2012-03-13 Shridhar Rasal tegra2: dvfs: enable dvfs for sdmmc
2012-03-13 vjagadish tegra: usb: host: Fix the race condition in hub control
2012-03-13 Ramalingam C ASoC: Tegra wm8903 machine: Fix to control names
2012-03-13 Eric Brower arm: tegra: cardhu: properly map volume, back, menu...
2012-03-13 Xin Xie arm: tegra: xmm: add usb interface check
2012-03-13 Ray Poudrier ARM: tegra: pm: only identity map lowmem area
2012-03-13 Alex Frid ARM: tegra: clock: Add SoC-to-DDR bit swap support
2012-03-13 Alex Frid ARM: tegra: clock: Add LPDDR2 temperature controls
2012-03-13 Alex Frid ARM: tegra: clock: Update Tegra3 EMC timing tracking
2012-03-13 Alex Frid ARM: tegra: clock: Disable early-ack during EMC clock...
2012-03-13 Mursalin Akon defconfig: tegra3: enable wext feature of bcmdhd
2012-03-13 Mursalin Akon wireless: bcmdhd: make wext and cfg80211 choices
2012-03-13 Nikesh Oswal asoc: machine: add api to query voice call state
2012-03-13 Laxman Dewangan serial: tegra: Define correct port type
2012-03-13 Kerwin Wan arm: tegra: kai: turn off status LED all the time
2012-03-13 Laxman Dewangan arm: tegra: whistler: Add board suspend/resume
2012-03-13 Sachin Nikam arm: tegra: kai: registering LTR558 ALS on I2C
2012-03-13 Jinyoung Park mfd: max77663: Handle case for PWR_OFF and SFT_RST...
2012-03-13 Johnny Qiu regulator: max77663: Don't use low-power mode for N...
2012-03-13 Sachin Nikam iio: light: ALS driver for LTR558
2012-03-12 Krishna Reddy ARM: mm: Use CONFIG_CPA
2012-03-12 Mallikarjun... crypto: tegra-se: Check for valid reqeusted buffer...
2012-03-12 Raj Jayaraman misc: tegra-baseband: Add support for L2 and cleanup...
2012-03-12 Krishna Reddy video: tegra: nvmap: optimize uc & wc allocations.
2012-03-12 Nikesh Oswal asoc: wm8753 machine: change M/S configuration for bt
2012-03-12 Laxman Dewangan regulator: tps65910: Sleep off rails when ext sleep...
2012-03-12 Scott Williams ARM: tegra: Put all Tegra Kconfig entries under if...
2012-03-12 Preetham Chandru ARM: tegra: config: Disable MPU6050 Gyroscope driver
2012-03-12 Jinyoung Park video: tegra: host: Set rate for all clocks in nvhost...
2012-03-10 Preetham Chandru staging: iio: magnetometer: ak8975: Retrieve the correc...
2012-03-10 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: dma: Return ERROR_STOPPED if dma stopped.
2012-03-09 Diwakar Tundlam init: check printed flag to skip printing message
2012-03-09 Shridhar Rasal arm: tegra: whistler: remove duplicate code
2012-03-09 Shridhar Rasal arm: tegra: whistler: select uart debug address
2012-03-09 Laxman Dewangan regulator: tps65910: Configure correct value for VDDCTR...
2012-03-09 ScottPeterson arm: tegra: hda: Improve resume time
2012-03-09 Dan Willemsen cache-v7: Fix typo
2012-03-09 Scott Anderson usb: gadget: android: Honor CONFIG_USB_GADGET_VBUS_DRAW
2012-03-08 Robert Collins input: touch: atmel_mxt_ts: Reduce power during LP0.
2012-03-08 Krishna Reddy ARM: tegra: Enable CPA.
2012-03-08 Joshua Primero drivers: misc: nct: Fixed spurious nct interrupts
2012-03-08 Krishna Reddy ARM: mm: Add config flag for CPA.
2012-03-08 Diwakar Tundlam ARM: tegra: power: Trim Tegra3 hotplug timings
2012-03-08 Scott Williams ARM: tegra: Fix warnings for missing type forward reference
2012-03-08 Nikesh Oswal asoc: codecs: update the TIAIC326x driver
2012-03-08 Seshendra Gadagottu arm: tegra: comms: hsic first enum issue with flight...
2012-03-08 Min-wuk Lee video: tegra: dc: Remove unnecessary delay in dc postsu...
2012-03-08 Scott Williams ARM: tegra: power: Fix build error on non-SMP systems
2012-03-08 Adam Cheney video: tegra: implement DC capabilities ioctl
2012-03-08 Mark Stadler regulator: provide missing regulator_ stubs
2012-03-08 Karthik Ramakrishnan tegra: arm: kai: Enable emc in kai
2012-03-08 Kevin Huang video: tegra: dc: Fix the race condition of one-shot...
2012-03-08 Karthik Ramakrishnan arm: tegra: kai: Enable 12.75MHz emc for kai
2012-03-08 Marc Zyngier smp_twd: make sure timer is stopped before registering it
2012-03-08 Pritesh Raithatha mpu3050: remove warning for unassigned irq
2012-03-08 Rakesh Goyal arm: tegra: kai nfc support
2012-03-08 Laxman Dewangan gpio: gpiolib: Support for open source/emitter gpios
2012-03-08 Laxman Dewangan gpio: gpiolib: Support for open drain/collector gpios
2012-03-08 Donghan Ryu video: tegra: host: convert kzalloc to vzalloc
2012-03-08 Scott Williams ARM: mm: Implement complete debug arch v7 save/restore
2012-03-08 Terje Bergstrom video: tegra: host: Set 3D pg timeout to 250ms
2012-03-08 Mayuresh Kulkarni video: tegra: host: make nvhost_get_host inline
2012-03-08 Antti P Miettinen ARM: tegra: Clean kernel and I/O mappings upon LP2
2012-03-08 Jay Agarwal tegra: pcie: Fix individual port detection on T20
2012-03-08 Marc Dietrich ARM: tegra: fix compilation with binutils >= 2.21
2012-03-08 Marc Dietrich crypto: tegra-aes: fix "syntax error" in license
2012-03-08 Syed Rafiuddin power: smb349: Enable OTG support
2012-03-08 Nagarjuna Kristam ti-st: do not free skb in st_send_frame if receive...
2012-03-08 shawn joo arm: tegra: xmm: change irq handler to irq thread
2012-03-08 Seongho Joo arm: tegra: xmm: ignore same xmm_onoff value
2012-03-08 Seongho Joo arm: tegra: xmm: add enable_irq_wake in probe
2012-03-08 Graziano Misuraca arm: tegra: set bpp for PM313 display to 24
2012-03-07 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: dma: Checkpatch cleanups in dma header
2012-03-07 Peter Boonstoppel cpufreq: ondemand: Prevent sysfs create race
2012-03-07 Chao Xu drivers: media: tegra: Fix compilation error
2012-03-07 Jong Kim ARM: tegra: clock: Put Cardhu clocks to known state
2012-03-07 Boris Suvorov video: tegra: dsi: fix DSI_PAD_CONTROL reg wr value...
2012-03-07 Nikesh Oswal asoc: aic326x machine: change M/S configurations
2012-03-07 Nikesh Oswal asoc: ap20: change i2s bitclk for dsp mode
2012-03-07 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: dma: Check request size before enqueuing...
2012-03-07 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: dma: Coding style and general cleanups
2012-03-07 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: dma: Fix multiple time request deletion
2012-03-07 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: dma: Implement clock gating on suspend...
2012-03-07 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: dma: Use correct clock device for resetting...
2012-03-07 Alex Frid ARM: tegra: power: Don't enter LP2 if not in NOHZ mode
2012-03-07 Raj Jayaraman arm: tegra: enterprise: Keep PHY powered on bus suspend...
2012-03-07 Manoj Gangwal arm: tegra: kai: Fix codec name for kai A00.
2012-03-07 Pavan Kunapuli mmc: tegra: Enable SDHCI_QUIRK_BROKEN_CARD_DETECTION
2012-03-07 Pavan Kunapuli mmc: sdhci: Add get_cd callback in host ops
2012-03-07 Mayuresh Kulkarni video: tegra: host: register nvhost master device in...
2012-03-07 Harry Hong sdhci: Don't set highspeed mode
2012-03-07 Rakesh Kumar drivers: wireless: bcm4329: set MMC_PM_KEEP_POWER on...
2012-03-07 Sachin Nikam Hack: mmc: explicitly invoking mmc_test probe from...
2012-03-07 Gaurav Sarode ARM: tegra: Add forced-recovery support for bootloader.
2012-03-07 Manoj Chourasia tegra: pcie: Remove unnecessary clock operations
2012-03-07 Kerwin Wan arm: tegra: kai: set default_enable to false
2012-03-07 Om Prakash... mmc: enable mmc suspend/resume for sdio device
2012-03-07 Hao Tang arm: tegra: update thermal sensor configurations
2012-03-07 Shridhar Rasal mmc: mmc_test support to set ios parameters
2012-03-06 Alex Frid ARM: tegra: power: Fix LP2 timers suspend/resume