Howells KEYS: Add a keyctl to install a process's session keyri...
2009-09-02 David Howells KEYS: Extend TIF_NOTIFY_RESUME to (almost) all architec...
2009-02-27 Ralf Baechle MIPS: CVE-2009-0029: Enable syscall wrappers.
2007-10-11 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] checkfiles: Fix "need space after that ','"...
2007-05-08 Randy Dunlap header cleaning: don't include smp_lock.h when not...
2007-04-20 Atsushi Nemoto [MIPS] Retry {save,restore}_fp_context if failed in...
2007-04-20 Atsushi Nemoto [MIPS] Disallow CpU exception in kernel again.
2007-03-17 Atsushi Nemoto [MIPS] FPU ownership management & preemption fixes
2007-03-17 Atsushi Nemoto [MIPS] Check FCSR for pending interrupts, alternative...
2007-02-22 Franck Bui-Huu [MIPS] Add basic SMARTMIPS ASE support
2007-02-18 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] signals: Share even more code.
2007-02-13 Franck Bui-Huu [MIPS] signals: make common _BLOCKABLE macro
2007-02-13 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] signal: Move sigframe definition for native...
2007-02-10 Franck Bui-Huu [MIPS] signal: do not inline handle_signal()
2007-02-10 Franck Bui-Huu [MIPS] signal: do not use save_static_function() anymore
2007-02-10 Franck Bui-Huu [MIPS] signal: factorize debug code
2007-02-10 Franck Bui-Huu [MIPS] signal: test return value of install_sigtramp()
2007-02-10 Franck Bui-Huu [MIPS] signal: clean up sigframe structure
2007-02-10 Franck Bui-Huu [MIPS] signal: do not inline functions in signal-common.h
2007-02-06 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Whitespace cleanups.
2006-09-27 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Avoid double signal restarting.
2006-09-27 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Add missing returns in signal code.
2006-09-27 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Don't call try_to_freeze in do_signal & co.
2006-06-30 Jörn Engel Remove obsolete #include <linux/config.h>
2006-03-21 Atsushi Nemoto [MIPS] Signal cleanup
2006-02-08 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Make do_signal return void.
2006-02-08 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Add support for TIF_RESTORE_SIGMASK.
2006-02-07 Atsushi Nemoto [MIPS] Fix minor sparse warnings
2006-02-07 Atsushi Nemoto [MIPS] Sparse: Add some __user tags to signal functions.
2005-12-01 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Avoid duplicate do_syscall_trace calls on return...
2005-11-07 Atsushi Nemoto Fix return type of setup_frame variants
2005-10-29 Ralf Baechle Setup_frame is now returning a success value.
2005-10-29 Ralf Baechle Redo RM9000 workaround which along with other DSP ASE...
2005-10-29 Ralf Baechle Support the MIPS32 / MIPS64 DSP ASE.
2005-10-29 Ralf Baechle Sparseify MIPS.
2005-08-29 Steven Rostedt [PATCH] convert signal handling of NODEFER to act like...
2005-06-27 Yoichi Yuasa [PATCH] mips: fixed try_to_freeze build error
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2 master