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2009-06-12 Matt LaPlante trivial: Miscellaneous documentation typo fixes
2008-10-22 Mohan Kumar M powerpc: Support for relocatable kdump kernel
2008-07-28 Simon Horman kdump: update kdump documentation as kexec-tools-restin...
2008-07-08 Bernhard Walle x86: fix documentation bug about relocatability
2008-05-01 Michael Ellerman kexec: make extended crashkernel= syntax less confusing
2007-10-19 Bernhard Walle Add documentation for extended crashkernel syntax
2007-10-17 Pavel Machek kdump: documentation cleanups
2007-10-17 Bernhard Walle Add reset_devices to the recommended parameters
2007-10-17 Bernhard Walle Express new ELF32 mechanisms in documentation
2007-10-17 Bernhard Walle Express relocatability of kernel on x86_64 in documentation
2007-02-21 Simon Horman [PATCH] PPC64 Kdump documentation update
2007-02-12 Horms [PATCH] kexec: fix references to init in documentation...
2007-01-23 Horms [PATCH] Kdump documentation update: ia64 portion
2007-01-23 Horms [PATCH] Kdump documentation update: kexec-tools update
2007-01-12 Vivek Goyal [PATCH] Kdump documentation update
2006-10-03 Paolo Ornati Documentation: remove duplicated words
2006-06-25 David Wilder [PATCH] Updated kdump documentation
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2005-06-25 Vivek Goyal [PATCH] kdump: Documentation for Kdump