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[linux-3.10.git] / Documentation / rbtree.txt
2012-10-09 Michel Lespinasse rbtree: move augmented rbtree functionality to rbtree_a...
2012-10-09 Michel Lespinasse rbtree: faster augmented rbtree manipulation
2011-07-24 Sasha Levin Documentation: Update augmented rbtree documentation
2010-11-11 Randy Dunlap Documentation: remove anticipatory scheduler info
2010-02-18 Pallipadi, Venkatesh rbtree: Add support for augmented rbtrees
2009-06-12 Wang Tinggong trivial: rbtree.txt: fix rb_entry() parameters in sampl...
2009-06-12 figo.zhang trivial: Documentation/rbtree.txt: cleanup kerneldoc...
2007-02-11 Rob Landley [PATCH] Documentation/rbtree.txt