2007-06-28 David Brownell [MTD] m25p80 handles more chips, uses JEDEC ids and...
2007-06-28 David Brownell [MTD] m25p80 converted to mutex
2007-06-28 Stefan Roese [MTD] [NAND] Change NDFC driver to support 405 platform...
2007-06-28 Ben Dooks [MTD] mtdcore.c: share syms with mtd_blkdev.c
2007-06-28 Ben Dooks [MTD] [NOR] cfi_cmdset_0001.c: sparse fixes
2007-06-28 Ben Dooks [MTD] [NOR] cfi_cmdset_0002.c: fix 'cfi_amdstd_erase_va...
2007-06-28 Ben Dooks [MTD] mtd_blkdevs.c: do not export 'mtd_blktrans_ops'
2007-06-28 Ben Dooks [MTD] [NAND] nand_base.c: fix type of eccpos pointer
2007-06-28 Richard Purdie [MTD] oops and panic message logging to MTD device
2007-06-28 Ivan Kuten [MTD] [NAND] at91_nand rdy_pin fix
2007-06-28 David Woodhouse [MTD] Remove references to ROOT_DEV from map drivers.
2007-06-28 David Woodhouse [JFFS2] Fix suspend failure with JFFS2 GC thread.
2007-06-28 David Woodhouse [JFFS2] Improve diagnostic output for 'node added in...
2007-06-28 Joakim Tjernlund [JFFS2] Reduce time for which erase_free_sem is held...
2007-06-28 Joakim Tjernlund [JFFS2] Prevent oops after 'node added in wrong place...
2007-06-28 Joakim Tjernlund [JFFS2] Use point(), if available, to check newly erase...
2007-06-28 Joakim Tjernlund [MTD] Only call mtd->sync() method in mtdchar close...
2007-06-28 Joakim Tjernlund [JFFS2] Fix hanging close for /dev/mtd character device.
2007-06-27 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'release' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2007-06-27 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of /linux/kernel/git...
2007-06-27 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of /linux/kernel/git...
2007-06-27 Stephen Hemminger remove leftover documentation of acpi_generic_hotkey
2007-06-27 Ian Romanick Add support SiS based XGI chips to SiS DRM.
2007-06-27 Tejun Heo libata: kill ATA_HORKAGE_DMA_RW_ONLY
2007-06-27 Tejun Heo libata: use PIO for non-16 byte aligned ATAPI commands
2007-06-27 Tejun Heo libata: call ata_check_atapi_dma() with qc better prepared
2007-06-27 Tejun Heo libata: fix infinite EH waiting bug
2007-06-27 Tejun Heo libata: fix ata_dev_disable()
2007-06-27 Randy Dunlap pata_it821x: fix section mismatch warning
2007-06-27 Tejun Heo libata: remove unused variable from ata_eh_reset()
2007-06-27 Tejun Heo libata: be less verbose about hpa
2007-06-27 Tejun Heo libata: kill non-sense warning message
2007-06-27 Tejun Heo libata: kill the infamous abnormal status message
2007-06-27 Alan Cox HPT374 is UDMA100 not UDMA133
2007-06-27 Olaf Hering 2.6.22: ERROR: "__ucmpdi2" [drivers/net/s2io.ko] undefined!
2007-06-27 Divy Le Ray cxgb3 - fix register to stop bc/mc traffic
2007-06-27 Ralf Baechle au1000_eth: Fix warnings.
2007-06-26 Siddha, Suresh B x86_64 irq: use mask/unmask and proper locking in fixup...
2007-06-26 Suresh Siddha x86_64: set the irq_chip name for lapic
2007-06-26 Linus Torvalds Merge
2007-06-26 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'upstream' of git://
2007-06-26 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'merge' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2007-06-26 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/usb-2.6
2007-06-26 Jes Sorensen [IA64] Make SN2 PCI code use ioremap rather than manual...
2007-06-26 Russ Anderson [IA64] Force error to surface in nofault code
2007-06-26 Dean Nelson [IA64] change sh_change_coherence oemcall to use nolock
2007-06-26 MUNEDA Takahiro [IA64] remove duplicate header include line
2007-06-26 Keith Owens [IA64] Correct unwind validation code
2007-06-26 vignesh babu [IA64] is_power_of_2-ia64/mm/hugetlbpage.c
2007-06-26 Chris Dearman [MIPS] Count timer interrupts correctly.
2007-06-26 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] SMTC and non-SMTC kernel and modules are incompa...
2007-06-26 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] EMMA2RH: Disable GEN_RTC, it can't possibly...
2007-06-26 Atsushi Nemoto [MIPS] Remove a duplicated local variable in test_and_c...
2007-06-26 Pavel Kiryukhin [MIPS] use compat_siginfo in rt_sigframe_n32
2007-06-26 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] 20K: Handle WAIT related bugs according to errat...
2007-06-26 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] AP/SP requires shadow registers, auto enable...
2007-06-26 Yoichi Yuasa [MIPS] Fix pb1500 reg B access
2007-06-26 Yoichi Yuasa [MIPS] Alchemy: Fix wrong cast
2007-06-26 Yoichi Yuasa [MIPS] remove "support for" from system type entry
2007-06-26 Yoichi Yuasa [MIPS] add io_map_base to pci_controller on Cobalt
2007-06-26 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] __ucmpdi2 arguments are unsigned long long.
2007-06-26 Luiz Fernando... USB: ftdio_sio: New IPlus device ID
2007-06-26 Alexander Gattin USB: add new device id to option driver
2007-06-26 Oliver Neukum USB: fix race leading to use after free in io_edgeport
2007-06-26 Oliver Neukum USB: usblcd doesn't limit memory consumption during...
2007-06-26 Oliver Neukum USB: memory leak in iowarrior.c
2007-06-26 Oliver Neukum USB: ti serial driver sleeps with spinlock held
2007-06-26 Oleg Nesterov USB: g_file_storage: call allow_signal()
2007-06-26 Paul Mackerras [POWERPC] Fix subtle FP state corruption bug in signal...
2007-06-26 Tony Breeds [POWERPC] Fix VDSO gettimeofday() when called with...
2007-06-26 Paul Mackerras [POWERPC] Update defconfigs
2007-06-26 will schmidt [POWERPC] Update g5_defconfig
2007-06-25 Björn Steinbrink fix nmi_watchdog=2 bootup hang
2007-06-25 Nicolas Pitre [ARM] 4449/1: more entries in arch/arm/boot/.gitignore
2007-06-25 Catalin Marinas [ARM] 4452/1: Force the literal pool dump before reloc_end
2007-06-24 Linus Torvalds Linus 2.6.22-rc6
2007-06-24 Thomas Gleixner FUTEX: Restore the dropped ERSCH fix
2007-06-24 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2007-06-24 Tian Kevin ACPI: preserve the ebx value in acpi_copy_wakeup_routine
2007-06-24 Kirill Korotaev ext4: lost brelse in ext4_read_inode()
2007-06-24 Kirill Korotaev ext3: lost brelse in ext3_read_inode()
2007-06-24 Tony Jones audit: fix oops removing watch if audit disabled
2007-06-24 Carsten Otte ext2: disallow setting xip on remount
2007-06-24 Joshua Wise x86_64: fix misplaced `continue' in mce.c
2007-06-24 Andy Whitcroft update to version 0.06
2007-06-24 Christoph Lameter slab allocators: MAX_ORDER one off fix
2007-06-24 Dave Hansen document nlink function
2007-06-24 Jonathan Corbet "volatile considered harmful"
2007-06-24 Jeff Dike uml: add asm/paravirt.h
2007-06-24 Nick Piggin uml: use generic BUG
2007-06-24 Ingo Korb Char: stallion, fix oops during init with ISA cards
2007-06-24 Ivan Kokshaysky alpha: fix alignment problem in csum_ipv6_magic()
2007-06-24 Andy Whitcroft update to version 0.05
2007-06-24 Christoph Lameter sched: fix next_interval determination in idle_balance()
2007-06-24 Christoph Lameter SLUB: fix behavior if the text output of list_locations...
2007-06-24 Ben Dooks SM501: Check SM501 ID register on initialisation
2007-06-24 Ben Dooks SM501: Add Documentation/SM501.txt
2007-06-24 Ben Dooks SM501: Clock updates and checks
2007-06-24 Ben Dooks SM501: Fix sm501_init_reg() mask/set order
2007-06-24 Ben Dooks SM501: initialise SDRAM clock before bus clocks