ARM: Add init_consistent_dma_size()
[linux-3.10.git] / arch / arm / mm / ioremap.c
2010-12-24 Russell King Revert "ARM: relax ioremap prohibition (309caa9) for...
2010-11-23 Russell King ARM: avoid annoying <4>'s in printk output
2010-10-12 Russell King ARM: relax ioremap prohibition (309caa9) for -final...
2010-07-27 Russell King ARM: use generic ioremap_page_range()
2010-06-21 Russell King ARM: Prohibit ioremap() on kernel managed RAM
2010-02-15 Russell King ARM: Add caller information to ioremap
2009-05-19 Hiroshi DOYU omap iommu: simple virtual address space management
2009-01-25 Russell King [ARM] fix section-based ioremap
2008-10-09 Russell King Merge branch 'ptebits' into devel
2008-10-01 Russell King [ARM] remove 'prot_pte_ext' from memory type table
2008-09-06 Russell King [ARM] Convert asm/io.h to linux/io.h
2008-09-05 Russell King [ARM] sparse: fix several warnings
2008-09-01 Russell King [ARM] cputype: separate definitions, use them
2008-08-02 Russell King [ARM] move include/asm-arm to arch/arm/include/asm
2008-02-05 Benjamin Herrenschmidt add mm argument to pte/pmd/pud/pgd_free
2007-07-12 Russell King [ARM] Fix bounding error in ioremap_pfn()
2007-05-20 Simon Arlott [ARM] spelling fixes
2007-05-05 Russell King [ARM] mm 10: allow memory type to be specified with...
2007-04-21 Russell King [ARM] mm 6: allow mem_types table to specify extended...
2007-04-21 Russell King [ARM] mm 5: Use mem_types table in ioremap
2007-04-21 Russell King [ARM] mm 3: separate out supersection mappings, avoid...
2007-01-25 Catalin Marinas [ARM] 4112/1: Only ioremap to supersections if DOMAIN_I...
2006-12-17 Russell King [ARM] Fix BUG()s in ioremap() code
2006-12-13 Russell King [ARM] Clean up ioremap code
2006-12-13 Russell King [ARM] Unuse another Linux PTE bit
2006-10-09 Al Viro [PATCH] arm: it's OK to pass pointer to volatile as...
2006-09-26 Dave McCracken [PATCH] Standardize pxx_page macros
2006-07-29 Catalin Marinas [ARM] 3734/1: Fix the unused variable warning in __ioun...
2006-07-03 Russell King [ARM] Fix warning in consistent.c
2006-07-03 Lennert Buytenhek [ARM] 3708/2: fix SMP build after section ioremap changes
2006-07-01 Lennert Buytenhek [ARM] 3705/1: add supersection support to ioremap()
2006-06-29 Russell King [ARM] Add section support to ioremap
2006-06-28 Russell King [ARM] nommu: add stubs for ioremap and friends
2006-05-16 Catalin Marinas [ARM] 3526/1: ioremap should use vunmap instead of...
2006-03-21 Russell King [ARM] Remove unnecessary asm/hardware.h includes
2006-01-20 Russell King [ARM] Fix ioremap.c vfree type warning
2006-01-09 Deepak Saxena [ARM] 3070/2: Add __ioremap_pfn() API
2005-11-17 Russell King [ARM] __ioremap doesn't use 4th argument
2005-10-30 Hugh Dickins [PATCH] mm: init_mm without ptlock
2005-10-28 Russell King [ARM] 3/4: Remove asm/hardware.h from SA1100 io.h
2005-06-20 Russell King [PATCH] ARM: Add iomap support for ARM
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2 master