2012-04-30 Jubeom Kim tegra: usb: phy: fix the struct name of hsic
2012-04-30 Chris Johnson security: tf_driver: update with latest TL drop
2012-04-30 Jihoon Bang media: video: tegra: ar0832: adjust frame rate
2012-04-30 Steve Lin arm: tegra: baseband: Discard modem remote wakeup in...
2012-04-26 Sumit Bhattacharya ALSA: HDA: set max_channel only based on LPCM capability
2012-04-26 Manoj Gangwal asoc: tegra: ALC5640 machine:Add support to detect...
2012-04-26 Alex Frid ARM: tegra: clock: Move SCLK shared users initialization
2012-04-26 Sumit Bhattacharya ASoC: Tegra: Make dma_req count easily configurable
2012-04-26 Sumit Bhattacharya ASoC: Tegra: Pass snd_soc_card handle in tegra_asoc_uti...
2012-04-26 Andy Carman usb: otg: tegra: change logic for enable clock
2012-04-26 naveenk mmc: tegra: enable MMC_PM_IGNORE_PM_NOTIFY
2012-04-26 Juha Tukkinen ARM: tegra: fuse: Remove overriding chipid and rev
2012-04-26 Terje Bergstrom video: tegra: host: Reset 3D after power on
2012-04-25 Kevin Huang video: tegra: dsi: Add DSI register dump in debugfs.
2012-04-25 Hyungwoo Yang ARM: vfp: Prevent process migration
2012-04-25 Michael Hsu net: usb: raw-ip: Fix autopm / system suspend issues.
2012-04-25 Oleg Strikov arm: oprofile: backtracing support for Android
2012-04-24 Sayak Ghosh... hdmi: Set INJECT_NULL_SAMPLE only for stereo streams
2012-04-24 Nitin Pai asoc: tegra: Add TDM mode support
2012-04-24 Mark Zhang video: tegra: dc: Activate register update after programmed
2012-04-24 Varun Wadekar ARM: mm: cache-l2x0: use L2X0_CACHE_ID_PART_MASK to...
2012-04-24 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: cardhu: open drain pin need not to set...
2012-04-24 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: cardhu: pm299: off core-power in LP0
2012-04-24 Syed Rafiuddin power: max17048: configure hibernate mode
2012-04-24 Shridhar Rasal arm: tegra: pm: use writel instead pmc_32kwritel
2012-04-24 Anton Kondratenko kernel: nvhost: add OOM checks
2012-04-24 Jon Mayo ARM: tegra: dc: support YUV422 format
2012-04-24 Peter De Schrijver ARM: tegra: provide fixed mapping for PCIe host
2012-04-24 Shridhar Rasal ARM: tegra: pcie: fix pcie resume issue
2012-04-24 Joshua Cha ARM: tegra2: dvfs: Update DVFS rails statistic for...
2012-04-24 Jon Mayo video: tegra: dc: add tracing information
2012-04-24 Jihoon Bang media: video: tegra: tegra_camera: re-arch power and...
2012-04-23 Ankit Pashiney ARM: tegra: dvfs: update DVFS table for Kai
2012-04-23 Erik Lilliebjerg media: common camera header
2012-04-23 Shawn Joo arm: tegra: xmm: check return value of autopm_get
2012-04-23 Hyung Taek... video: tegra: nvavp: Add force clock stay on API
2012-04-21 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: cardhu: set open drain type to be false...
2012-04-20 Joshua Cha tegra: usb: otg: Clear only interrupt enabling bits...
2012-04-20 Chaitanya Bandi ARM: tegra: dma: Use no DMA interrupts if no callbacks
2012-04-20 Adam Cheney video: tegra: dc: update windows after set lut
2012-04-19 Pavan Kunapuli arm: tegra: enterprise: Correct sdmmc4 tap delay
2012-04-19 Syed Rafiuddin usb: otg: tegra: callback for otg plug/un-plug notificaton
2012-04-19 Pavan Kunapuli mmc: tegra: Disable card and host clk separately
2012-04-19 Pavan Kunapuli mmc: host: Disable SDIO card clock when idle
2012-04-19 Krishna Yarlagadda usb: ehci: tegra: Fence read in unmap urb
2012-04-19 Amit Kamath arm: tegra3: change min_rate for clocks
2012-04-19 Sang-Hun Lee Revert "ARM: pm: force non-zero return value from __cpu...
2012-04-19 Sang-Hun Lee Revert "ARM: pm: preallocate a page table for suspend...
2012-04-19 Sang-Hun Lee Revert "ARM: pm: only use preallocated page table durin...
2012-04-19 Sang-Hun Lee Revert "ARM: pm: get rid of cpu_resume_turn_mmu_on"
2012-04-19 Sang-Hun Lee Revert "ARM: pm: no need to save/restore context ID...
2012-04-19 Sang-Hun Lee Revert "ARM: pm: convert some assembly to C"
2012-04-19 Sang-Hun Lee Revert "ARM: pm: add L2 cache cleaning for suspend"
2012-04-19 Sang-Hun Lee Restore "ARM: tegra: power: Workaround PMD corruption...
2012-04-19 Sang-Hun Lee Revert "ARM: tegra: remove usage of USE_TEGRA_CPU_SUSPEND"
2012-04-19 Sang-Hun Lee Revert "ARM: tegra: rethink the cpu suspend-resume...
2012-04-19 Sang-Hun Lee Revert "ARM: tegra20: pm: flush L1 data before exit...
2012-04-19 Sang-Hun Lee Revert "ARM: tegra30: pm: flush L1 data before exit...
2012-04-19 Sanjay Singh... drivers: resolve compilation time warnings
2012-04-19 Juha Tukkinen ARM: tegra: remove T30 FPGA support
2012-04-19 Sanjay Singh... ASoC: resolve compilation time warnings
2012-04-19 Sanjay Singh... arm: tegra: resolve compilation time warnings
2012-04-19 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: cardhu: pm299: enable 3v3 rail during boot
2012-04-19 Laxman Dewangan i2c: tegra: support for I2C_M_NOSTART protocol mangling
2012-04-19 Krishna Yarlagadda ARM: tegra: usb: kai: pmu int not required
2012-04-19 Chandler Zhang arm: tegra: kai: addition of charger regulator
2012-04-19 Syed Rafiuddin power: smb349: addition of regulator interface
2012-04-19 Ashwini Ghuge mfd: max8907c: Disable Hard Reset with Power key
2012-04-18 Rakesh Bodla usb: gadget: fsl_udc: support udc driver without otg
2012-04-18 Vinayak Pane arm: tegra: enterprise: disable dsi_csi_rail in LP0
2012-04-18 Chaitanya Bandi ARM: tegra: dma: Add API to get channel id
2012-04-18 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: cardhu:enable VDD2 when required
2012-04-17 Mursalin Akon tegra: fix typo in pre-power wifi code
2012-04-17 Jon Mayo Revert "video: tegra: dc: load video mode during vblank"
2012-04-17 Venu Byravarasu usb: otg: tegra: set & read otg state with sysfs
2012-04-17 Joseph Lo ASoC: WM8903: fix the resume sequence
2012-04-17 Liang Cheng ARM: tegra: add several other sysfs/debugfs params
2012-04-17 Alex Frid ARM: tegra: clock: Apply shared bus ceiling always
2012-04-16 Shridhar Rasal cpufreq: interactive: change timer rate
2012-04-16 Preetham Chandru usb: ehci: tegra: use suspend_noirq()/resume_noirq()
2012-04-16 Ali Ekici arm: tegra: Cardhu: E1198 DirectTouch setup
2012-04-16 Vinayak Pane USB: cdc-acm: disconnect stuck issue and acm_tty_open...
2012-04-16 Shawn Joo(Seongho) net: usb: raw-ip: check invalid reference
2012-04-16 Seongho Joo arm: tegra: xmm: add shutdown handler to off cp
2012-04-16 Seongho Joo arm: tegra: xmm: modify CP power sequence
2012-04-16 Hiroshi DOYU video: tegra: nvmap: Disable CONFIG_NVMAP_ALLOW_SYSMEM
2012-04-16 Vinayak Pane usb: serial: baseband: Restructure open and close
2012-04-16 Vinayak Pane usb: cdc-acm: fix anchored urb leak
2012-04-16 Vinayak Pane arm: tegra: baseband: check usb intf after resume
2012-04-16 Vinayak Pane net: usb: raw-ip: do not free skb if TX_BUSY flag set
2012-04-16 Dan Willemsen input: keyboard: fully remove interrupt_key driver
2012-04-16 Dan Willemsen regulator: gpio-switch: Fully remove
2012-04-16 Amit Kamath crypto: tegra-aes: schedule single work handler
2012-04-16 Lucas Stach iommu/tegra-gart: fix spin_unlock in map failure path
2012-04-16 Hiroshi DOYU iommu/tegra: smmu: Print device name correctly
2012-04-16 Manoj Gangwal asoc: codecs: rt5639/40: Fix false Headset detection
2012-04-16 Nagarjuna Kristam HID: hid-sony: set sony PS3 controller LEDs over bluetooth
2012-04-16 Lars-Peter... I2C: Add helper macro for i2c_driver boilerplate
2012-04-16 Lars-Peter... drivercore: Generalize module_platform_driver
2012-04-16 Manoj Chourasia tegra3: p1852: Update defconfig.