ARM: tegra11: clock: Combine DFLL usage controls
[linux-3.10.git] / arch / arm / kernel / topology.c
2013-06-05 Arnd Bergmann ARM: 7742/1: topology: export cpu_topology
2013-03-18 Zhang Yanfei arm: remove cast for kzalloc return value
2012-11-19 Lorenzo Pieralisi ARM: kernel: update topology to use new MPIDR macros
2012-11-19 Lorenzo Pieralisi ARM: kernel: enhance MPIDR macro definitions
2012-08-11 Venkatraman Sathiy... ARM: 7482/1: topology: fix section mismatch warning...
2012-07-12 Vincent Guittot ARM: 7463/1: topology: Update cpu_power according to...
2012-07-12 Vincent Guittot ARM: 7462/1: topology: factorize the update of sibling...
2012-07-12 Vincent Guittot ARM: 7461/1: topology: Add arch_scale_freq_power function
2011-11-30 Vincent Guittot ARM: 7182/1: ARM cpu topology: fix warning
2011-10-17 Vincent Guittot ARM: 7011/1: Add ARM cpu topology definition