Merge branch 'upstream' of git://
[linux-3.10.git] / arch / mips / kernel / scall64-n32.S
2013-03-02 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'upstream' of git://
2013-02-03 Al Viro mips: switch to generic sys_fork() and sys_clone()
2013-02-03 Al Viro mips: don't bother with compat_sys_futex() wrappers
2013-02-03 Al Viro mips: switch to generic compat rt_sigaction()
2013-02-03 Al Viro mips: switch to generic compat sched_rr_get_interval()
2013-02-03 Al Viro mips: switch to generic compat rt_sigqueueinfo()
2013-02-03 Al Viro mips: switch to generic compat rt_sigpending()
2013-02-03 Al Viro mips: switch to generic compat rt_sigprocmask()
2013-02-03 Al Viro switch mips to generic rt_sigsuspend(), make it uncondi...
2013-02-03 Al Viro mips: switch to generic sigaltstack
2013-02-01 Ralf Baechle MIPS: Whitespace cleanup.
2012-12-28 Ralf Baechle MIPS: Wire up finit_module syscall.
2012-12-14 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'upstream' of git://
2012-12-12 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2012-12-05 Ralf Baechle MIPS: N32: Fix signalfd4 syscall entry point
2012-12-04 Ralf Baechle MIPS: N32: Fix preadv(2) and pwritev(2) entry points.
2012-11-26 Ralf Baechle MIPS: N32: Remove unused defines.
2012-10-14 Ralf Baechle MIPS: Switch over to generic sys_execve and kernel_execve.
2012-10-01 Al Viro mips: merge the identical "return from syscall" per...
2012-09-26 Ralf Baechle MIPS: Wire kcmp syscall.
2012-09-22 Al Viro MIPS: Merge the identical "return from syscall" per...
2011-11-09 David Daney MIPS: Hook up process_vm_readv and process_vm_writev...
2011-09-21 Yong Zhang MIPS: Compat: Use 32-bit wrapper for compat_sys_futex.
2011-08-26 NeilBrown All Arch: remove linkage for sys_nfsservctl system...
2011-07-20 Ralf Baechle MIPS: Wire up sendmmsg and renumber setns syscall.
2011-05-28 Eric W. Biederman ns: Wire up the setns system call
2011-05-19 Ralf Baechle MIPS: Split do_syscall_trace into two functions.
2011-05-10 Ralf Baechle MIPS: Document former use of timerfd(2) syscall number.
2011-03-25 Ralf Baechle MIPS: Wire up syncfs(2).
2011-03-25 David Daney MIPS: Hook up name_to_handle_at, open_by_handle_at...
2010-10-20 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'upstream' of git://
2010-10-19 Michel Thebeau MIPS: O32 compat/N32: Fix to use compat syscall wrapper...
2010-10-18 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'upstream' of git://
2010-10-18 Al Viro MIPS: Sanitize restart logics
2010-10-04 David Daney MIPS: Hookup fanotify_init, fanotify_mark, and prlimit6...
2010-10-04 Bernhard Walle MIPS: N32: Fix getdents64 syscall for n32
2010-08-05 David Daney MIPS: N32: Fix syscall number comments.
2010-07-26 Ralf Baechle MIPS: N32: Define getdents64.
2010-05-15 Chandrakala Chavva MIPS: N32: Use compat version for sys_ppoll.
2010-03-12 Christoph Hellwig improve sys_newuname() for compat architectures
2009-12-08 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/net-next-2.6
2009-11-06 Eric W. Biederman sysctl: mips Use the compat_sys_sysctl
2009-10-13 Arnaldo Carvalho... net: Introduce recvmmsg socket syscall
2009-09-21 Ingo Molnar perf: Do the big rename: Performance Counters -> Perfor...
2009-08-13 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2009-08-03 Ralf Baechle MIPS: Wire up accept4 syscall.
2009-07-15 Johannes Berg net/compat/wext: send different messages to compat...
2009-07-03 David Daney MIPS: Hookup new syscalls sys_rt_tgsigqueueinfo and...
2009-05-14 David Daney MIPS: Compat: Use generic 32-bit wrapers for sys_timerf...
2009-04-03 Ralf Baechle preadv/pwritev: MIPS: Add preadv(2) and pwritev(2)...
2009-03-27 Christoph Hellwig generic compat_sys_ustat
2009-02-27 Ralf Baechle MIPS: CVE-2009-0029: Enable syscall wrappers.
2008-12-04 Ralf Baechle MIPS: 64-bit: vmsplice needs to use the compat wrapper...
2008-10-16 Christoph Hellwig compat: generic compat get/settimeofday
2008-10-11 Thomas Bogendoerfer MIPS: Use compat_sys_ptrace
2008-08-26 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Wire up new syscalls.
2008-07-20 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Rename MIPS sys_pipe syscall entry point to...
2008-02-19 Dmitri Vorobiev [MIPS] Wire up the timerfd_*() o32 system calls
2008-02-05 Davide Libenzi timerfd: new timerfd API
2007-11-15 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] N32 needs to use the compat version of sys_nfsse...
2007-09-14 Johannes Dickgreber [MIPS] N32 needs to use compat_sys_futimesat
2007-07-31 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Wire up the fallocate syscall.
2007-06-11 Atsushi Nemoto [MIPS] Wire up utimensat, signalfd, timerfd, eventfd
2007-06-06 Atsushi Nemoto [MIPS] Fix some system calls with long long arguments
2007-03-07 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Wire up ioprio_set and ioprio_get.
2007-03-04 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Replace sys32_timer_create with the generic...
2007-03-04 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] N32 waitid is the same as o32.
2007-02-13 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Fix sigset_t endianess swapping issues in 32...
2007-02-11 Kyle McMartin [PATCH] Common compat_sys_sysinfo
2007-02-06 Joseph S. Myers [MIPS] Use compat_sys_pselect6
2007-01-10 Atsushi Nemoto [MIPS] Fix N32 SysV IPC routines
2006-12-04 Atsushi Nemoto [MIPS] Use SYSVIPC_COMPAT to fix various problems on N32
2006-11-30 Nicolas Schichan [MIPS] Add support for kexec
2006-10-30 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Wire up getcpu(2) and epoll_wait(2) syscalls.
2006-10-19 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Reserve syscall numbers for kexec_load.
2006-10-19 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Use compat_sys_mount.
2006-10-01 Atsushi Nemoto [MIPS] lockdep: fix TRACE_IRQFLAGS_SUPPORT
2006-09-27 Atsushi Nemoto [MIPS] Wire up set_robust_list(2) and get_robust_list(2)
2006-09-27 Peter Watkins [MIPS] N32 rt_sigqueueinfo uses O32 padding, not N64
2006-07-13 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] TRACE_IRQFLAGS_SUPPORT support.
2006-07-13 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Wire up vmsplice(2) and move_pages(2).
2006-06-30 Jörn Engel Remove obsolete #include <linux/config.h>
2006-06-29 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Wire up tee(2).
2006-04-19 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Wire up sync_file_range(2).
2006-04-19 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Wire splice syscall.
2006-03-26 Stephen Rothwell [PATCH] consolidate sys32/compat_adjtimex
2006-02-27 Atsushi Nemoto [MIPS] Use generic compat routines for readdir, getdents
2006-02-21 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] N32: Fix N32 rt_sigtimedwait and rt_sigsuspend...
2006-02-08 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Wire up new syscalls.
2005-12-01 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Fix register handling in syscalls when debugging.
2005-10-29 Daniel Jacobowitz Revise MIPS 64-bit ptrace interface
2005-10-29 Ralf Baechle sys is only used for native o32 ...
2005-10-29 Ralf Baechle Add inotify syscalls for MIPS.
2005-10-29 Thiemo Seufer Ustat needs a wrapper on n32.
2005-10-29 Ralf Baechle NPTL, round one.
2005-10-29 Thiemo Seufer fcntl64 needs to be wrapped for n32.
2005-10-29 Ralf Baechle 32-bit compatibility for various timer-related system...
2005-10-29 Ralf Baechle Implement 32-bit compatibility for waitid(2).
2005-10-29 Ralf Baechle Use generic compat_sys_wait4 to implement 32-bit wait4(2).
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2 master