power: max17048: display correct status at boot-up
[linux-3.10.git] / Documentation / dma-buf-sharing.txt
2013-05-01 Sumit Semwal dma-buf: replace dma_buf_export() with dma_buf_export_n...
2013-02-27 Daniel Vetter dma-buf: implement vmap refcounting in the interface...
2012-11-19 Masanari Iida doc: fix quite a few typos within Documentation
2012-05-25 Dave Airlie dma-buf: add initial vmap documentation
2012-05-25 Daniel Vetter dma-buf: mmap support
2012-03-26 Rob Clark dma-buf: document fd flags and O_CLOEXEC requirement
2012-03-26 Daniel Vetter dma_buf: Add documentation for the new cpu access support
2012-01-13 Sumit Semwal dma-buf: Documentation update for Kconfig select
2012-01-06 Sumit Semwal dma-buf: Documentation for buffer sharing framework