[linux-3.10.git] / arch / arm64 / configs / tegra21_android_defconfig
2017-04-27 Jean Huang re-enable CONFIG_RC_DECODERS
2017-04-17 Gagan Grover ARM64: config: tegra21: Disable tegra-cryptodev
2017-04-07 Jean Huang arm64: config: enable Hauppauge 995Q and Avermedia...
2017-04-07 Jean Huang arch: arm64: usbtuner: add configs for WinTV-DualHD
2017-04-07 Terry Heo usbtuner: enable Linux DVB API with USB tuner
2017-04-06 Gagan Grover ARM64: config: tegra21: Disable ION memory
2016-12-10 Spencer Sutterlin Revert "arm64: t210: Enable TSFW_ICM"
2016-11-09 Sri Krishna chowdary ARM64: config: tegra21: Increase compat mmap rnd bits...
2016-11-04 Ian Chang ARM: enable PSTORE_PMSG
2016-10-27 Christopher Freeman arch: arm64: config: enable cpuset for t210 android
2016-10-25 David DSH ARM64: t210 android reboot on hard/soft locks
2016-10-17 Spencer Sutterlin arm64: t210: Enable TSFW_ICM
2016-08-24 Jean Huang fs: enable UTF-8 character set
2016-08-24 Jean Huang cifs: enable CONFIG_CIFS_WEAK_PW_HASH to support LANMAN
2016-08-20 Woojung Min arm64: configs: restrict access to perf events
2016-08-10 Om Prakash Singh ARM64: config: tegra21: enable CONFIG_INET_DIAG_DESTROY
2016-06-22 Ian Chang arm64:t210: enable ext4 file encryption
2016-06-13 Ian Chang arm64: t210: enable CONFIG_DM_VERITY_FEC
2016-05-20 esen chen arch: arm64: config: enable IMX185 sensor
2016-05-05 esen chen arm: arch64: config: enable io expander pca9570
2016-05-05 Ahung Cheng arm64: config: enable hdmi-in TC358840
2016-03-08 David Lock Revert "arm64: config: tegra21: Add CONFIG_HZ=300"
2016-03-05 David DSH kconfig: Foster PRO no idle sata
2016-03-01 Josh Kuo arch: arm64: config: Add IMX274 support
2016-03-01 Gagan Grover arm64: configs: Add PANIC_TIMEOUT to 5 sec
2016-02-24 Krishna Yarlagadda arm64: tegra: set Tegra RTC as hctosys device
2016-02-16 Mrutyunjay Sawant Revert "arm: tegra: set Tegra RTC as hctosys device"
2016-02-16 Krishna Yarlagadda arm: tegra: set Tegra RTC as hctosys device
2016-02-12 David Lock arm64: config: tegra21: Add CONFIG_HZ=300
2016-01-28 Ian Chang ARM:tegra: enable F2FS filesystem support
2016-01-27 Frank Chen arch: arm64: config: Add IMX219 support
2016-01-25 Ian Chang ARM: tegra: enable CONFIG_CIFS_SMB2
2016-01-15 Bhanu Murthy V arch: arm64: configs: ov5693 config
2016-01-06 Bhanu Murthy V arch: arm64: configs: Media controller config
2015-12-08 Martin Gao arch: arm64: configs: disable r8169 realtek driver
2015-11-19 kraghavender Revert "arm64: t210: Enable the MCC in WiFi"
2015-11-19 Vidya Sagar arm64: t210: config: enable Intel 82576 NIC driver
2015-11-13 kraghavender arm64: t210: Enable the MCC in WiFi
2015-11-13 Marvin Zhang video: tegra: dc: add hdmivrr authentication
2015-11-10 Ankita Garg arm64:config: defconfig for timed_gpio_keys driver
2015-11-09 Aaron Huang arm64: t210: disable cluster switch for t210
2015-11-04 Daniel Solomon arm64: configs: t210: Enable TEGRA_PANEL_CY8C
2015-10-30 Aaron Huang tegra21_android_defconfig: enable uid_cputime
2015-10-23 Vidya Sagar arm64: t210: enable realtek NIC driver
2015-10-23 Vidya Sagar arm64: t210: ksavedefconfig formatted output
2015-10-23 Aaron Bartholomew hawkeye: enable nvtouch; default mode vendor only
2015-10-22 Hayden Du arm64: t210: disable cluster switch for t210.
2015-10-17 Xiao Bo Zhao configs: tegra21_android_defconfig: add net sch
2015-10-08 Sri Krishna chowdary ARM64: t210: config: Disable kmemleak
2015-09-30 Srinivas Anne arm: tegra: audio: add dt support for audience fw
2015-09-14 Nagarjuna Kristam arm64: tegra21: configs: Enable Shield Remote HID Driver
2015-09-08 Manikanta arm64: configs: enable gps_wake driver config
2015-09-08 Bharat Nihalani Revert "arm64: configs: t210: Enable sound card"
2015-09-07 Sharad Gupta arm64: configs: t210: Enable sound card
2015-08-18 Shridhar Rasal arch: arm: tegra: configs: remove VI_ONE_DEVICE
2015-08-14 Sang-Hun Lee arm: tegra: Enable CFQ and deadline IO scheduler
2015-08-12 marting arch: arm64: configs: enable r8168 driver
2015-08-10 Yong Goo Yi arm64: tegra21: Enable max17042 fuel gauge
2015-07-22 Shreshtha SAHU arm64: tegra: enable cluster control in defconfig
2015-07-08 Neil Chen arm64: tegra21: config: enable SPIDEV
2015-07-07 Gary Fitzer arm64: configs: t210: Enable V4L2 IMX214
2015-06-29 Pranami Bhattacharya Support for HDCP over DP
2015-06-29 David Yu arm64: tegra21: config: enable bh1730fvc als
2015-06-08 Amit Sharma (SW... arm64: configs: disable CONFIG_DEVKMEM config
2015-06-05 Hu He Add ov10823 to tegra t210 defconfig
2015-06-04 Bharat Nihalani Revert "Revert "arm64: configs: enable connector""
2015-06-04 Sam Payne video: tegra: host: move pod_scaling.c
2015-06-03 Shravani Dingari arm64:configs: Enable tcrypt module to test SE
2015-05-29 Hoang Pham Revert "arm64: configs: enable connector"
2015-05-21 Erik Lilliebjerg arch: arm64: tegra21: enable LTR659
2015-05-19 David Lock arm64: configs: enable connector
2015-05-07 Alex Van Brunt arm64: tegra210: disable SERIAL_8250_EARLYCON
2015-05-07 Alex Van Brunt arm64: tegra210: config: canonicalize the kconfig
2015-05-06 Laxman Dewangan ARM64: tegra21: enable MAX16989 regulator config
2015-05-06 JC Kuo arm64: tegra210: config: set CONFIG_USB_GADGET_STORAGE_...
2015-05-05 Leonid Moiseichuk arm64: config: increase optimization level
2015-04-30 Prashant Gaikwad arm64: t210: enable PASR config
2015-04-30 Sumit Singh Revert "Revert "arm64: config: t210: enable CONFIG_PM_G...
2015-04-15 Jordan Nien hawkeye: add sharp touch.
2015-04-09 Erik Lilliebjerg ARM64: tegra21: config: enable IQS263
2015-04-09 Vinayak Pane arm64: configs: enable CPC driver
2015-04-09 Vinayak Pane arm64: configs: tegra: enable soft,hard lockup detector
2015-04-09 Vinayak Pane arm64: configs: tegra: enable Foster LED driver
2015-04-07 Sri Krishna chowdary Revert "arm64: config: t210: enable CONFIG_PM_GENERIC_D...
2015-03-30 Bharat Nihalani ARM64: tegra21: config: enable PREEMPT_TRACER
2015-03-30 Bharat Nihalani ARM64: tegra21: config: update android defconfig
2015-03-30 Sumit Singh arm64: config: t210: enable CONFIG_PM_GENERIC_DOMAINS_OF
2015-03-25 Konsta Holtta configs: tegra: unset CONFIG_LOCALVERSION_AUTO
2015-03-24 Srinivas Ramachandran arch: arm64: configs: Disable wifi Multi-channel concur...
2015-03-18 Marvin Zhang video: tegra: dc: add vrr sysfs.
2015-03-17 Venkat Reddy Talla ARM64: config: add config for generic adc thermal
2015-03-16 Hyungwoo Yang ARM64: configs: enable Tskin features for T210
2015-03-13 Bitan Biswas arm64: configs: tegra21: MMC_RTPM enable
2015-03-05 Robert Collins ARM: Tegra: Enable IQS253
2015-03-04 Allen Yu Revert "Revert "arm64: configs: tegra21: Enable FIQ...
2015-03-04 Sarvesh Satavalekar arm64: configs : Enable CONFIG_NVDEC_BOOTLOADER
2015-02-28 Amit Sharma (SW... arm64: configs: enable the CONFIG_SWAP config
2015-02-21 Ankita Garg arm64:config: Enable tegra-c2port for loki
2015-02-20 Peter Hsiang Enable IPSec related libraries in the kernel
2015-02-20 Daniel Solomon arm: tegra: hawkeye: enable lp8557 backlight