unknown changes from android-tegra-nv-3.4
[linux-3.10.git] / arch / arm / mach-tegra / include / mach / irqs.h
2013-09-14 Dan Willemsen unknown changes from android-tegra-nv-3.4
2013-09-14 Scott Williams ARM: tegra: Add Tegra11x IRQ map
2013-09-14 Dan Willemsen fixup: missing irq for T30
2013-09-14 Dan Willemsen share irqs
2013-09-14 Adam Jiang Tegra: DTV: Added resources and device for DTV
2013-09-14 Krishna Kishore arm: tegra: pcie: enabling MSI support for pcie
2013-09-14 Scott Williams ARM: tegra: Update copyrights
2013-09-14 Laxman Dewangan arm: tegra: Increase max irq of system by 64.
2013-09-14 Scott Williams ARM: tegra: Add Tegra GIC extensions
2013-09-14 Scott Williams ARM: tegra: irqs.h simplification
2013-09-14 Scott Williams arm: tegra: timer: New Tegra3 IRQ mapping
2013-09-14 vdumpa tegra:watchdog: Use new watchdog controller.
2013-09-14 Scott Williams [ARM/tegra] Add Tegra3 support
2013-09-14 Gary King [ARM] tegra: add SYNCPT_THRESH interrupts to irqs.h
2013-09-14 Iliyan Malchev [ARM] tegra: add FIQ support
2013-09-14 Dan Willemsen Revert "ARM: tegra: select SPARSE_IRQ"
2012-11-16 Stephen Warren ARM: tegra: select SPARSE_IRQ
2012-02-06 Peter De Schrijver ARM: tegra: add support for tegra30 interrupts
2011-12-18 Peter De Schrijver arm/tegra: implement support for tegra30
2011-02-10 Colin Cross ARM: tegra: irqs: Update irq list
2010-10-22 Gary King [ARM] tegra: add suspend and mirror irqs to legacy...
2010-08-05 Erik Gilling [ARM] tegra: Add IRQ support